A Quick Biz Trip to Phoenix

Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Hey, friends!! This past week Emma and I traveled to Phoenix for a quick business trip. We met with Anita and Sam of Hello Merch and have decided to partner with them on an upcoming business venture. (Will share more SOON. This is not a formal announcement, only a tiny, baby announcement!) We wanted to meet them in person as well as see their operation and meet their team. We’re very excited about things to come!

We also shot a bunch of photos with our favorite photographer, Sarah Rhodes. She’s so talented and just a JOY of a person to be around.

While we were there, we fell HARD for Phoenix. The landscape and the cute lunch spots had me going a LITTLE crazy on snapchat. Haha! And we stayed at the Saguaro (did you know there is one in Scottsdale that is the non-identical-twin-sister to the Palm Springs location?). Loved that!

Anyway! Just wanted to fill you in on what we’ve been up to this past week. Can’t wait to share more about our newest retail project. It’s been a LOT of fun to work on. xx- Elsie

  • I used to live in Phoenix and my heart is still there… beautiful pictures! <3 looks like you two had a blast!! xX

  • Love it! So proud of my city 🙂 How did the meet-up go? I’m so sad I couldn’t go, but happy that you hit so many of my favorite places!! xo

  • I just wanted to share that I was randomly online and came across this blogging thing. Like I’ve heard about it, I’m not in like dinosaur age lol but I am one to not do much social media surfing. I have no Facebook if that tells you anything. Basically I enjoy my pining and that’s as far as I go UNTIL NOW. I downloaded Bloglovin, just to follow you both for two reasons. 1. You visited my hometown PHOENIX and gave us the props we deserve. 2. You both are so similar to me and I love the openness and personalities. Each changes with each post. Well kinda, the humor is always there!!!! Keep it up ladies

  • Love the pics!

  • Such a beautiful post! My sister just moved to Arizona this past fall and now I am planning my anniversary trip there to visit here and twirl 🙂 . I MUST stay here. Thanks for all the lovely photos.

  • Great pics! Makes me want to take a quick trip out there asap!


  • OMG! Cute photos. Now 2 things… First, Tell me it’s like enamel pins or something… ugh… so excited to hear!! And Second, I love those little round photos! What is that?

  • What a beautiful set of photos! You girls have a knack for finding the most beautiful coloured spaces.
    If only Switzerland was more colourful…

  • The photos look wonderful and really make me crave summer! Phoenix seems like a really colorful city!

  • It looks like you guys are having a great time!!

  • What a super colourful day. The pink bikes all lined up make me happy. I’ve had a mini saving fund for a new pretty bike for so long but the joy of a broken boiler and a new roof, took the pennies away. I need to get saving again for a pretty new bicylce because who could be sad riding around on one of those?! x

  • The pics are so fun and colourful! Love it 🙂


  • I love Phoenix, this whole post looks like a bowl full sugared candy. Great museums there as well.

    Chelsey | www.chelseythornton.com

  • All the heart eyes for Phoenix, my hometown!

    Aside – Sam Means was in one of my favorite bands (The Format)!

  • love the colorful images! can’t wait to hear more about your collaboration with hello merch!


  • I did my last Graphic Design internship with Joyride’s parent company! Such a fun restaurant concept. Next time you’re in PHX you guys should try Federal or Windsor (they’re all on the same block). Wish I had been in town for the meetup.

  • Just moved out of Phoenix (to Colorado) about 3 months ago. I definitely miss it at times, what a beautiful and unique place!! At least I can still visit 🙂

  • Love you guys sooooo much!!! Miss you dummies already! Come back soon!! There are plenty more cute lunches to be had. <3

  • So glad you ladies enjoyed Phoenix! It was lovely to meet you both!


  • Love these pics! I need to visit this place.


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