A Pumpkin Spice Playlist







It's that special time of year! This year my Autumn playlist consists of songs that are currently playing in the Red Velvet local shop. These are a few snapshots I took today. It's a wonderful time of year! Off to make some hot tea…

PS. Here's last year's playlist + also the year before last. Every Autumn playlist ends with Neil Young's Harvest Moon… it's a rule. Have a lovely weekend… elsie

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  • Thank you for putting these songs together! I hope you don’t mind, but I shared your playlist on my blog (so that others could witness your music genius as well).

  • What beautiful pictures! I love those sunglasses! I wish I lived near Red Velvet so I could come buy them! >.<

  • I’m very curious… Did you paint your logo ‘Red Velvet’ on that screen or is that a custom made decal?

  • I love when people share what they’re listening too. Love discovering new tunes and nod approvingly when I realize we listen to the same!

  • cool play list. thank you. by the way i LOVE YOUR BLOG!! just discovered it from Eisley (the band). definitely gonna try some of the D.I.Y. projects

  • I’m loving this playlist so much I decided to feature it on my blog, I hope you’ll like it: http://drawingdreaming.blogspot.com/2011/10/love-me-some-inspiration_16.html 😉

  • Lovely lists!! I think they’re amazing! And I love Neil Young! 🙂


  • I’ve listened to this playlist about 4 times now! Love!


  • Great picks! This is perfect because I was just putting a fall playlist together myself!


  • the perfect playlist can seriously make everything so amazing. thanks for sharing! I have seriously spent the last 3 years making the perfect christmas playlist because it can just make the season feel that much more amazing and important 🙂


  • I love that turquoise shirt! Great pics!


  • all my favorite bands! camera obscura and the weepies always get pulled out for fall on my playlists.

  • thank you very much for sharing these beautiful songs, i already fell in love with camera obscura when watching your wedding video, and now i’m just as excited about these other bands listed above. made my day! 🙂

  • Oh you have wonderful taste in music!! That Cult song is so great, and Mr. Young is just the greatest!! I would love to be able to come see your wonderful shop. 🙂

  • can’t stop listening to this playlist!! I keep dancing around my flat with a cup of coffee, perfect sunday morning! thanks so much for this elsie 🙂 happy sunday!

  • Sa-weet! Thanks for the suggestions:)

    Stephanie May*


  • Great songs! Love that scarf and sweater. xo, rv


  • Loving Cults so much right now! I can’t stop listening to the album, particularly abduction and go outside…so nice to see it on here:)

  • Love the Foster the People cover! I always enjoy your playlists! Thanks!

  • oh I always love your fall playlist sooo much! You have such good music taste ♥ love these pictures too!

  • I like that version of pumped up kicks! very cool playlist and lovely photos = )


  • YAY playlist! New music! Woo!!!

    I love your pictures. So warm and cozy lookin’!

  • What a great idea! I can’t wait to listen to the list in it’s entirety.

  • I love that blue lace top with the brown stripe scarf. What a cute combination! Also, everyone should have seasonal playlists. They are the best.

  • Oh thank you so much for this! I’m in the middle of writing an assignment for Uni and it was just the pick me up I needed. Perfect List!
    Sophie x

  • Yay, love the playlist, great way to get fall off on the right note. Haha, sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  • Thank you for this! I absolutely adore your fall playlists! You have GREAT taste in music! 😀

  • Seriously lovin that you end the playlist with Neil Young HArvest Moon. Such a staple

  • oh I adore harvest moon!
    I remember watching the video over and over again
    so sweet

  • I’m excited to check this out! Tonight it’s crafting and sipping tea while Husband’s on a hunt. This will be perfect company. 🙂

  • Wow! This is fun. How can I post a play list to my blog? A tutorial maybe? Also, the title of this post reminded me that I forgot to get a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks today. I got apple cider instead. oops!


  • I LOVE this playlist! I will definitely be downloading these..yay for fall.

    xo. katie

  • I loved this playlist! So “cute”. Hey, it would be nice if you post something about diy decoration (for parties) like you did in you wedding! I loved you wedding decoration! Love your blog! (your brazilian reader with a relly bad english, rsrs)

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