a new painting & update sneak peek…

i finished a new girl on wood today…. she’s nautical themed and oh-so-pretty. 

IMG_9575 IMG_9580


also, i am honored to have another of my mom’s gorgeous abstract paintings in my shop… it’s hanging in the store right now. i love this one. 

Painting Inner Child


i’m working tonight on our update for next week… it’s gonna be a cute one! 

IMG_9567 IMG_9569

here’s todays peek from the next update… i have a few handmade albums. they are made from vintage photo books…. i’m really excited about them.

Photo-album and i miss these faces very badly today…. 

need visits!

2995210015_e60b8403de Photo 24

2887678603_4b92548134 L_9163460ef3a2492485a67a6bcac6493e 2614720809_b77ec6ac3c 418937164_641d90647a

back to work for meeee… love you. elsie 

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