A normal day in our studio….

A Beautiful Mess Studio 1A Beautiful Mess Studio 1Today we want to invite you in for a little peek at what a regular day in our studio is like. On Tuesdays we all work in the studio. We work on DIY projects and photo shoots for different articles for A Beautiful Mess. Our studio space never stays clean for long… it's usually a mess. 

A Beautiful Mess Studio 3Emma had a lot of e-mail to answer today. She usually does. Kinsey and I started a rug DIY a few weeks ago. It wasn't turning out very well so today we started over. That happens sometimes. We figured out a much smarter and more durable way to make the rug. I'm excited to see how it turns out! 

We always chat throughout the day while working on our separate tasks. We like to work as a team. Some days I work in the studio alone and it's not as fun. Not at all…

A Beautiful Mess Studio 4Kinsey helped develop a wood burning idea with Emma today. It turned out really cute, but took a lot of testing. Wood burning is cool. It smelled a little bit like a camp fire in our space all day. We are always trying to learn something new. While Kinsey was working on this we thought of three more ideas to try next week. We love little experiments because you never know when you'll stumble on something amazing.

A Beautiful Mess Studio 5A Beautiful Mess Studio 5I spent the day developing an idea that's been on my list for a while. Sometimes ideas sit on our lists for six months or more before we are able to execute them. We just started talking about September blog content in the last few weeks. I'm not sure if you would expect that or think it's weird… we work pretty far ahead, but not as far as a magazine. (luckily!) We love A Beautiful Mess. Each day is filled with projects and even though they aren't always winners, we are always learning. XO. elsie 

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