A story about designing fabric…

Floral Dress by A Beautiful MessLast year, Emma and I spent several months developing a fabric collection. We started out with pages full of sketches, dove deep into the design process and came up with around 20 designs in two color stories. We intended to pitch the collection for commercial use, but then life happened. We started a new, bigger dress collection (yay!) and got a book deal (double yay!) and six months later realized that our beloved fabric designs (and samples) were collecting dust. Since we no longer have the time (or desire) to bring these babies to the mass market we decided to just put them up in a Spoonflower shop for fun. We still love these prints and we wanted to share them with you. Our collection is a mix of floral, geometric and novelty prints. We have tons of sample fabrics in our studio, so we will be using them for DIY projects here on the blog in the coming season.

The dress above was sewn as a sample piece for our pitch. It's made from a pattern from our first dress collection. The pattern was developed by Mallory and it's still one of my favorites to this day! 

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 12.12.06 PMRed Velvet Fabric CollectionRed Velvet Fabric CollectionHere's a look at the two color stories! Which one is your favorite?

Geometric Clutch by A Beautiful MessHere's a little clutch that we created with one of the geometric prints. 

A few words about Spoonflower: Spoonflower is an awesome fabric company that allows you to create fabrics with your own designs! Each design can be ordered in a huge variety of fabrics from quilting cotton, to canvas, to silk! You can even order a design as wallpaper or wall decals. As with most independent companies, Spoonflower is not cheap. Everything is printed to order. We used them to create our own full-color custom fabrics for past dress collections and our scarf collection. The prices in our Spoonflower shop are not marked up, but we do receive 10% of each sale as the designer. You can order small quantities, which is great for accenting craft projects. You can also see the size of the print (and reduce it to your taste) when ordering. We reduced some of our prints when ordering them, like the sewing machines because smaller prints are sometimes easier to craft with. If you plan to order a large quantity of anything we always recommend ordering a sample swatch first! Here's a link to the fabric options and prices + the spoonflower FAQ page.

We will share some DIY projects with our fabric designs in the coming weeks. I'm really looking forward to crafting with the wallpaper samples we ordered. We had a lot of fun working on these + I am glad that we finally get to release them, even if it's mostly just for fun! XO. elsie + emma

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