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Some things that are inspiring me as of late… can’t wait! can’t wait! can’t wait! for this movie! a new wes anderson film.. i am SO looking forward to it. Hooray for new Eisley. Honestly, if they put out a new album every week i would probably buy it. Love them oh so much.

I like Kurt Halsey. i knew i had seen this cute little bird before… rachel used these sublime stitching patterns in a recent Red Velvet kit. ok… back to work! happy friday, Elsie

  • what a cute idea for my little girls’ bedroom! love the colors too! fun!!! thanks!

  • what a cute idea for my little girls’ bedroom! love the colors too! fun!!! thanks!

  • Yummmm….Eisley! I just listened to them for the first time thanks to the link you left here. Then, I discover that they are in concert tonight where I live!!! Oh man. I only wish I had known sooner.

    I am always looking for cool new music. Thanks Elsie!

  • i’ve long had the halsey love. have a piece in my bedroom that i couldn’t adore more – not to mention my myspace lo! also WOO eisley!

  • Thanks for the extra time on the Lola stamps!! I was able to post just now. And thanks for all the stuff you are so generously giving away!! Your product ROCKS!!

  • gorgeous yet again, wish we could get these in Australia. Thanks for being so generous.

    Sue from South Australia

  • Sending you smiles today, Elsie. My Pheebie Loo is sending your Cocoa wet smooches! 🙂

  • I must say that I have never heard of Eisley… but I just listened to some of the music on the link. And I think there good. Sounds like something I could sing along to while I am scrapbooking.. thats what I like to do. My most favorite sometimes is to put the Wynonna Her Story DVD in my comp. and have the videos playing while I scrap. I love singing along with her music.

    Went shopping at hobby lobby again today, and they are still out of the buttons from both lines. Guess I will have to buy them online.

    Well loved the post. I must say I check your page everytime I come to the computor. Your so inspiring. Take care and have a great weekend.

  • i just found your stuff – they were almost sold out of everything but paper so i bought one of each – i am in love

  • Those stamps are so cute and you are super sweet to want to share them:) Elise, you rock!!!

  • I love Kurt Halsey too. I have a print by him, a canvas tryptich from urban Outfitters, and some postcard sized printes I am going to frame and hang in a collage.

  • I wanna win some stampies!

    wow–love that movie poster. What a great design style…curious about the movie too!

    Best wishes and grooviness to you!

    Lisa in Spain

  • What cool stuff! That movie trailer looks like fun!

    Julia, Dacula GA

  • What cool stuff! That movie trailer looks like fun!

    Julia, Dacula GA

  • What cool stuff! That movie trailer looks like fun!

    Julia, Dacula GA

  • Pick me! Pick me! 😉 Love the stamp sets…and thanks for all the inspiration – today and everyday.

  • Hi ELsie!

    those drawings are really cute!Halsey is a great artist…i wish i could get one!

    Kisses from Brazil,


  • The movie looks FABULOUS Elsie! Thanks so much for the heads up! I will have to see it for sure. Have a great weekend!

  • throw my name in the hat for the giveaway!! love your lines !! have a great weekend, mary b

  • Elsie…you are AWESOME! So very talented. Can’t wait to get the new stuff…you simply amaze me! Love hearing [reading] what you are up to and the things you enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

  • The Lola stamps are even cuter!! So sweet!

    Love those cartoons you shared too – reminds me of pictures my gran used to have in her house for some reason!

  • What sweet drawings! I love them….might have to do some research on one of those stitching patterns. It would be awesome on a totebag!

  • Anxiously awaiting your LOVE ELSIE

    line at my local hobby lobby but

    of course-NOTHING. I don’t know what it is but it takes FOREVER for them to get the good scrapping items in-if they do at all!!! And to top it off-there isn’t a local scrap book store here in Alpharetta,GA.

    Have your 1st book and can’t wait for your second book this fall!!!


  • Those stitchings remind me of what my grandma used to stitch on my pillowcases! So cute!

  • what an INSPIRING post!! had not heard of the new wes anderson film yet and i will have to check out that band! fun!

  • That movie looks fantastic. Definitely a must see. Thanks for the link. Also, love the drawings, very inspiring. Your pages have inspired me over the past year to stitch on mine. That bird gives me some really great ideas. I just love the hand stitched look!

  • you are so cute Elsie, so generous, merci beaucoup, thanks a lot….bisous…

  • You are too cute! I look forward to reading your posts everyday.


  • Hi Elsie! Are you planning any trips back to the DFW area of Texas this year? Rebecca

  • I love your friends drawings and especially the thoughts he wrote to go with them. Very insightful. I also loved your paintings. I didn’t realize you were a painter…I know, I know where have I been?

  • dude, i would love some new stamps! besides the birds in the new rv kit, i hadn’t seen any other kurt halsey stuff, and i like what you’ve posted here! thanks for that! love seeing new art!

  • I just have to try my luck at winning those awesome stamps!! I am so loving those exclusive lines and cannot get them locally!! *sniff sniff* I am digging all of your product!! YOU ROCK ELSIE!

  • hi elsie…

    lovin your new stuff…cant wait to get it all…and i would love the chance to win some free stamps.



  • gosh elsie…you are mad talented! loving everything!!! and i would feel so lucky if i was to win some free stamps. you are super nice for doing that!!



  • Love the little sketches- they are so cute.

    Think your new products are great too.

  • So very nice to share your beautiful stuff with us!!!

    Please keep on creating!

  • I love those sketches! I want to take up embroidery again just so I can stitch something similar. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Never heard about Eisley before. Maybe she doesn’t perform in my country. I should check it out on iTunes!

    Love, Isolde

  • I love your line and love these stamps! If I only had an ounce of your creativeness. . .

    sherry in tx

  • Hey Elsie, Lola is super cute and you are super nice for giving us a chance to win! Thank you!

  • haven’t perused your blog in a while…..love how happy it makes me…your inspired creativity makes me want to just sit down and create in the middle of what ever mess i might be living in right now…thanks for sharing yourself

  • Hi, I am not sure if you have posted previously about this film, Once. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_(film)

    It is great and there is a segment where they show “guy’s” girlfriend and a lot of her pictures remind me of you. Great film and good music. Have you seen it?

  • Elsie: You always make me think outside of the box. Thank you for sharing such interesting and “off the beaten path” artistic talent. I am your truest fan!

  • WoW I’ve been sick for 4 days, but for sure I need always check your blog. It brings a smile to me. Your such a wonderful inspiration and a great woman.


  • Did someone say STAMPS?? I’m all about the stamps!! Count me in! thanks bunches! mary

  • Did someone say STAMPS?? I’m all about the stamps!! Count me in! thanks bunches! mary

  • Did someone say STAMPS?? I’m all about the stamps!! Count me in! thanks bunches! mary

  • You have been crazy generous lately! Thanks for the chances!

    And how great are those sketches? I’m gonna have to have a real look at that artist.

    Thanks Elsie! Sarah

  • just saw the fray and eisley in houston a few weeks ago. was one of the best concerts i’ve ever been to. looking forward to seeing you post some of your adorable layouts!

  • You don’t have to imagine. they are nicer to you….. because they don’t have to be…

    lather youself in the moments of the unknown. Your a sweetie.

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