a week of no sleep…

hi there.
i am sorry for my absence this week. my days (and nights) have been totally consumed by this….
6a00d8358081ff69e200e553fef1b88833-800wishipping millions (maybe not, but it seems so) of little packages. i am almost done sending out %100 of the etsy goodness from last weekend!! i packed extra goodies in every single package and randomly put in some of the original art (from the kit prints) in people's packages  as surprises. i am a little behind on both e-mail + socialization, so please be patient with me. i am hoping to be back to my normal self by the weekend, especially since em & silje are coming to visit next week…. i am really looking forward to that!

more good news, my house hunt is done and i am starting the process of moving into a new loft & studio space this month. i couldn't be more thrilled about the place i finally found. i feel like i looked at sooo many spaces in the past few months. it's not too far away from where i live now, but it's such a better fit for me (for reasons i will share soon)…. thank you for all your kind wishes & decorating tips. i can't wait to share more  photos soon! i predict that i will fully be  catching rachel's obsession for all things vintage in a few weeks… the perfect hobby for an early fall.

anyway… it's 4 am. i think i am going to try that whole sleeping thing…. my long lost friend. xo, elsie

  • Gosh Elsie it does sound like you have been busy!! The loft and studio sound very exciting – can’t wait to see some photos. Have a great sleep!!

    Jo 🙂

    PS: Love that green wall!!!!

  • Elsie, it’s very important to sleep few hours per a day! Otherwise you’ll lost all your desire to create and you’ll finish like a zombie ;))

    I can’t wait my small order of your lovely kit.

    And one question: why were you trilled by your loft???

    Kisses & hugs

  • so happy for you and your WONDERFUL sales on etsy! Glad to hear from you and know all is well. Congrats on the house hunting…can’t wait to see the pics

  • you sound like you have been rushed off your feet! hope you have some lovely well derserved sleep!!! Lookig forward to seeing your new loft/studio.

  • Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your new place… I know it will be GRAND.

    Hope you got the sleep you needed…

  • omg! I hope I got an original piece of art! I can’t wait to see your new space! I bet it’s lovely!

    hope everything is well in magic-elsie-land!


  • oh you are so darn stylish! I love what you’re wearing in that photo!!

    Good luck with all the moving and work that comes along with it! I hope it’ll be one big 100% positive experience for you!! It must be so exciting. I’m really looking forward to see how you paint/decorate!

    Can’t wait to get my kit in the mail!! :):)

    You’re the best, take care!

    xoxo, holly

  • Is that an engagement ring on your finger? Is that the “reason you will share soon”?


  • I can’t wait for my package to arrive and to see what extra goodness you included.

    Good luck on the loft, can’t wait to hear more about it.

  • you are adorable. you look like you could be santa (or santa’s helper!) with that long list! you should spend all weekend lounging and taking naps.

  • How exciting, can’t wait to get my journals and postcards….oh please let me have a piece of original art…:), wish I could have helped you package all those goodies!! Thanks Elsie

  • good luck with your re-entrance into the atmosphere of the day to day! and congrats on a new space, i can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • Congrats on finding the new place can’t wait to see what you do with it I’m sure it will be amazing! Added note – I FINALLY found your Recipe Box online and it arrived today! LOVE IT! Just what I needed to give me a creative boost!

  • i packed extra goodies in every single package and randomly put in some of the original art (from the kit prints) in people’s packages as surprises.

    *squee* I can’t wait to get my package!!!

  • I hope you got some sleep! It’s important!! Congrats on getting a new place. I can’t wait to see how you decorate it!

  • Aw, I hope you can get some rest soon. It’s so important. I’ve been there before with getting my days and nights messed up. One of my biggest hang up was watching TV late at night or taking my laptop to bed with me. Those are big temptations for me and I have to pray for some strength to say no to them. Anywho…get rest ASAP.

  • Hey Elsie – sleep tight so you have lots of energy to play in your new studio 🙂

    Did you hear Gwen Stefani had another baby boy? So cute 🙂

    I can’t wait for my parcel too! I hope things slow down for you just enough for you to get some sleep now girl.

    Karen xo

  • Why do I feel like the “better fit” means that it has room for a nursery? 😀

    You’re kind of sneaky. Sweet, but sneaky. ♥


  • thanks for your dedication to all of us!!!! hope you sleep well make sure you look after you too!!!! sooooooooooooo can’t wait to get your goodies here down under….such lovelyness…..all th best for the next few weeks…ENJOY your friends

    Rach xx

  • Oh I have been so excited with anticipation of receiving my kits, and now I know they will be on their way to me!

    Can’t wait to see your new space, you are an inspiration…. 😀

  • seems like you’ve been extremely busy again after a lowkey week! don’t forget to sleep a little!

    congrats on the new loft and studio! you are a star at making us curious aren’t you! 😉


  • I am guessing you are expecting based on your blog post on the 15th of August where the note card was show cased with the note “I’m Late”

    If that is the case, best of luck an go get some sleep since you will need it later.

  • you’ve been quite the little busy smurf haven’t you? i love that dress you’re wearing too cute. any idea if you’ll be creating another art journal kit? i’d love to get one but alice quite frankly wasn’t my style. anywho…can’t wait to hear from you.

  • amanda, i will do one more art journal before Christmas… right now i am going to take about a month off from that, though, and do some painting! 😀

    xoxo. elsie

  • Another art journal before christmas??? How am I ever suppose to save money?? I just hope the Aus dollar stays up near where it is now so I can afford it!

  • I cant wait to get my pack sweetie

    And what a surprise random goodies


    Soooo watching the mail man in the next couple of weeks !!! Thanks Sweetie …

  • I cant wait to get my pack sweetie

    And what a surprise random goodies


    Soooo watching the mail man in the next couple of weeks !!! Thanks Sweetie …

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