a little studio peek….


I'm pretty sure this is the first little peek I've shared of our studio. It's quite the work-in-progress. Last week the fire department asked us to move a bunch of furniture around back there, which was actually a good motivator to start a full studio makeover. This summer we have five interns working in the studio along with photo shoots, so it needs to be a lot more organized and streamlined! Any pretty storage suggestions/links are very much appreciated. We have loads of fabric and supplies that need to be stored in a more organized way. We also need a lot more lighting. EEK!

I thought it might be fun to introduce a few of the models (just the ones who did photo shoots this week). Every Red Velvet model is a sweet local girl who loves vintage and dressing up. They all have the kindest attitudes and get really excited about their favorite dresses! (oh, and all of the dresses below will be coming to the website soon!)


Kinsey is one of the most sugary-sweet girls I've ever met. She models for us, and also works in our local shop a couple days each week. She loves photography and thrifting. 


Here's a familiar face. Emma models for us quite a bit because I'm obsessed with her perfect 70s hair. Emma loves baking, reading and puppy shopping. 


Marissa is cute-as-can-be! We met her while she was shopping at Red Velvet. We love her attitude and amazing hair. She loves photography and makeup. 

Thanks for peeking at my shop talk! XXO, elsie 

  • I love the beautiful sea of shoes…especially those yellow JC’s! All of your models are gorgeous and they’re perfect to show off the amazing selection of vintage clothes you have for sale! Have a lovely and happy Easter!
    p.s. i have an outfit post up on my blog today!! <3

  • love your update elsie

    your models are fabby and marissa adds that all round funky look for the world today that has embraced everyone especially in music and fashion

    i LOVE it that you think of every girl out there and that is why we all love ya !!!!!


  • aw wish i was a local so i could model your clothes! i love marissas hair! it is so 70s funk!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Lighting–We were just at Ikea and there was some great track lighting options for under forty bucks. If you have someone who knows how to wire that stuff, you could do track lighting for the different work stations.

  • lovely pieces and models. Fun space.

    I am loving the vibe in these photos you can totally see their individual personalities within the photos!

    Thank you for sharing!


    ps. lovely work ladies!

  • Your models are the cutest! <3
    I'm reorganizing and decorating my crafty studio too. Spring is just the most fun time to remodel! :] hope all goes well for you! xx

  • So nice to meet the models! Also enjoyed getting a studio peak. Your blog is so inspiring! Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Littlest aka Holly

  • Pretty shoes! I wish I had the feet for such heels.
    This might sound extremely odd…but Marissa looks exactly like one of my custom dolls…weird! 🙂

  • All your models seem sweet and of course are beautys. I know organizing can be a huge task, I can not give you too much advice, but look at the items. Things are are used more often should be easily obtainable and items that are only used occasionally could be stored in a back area. Good luck and looking forward to following upcoming post.

    Charley from definingyourbeauty.blogspot.com

  • Hi Elsie.
    Cute dresses and shoes.

    About the studio remake: usually bright or light colors help. Maybe if the storage units and shelves were light colored it would add much more light.

    My flatmates love everything black, furniture included so our living room looks like Adams family bought it IKEA. I opted for similar furniture for the bedroom but in white and beige and man it looks nice and light in there!

    P.S I love the peach dress and dark brown leather clogs 😉

  • finally! after more than a year of following your delightful blog a woman of color!

    thank you

  • I am so inspired! Your unique voice of style and passion for what you do is amazing. I love your studio and have to say, I’m a bit jealous for a closet full of those shoes 🙂 Your models are gorgeous as always 🙂

  • This is kind of unrelated to this particular post, but i’m just doing your blog love e-course (which is lovely by the way!) and [although obviously i really don’t want to give away its contents] was just reading about reward-setting. I totally do this, which is why i’m so good at getting my uni essays done, but admittedly I sometimes go a little far and do things like “i’ll let myself go for a pee once I finish this paragraph….” hehehe. however recently I actually read an article in the guardian saying humans work well under this particular pressure – it aids concentration! Still i’m not advocating it…

    Anyways, just thought i’d share that random funny anecdote that popped into my head. Love everything you do ! 🙂 Charlie xx

  • Sorry but this is unrelated to the post.
    I purchased your e course (dream job) a couple of days ago but the link seems to be taking too long to load.
    It’s really frustrating as I’ve emailed you guys at [email protected] twice but there’s no response.

    Please kindly revert to me via this email:
    [email protected]

    Many thanks!

  • Oh My, those shoesss *_*!!
    I’m a new follower ^^ and I am LOVING Your blog ^^!!

    Warm Hugs & Huge Kisses,

  • She DOES have perfect 70’s hair. I die with envy.

    Tell us that those platform shoes are for sale, pretty please?

  • Hi Lynn,
    I don’t know why the course link would take time to load. Have you accessed the course at all? Have you tried different browsers. I totally understand your frustration, but please understand that it’s a holiday today. I am sure Emma will respond to you by tomorrow! 🙂
    In the mean time, I suggest trying a different browser as load time sounds more like a computer issue than an issue with the course. We haven’t heard of this problem from any of the other students. Hope that helps!

    Elizabeth, the shoes aren’t for sale (they’re for styling in our shoots) but that pair is Jessica Simpson Collection Dany. You can buy them on her site!

    Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!!!! :)) Happy Easter! Elsie

  • Yeah, like everyone else, I’m so jealous of your shoes. I dream of having a giant shoe closet one day.

    And how awesome to have a studio filled with shoes?! Productivity would increase by a large margin I’ll wager.

    I look forward to more peeks into your studio in the future! 😀

  • The first picture with all those shoes just took my breath away. I want them all! Your models are fantastic and make your already fabulous clothes really stand out.

  • “I thought it might be fun to introduce a few of the models (just the ones who did photo shoots this week). Every Red Velvet model is a sweet local girl who loves vintage and dressing up. They all have the kindest attitudes and get really excited about their favorite dresses!”

    what beautiful girls. i think it is really wonderful that you are using local real girls to model your clothing. they all look amazing 🙂

  • reading your blog has become my daily routine, you and all you blog about is lovely. I have a photography blog if you ever want to check it out http://lavaniegos.blogspot.com , my name is sandra I’m from mexico 🙂
    I’m going to put a beautiful mess button on my sidebar, and am currently creating a blog with my best friend, you are such an inspiration!!

  • i cant wait to try and start my own business like you, even though it sounds a lot of hard work it definitely seems worth the while. it must be soooo exciting and you’re very inspiring to me 🙂 your blog was the first blog i started reading about a year and a bit ago and i’m a total blog addict now 🙂 i started up my own one but it’s got a looooong way to go haha, fingers crossed 🙂

  • I didn’t realise your models were local girls and customers – that is a really cool move as I’ll bet they’re all different shapes and sizes and, as you say, they actually have their own taste and personalities which you let them being to the table. I was impressed to learn that, well done!

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