A normal day in our studio….

A Beautiful Mess Studio 1A Beautiful Mess Studio 1Today we want to invite you in for a little peek at what a regular day in our studio is like. On Tuesdays we all work in the studio. We work on DIY projects and photo shoots for different articles for A Beautiful Mess. Our studio space never stays clean for long… it's usually a mess. 

A Beautiful Mess Studio 3Emma had a lot of e-mail to answer today. She usually does. Kinsey and I started a rug DIY a few weeks ago. It wasn't turning out very well so today we started over. That happens sometimes. We figured out a much smarter and more durable way to make the rug. I'm excited to see how it turns out! 

We always chat throughout the day while working on our separate tasks. We like to work as a team. Some days I work in the studio alone and it's not as fun. Not at all…

A Beautiful Mess Studio 4Kinsey helped develop a wood burning idea with Emma today. It turned out really cute, but took a lot of testing. Wood burning is cool. It smelled a little bit like a camp fire in our space all day. We are always trying to learn something new. While Kinsey was working on this we thought of three more ideas to try next week. We love little experiments because you never know when you'll stumble on something amazing.

A Beautiful Mess Studio 5A Beautiful Mess Studio 5I spent the day developing an idea that's been on my list for a while. Sometimes ideas sit on our lists for six months or more before we are able to execute them. We just started talking about September blog content in the last few weeks. I'm not sure if you would expect that or think it's weird… we work pretty far ahead, but not as far as a magazine. (luckily!) We love A Beautiful Mess. Each day is filled with projects and even though they aren't always winners, we are always learning. XO. elsie 

  • That cheese looks soooo good! The Diets definitely out the window now! xoxo

  • You don’t wanna know how much I admire you girls. You are such an inspiration to me and my friend, it’s amazing <3

    Keep up your stunning work!

    xxx Greta


  • Love this post! Always fun to see a peek into your everyday lives. Love that last photo of you Elsie – so pretty and casual (I love relaxed fashion).

    Lois x

  • Keep learning. Keep having fun. And keep sharing it with us, you have fans all over the world 🙂

  • So cool to see a peek in your studio. To stay fresh and ahead, it makes sense you would already be working on ideas for September.

  • I love to see the work behind the blog! This was such a great post 🙂

    xoxo Sarah

  • Haha my flat is like this a lot of the time, I wish I had a studio to do all of my DIY-ing in!

    I totally relate to trying out stuff and it failing though, I don’t want to tell my readers about a project that doesn’t really work so I have to figure out the best way to do it for myself first.

    I love how dedicated you are 😀

  • I am jealous you get to do this dream as your day job…so jealous.



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  • It’s so messy; I love it! 🙂


  • I really liked this post. As a reader as well as a personal blogger myself, it’s always interesting to see other people methods and behind the scenes shots. It looks like you gals have tons of fun everyday!

  • total envy, i wish i can have a studio just to think in new ideas! 🙂 congratulations!

  • Love this post! It’s so interesting to see how other people work and you guys clearly have a great thing going on there. x

  • Great work building a lifestyle and business out of doing things that you love. I’m jealous and inspired at the same time! 🙂

  • It’s so great to see some behind the scenes snaps of how you guys work. I find these one of the most interesting posts when you guys discuss what goes on behind these screens. Keep up the good work!

  • Ok seriously, you women are amazing at what you do. Everything on your blog is done with so much care and it shines through in every post and project. Thank you for being such an example to so many women (not to exclude men!)

  • Great pictures!
    I love this post, and I’d love to see more from this kind of post 🙂

  • i just inherited my mothers old wood burner so i am super excited to see what you guys came up with!

  • I love it! It looks like a fun job.


  • This post is so cool, I love finding out the little behind the scenes details like this!

  • It looks like you are about to braid or maybe crochet a rug which is SO EXCITING to me!! I have wanted to try this for a LOONNNGGG time!!

    Also, woodburning!! yay! Are the supplies for woodburning expensive?

    Thanks for the peek! Looks fun! xo

  • Love this post! You guys are so encouraging. I hope to one day have my own studio 🙂

  • Your job is my dream job!!! I would love to work for you guys!!! If you ever do apprenticeships CALL ME!!! 🙂

  • I love these little behind-the-scenes posts 🙂 I also love the orange leather bag in the pics!


  • are you guys gonna have a magazine someday??? that would be awesome! I would totally read that 🙂 i know you’re gonna have a book soon. that’s sooo great! i can’t wait 🙂

  • You guys really have the perfect job – everything you do seems so creative and fun! 🙂
    Faye x

  • Used to work at Hobby Lobby, I miss stripping silk…they come out so perfect. Also, some chiffon like material can be striped the same way as silk 🙂

    <3 Melinda

  • I wish I could work with you all! It looks like such fun work! I love all of your crafts and DIYs, thanks for being amazing!

  • It’s great that you love your work and have fun providing us with all these inspirations! Great work, you guys!

  • This is so inspiring to me – this is exactly the kind of life I want to have, only food-related! I dream of spending my days in a beautifully messy space, creating new things, learning new things, working with cool creative people. Thank you for posting this, I love love love this article.

  • It sounds so nice to get together and be creative. I love doing that and wish I could spend more time creating with friends.

  • This is so great! It’s nice getting a little sneak peak into your work space and what it takes to accomplish all the content you post on your blog. Great work!


  • Thanks for letting us behind the scenes! What an amazing way to spend a workday. Hardly like work at all. 😀 You have an awesome studio. That makes working even more fun!

  • This is so nice to see! I wish I had the fun of working with others so closely for my blog.


  • Do you mind sharing where you got the rug in your studio? I love it! Thanks 🙂

  • Sounds lime the day I wish I had! Have fun…and keep sharing.


  • You ladies are so inspiring. I’m studying management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and I’m inspired to open a small personal business of some kind… I have a few ideas 🙂

    Loved this post!!

    Should make it a regular feature 🙂

    xx Victoria

  • Yay! I love to get little sneak peaks of behind the scene action at A Beautiful Mess! It seems like you guys have such a productive and inspiring environment and I love that you guys can bounce ideas off of each other throughout the day! I figured you guys worked pretty far in advance, but it’s cool to have it reaffirmed! Happy days!

  • You guys are just plain awesome. I love this blog. You share your life and you do it with joy. Thank you for that.

    You inspire me: http://lodear.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/the-lightning-brought-me-back-16/

  • Your studio looks like so much fun 🙂 It reminds me of my first year of art school; we would spend hours and hours working on different projects, and making a mess in the studio 🙂 I miss those days!


  • You girls are so creative. I love these little peeks inside of your daily life.

  • Hey girls! I love your blog, but I keep on wondering what you do to all the stuff that you get ready? It feels like you are all the time having something new to spice up. Do you ever organize give outs/flea markets/stuff like that to sell the fruit of your work? I’d love to attend.. haha 🙂 xx

  • Look like you have a fun working day. Do you feel stress when you found out that the project that you have done are not as what u expected?

  • LOVE your studio! Just from the little glimpse of the brick wall and wood floors it looks like a very inspiring spot.

  • I love this post! It would be so cool to be a visitor in your studio for a day! You all are so creative, and I feel like it’s such a positive space!

    xo Kayla

  • Thanks for sharing this studio peek! it was so much fun to read.:) I love behind the scenes stuff.

  • What a wonderful peak into how you do what you do! thanks for sharing your creative space and process!

  • LOVE seeing the behind the scenes perspective! This is probably weird to say – though I doubt I’m the first – but I just wanna hang out with y’all and make stuff!

  • These little peeks into your everyday lives are by far my favorite! What a fun workspace 🙂

  • Its lovely to see other people surrounded by mess – its the only way I seem to be able to work, and the best way to come up with new ideas :o)

  • I love behind the scene posts like this one. Studio sneak peeks are the best!

  • You look like you’re all having so much fun. Is that someone snacking on a cake pop, I see? I want to come up with ideas for posts with you! I want to take photographs with you! And I sure as HECK want to eat cake pops with you. If only.

  • I adore your blog!! Me and my friends back in England are always eagerly awaiting your new posts!


  • Your studio is beautiful! I wish I had a space like this I could work in. No wonder you guys are so productive – I would never want to leave xo

  • It’s very interesting. My sister and I also love the DIY, sewing, crafts. Come to our blog!

  • It sounds so amazing in your studio. Would love to see it in person!


  • LOve this kind of posts! Your studio looks great! And the fact that it’s usually a mess makes me totally understand why your blog is called “a beautiful mess” 😀


  • Serious pangs of jealousy that you get to be creative alllllll day *says preparing for a long day at work* Thanks for this insight into your work.

    Elena x


  • I so enjoy these posts. It’s always so good to get to peak into the routine of another creator. Tuesdays sound lie fun for you guys, and work too 🙂

  • Ha! An old tutor of mine said that to be really creative you have to get messy! Which was just as well thinking about how my studio at college used to look!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • So beautiful! I love the studio and all the colors that it has.


    Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music

  • thank you for giving us a little peek into your lives, so inspiring 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • Thank you ladies for this peek! Honestly, I envy you a lot! Would love to have some creative friends around. It is not that I do not have creative friends but they live far away and we never meet to create something together. Perhaps when children are bit bigger… Have a nice day!

  • You guys are such an inspiration. Thanks for the behind the scenes look!! I hope that can be me someday 🙂

  • i agree with what many have already expressed.. a tour of the studio would be much welcomed. <3

  • Planning ahead is so crucial if you have a lot of ideas and are really busy. I bet it’s a lot of fun to work as a group!

  • You girls are an inspiration. Well done for creating a life for yourself, doing the things you love and sharing it with the world.

    With best wishes from London,



  • Since I have worked every job with my gorgeous wife, and plan on working every future job (hopefully self employed) with her, I know just how amazing working with family/friends can be! Y’all are so lucky! Sounds like you have a fabulous time together, working on what y’all love!

  • This is an awesome post! It is nice to have a sneak peak into your lives and blog. I love your blog!


  • I really enjoy reading about the studio work and the creative processes that go into executing an idea. I find it so interesting!


  • I admire your creativity and I can see that a lot of work go into your creations. Great job!

  • I really like posts like this… giving us a little look see into your work life and work space… i was wondering what your work space looked like.


  • Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about how you work. It’s really inspiring to see behind the creations 🙂

  • Wow! I barely have tomorrow planned and y’all have it figured out to September! Looks like I need to get on planning 😉 And a studio tour would be a fun post to see!


    neha made

  • I need to write more blog ideas down as they come to me. If not, they are like a fleeting moment lost forever.


  • Yay for these kinds of posts! I love getting to see all of the “behind the scenes” action behind the abm creativity!

  • I miss having best friends to be creative with! We recently moved, and while I’m loving our new home, I’m missing my old friends… It always amazed me how many awesome ideas I would have just hanging out with them!

  • Adorable studio and beautiful girls. Great pictures!


  • I love reading posts like these. a little picture of what you do!

  • I’m a huge fan of your blog 🙂


  • You guys are an endless source of inspiration, and I’m so thankful for that!

  • How fun! What a great way to chat and catch up but get some stuff done too. 🙂 You girls are too cute!

    xoxo Kate

  • how do you give your photos that vintage feel? i love it 🙂 yes- please- studio tour!! 🙂

  • Have you done a tour of your studio before? I’d love to see your working areas!

  • Wow, what a fun work you guys have. Must be a great feeling to have found your passion and keep pursuing it every day. Keep up the good work! I feel so inspired by Beautiful Mess.

  • Y’all are so inspiring. I love this blog and appreciate all you do for us!

  • What a fun peek at what goes on behind the scenes! You guys do such an amazing job with A Beautiful Mess – keep up the good work! 🙂

  • How dreamy would it be to have a studio to experiment in!… One day 😉

  • Love this and love all your projects. I am always inspired after reading ABM!

  • Sounds like a really productive day! I need to spend more time being productive, hehe

  • It’s so fun to see you guys behind the scenes! It all seems so effortless, and it’s great to see all the work that goes behind your beautiful messes. Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us!

    The Secondhand Magpie

  • Love these kind of posts ladies. So inspiring to see your creative process. xox

  • Love the little peek into your studio! Love knowing that things get messy, I thought I was the only one with a constant mess while creating. 🙂

  • I Love A Beautiful Mess!!!I am always so inspired to get crafty and jazz up everyday life, so for this, I thank you thank you thank you ladies 🙂 Always love from Canada!

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