#ABeautifulMess App Update!

ABM photo appPhotos clockwise from top left: @annaleeneale, @jodaisy, @wilenedw, @mkzotov

An update (1.05) for our #ABeautifulMess App just hit the app store! We're happy to announce we're finally able to offer the undo/redo feature! Now, if you place a font, border, phrase, etc., you can just swipe left to undo or swipe right redo something you've just undone. Simple, right?

I can't tell you how much the whole team here just browses the #ABeautifulMess hashtag to look at all your wonderful creations. We get kind of obsessed!! So from time to time we're going to start featuring some of our favorites here on the blog (with permission of course) and credit the Instagram account. So keep 'em coming!#abeautifulmessPhotos clockwise from top left: @createlovesholly, @jeremy_buckland, @ohkatieday, @jordyn_christine

Update 1.04 issues and how to restore your purchases
For those of you who installed the 1.04 update that came out Tuesday night, you might have noticed some missing bonus packs in the app. There was a bug that didn't come up in testing but affected a lot users. We found the problem and promptly developed 1.05 to fix the issue. If you still aren't seeing bonus packs you've previously purchased, we added a "RESTORE PURCHASES" right on the bottom left corner of the home screen that will make sure you get everything back. Sorry for any confusion that caused!

Leave us a review in the app store!
We're learning new stuff every day about the app world, and a big one is how the review system works. The reviews that affect the rating that everyone sees reset with every update. That means that all the sweet reviews you left us on the first version aren't part of the rating people see anymore. If our app maintains a high rating, it continues to stay strong in the app store, and we can continue to put out new updates with more features and fun stuff! So if you still enjoy the app, just open it up in the App Store and leave us a review.A beautiful mess photo app!Photos clockwise from top left: @robyncaitlin, @malyssanicole, @rafaelacristinas, @ladybb13

We can't thank you enough for your overwhelming support of this app. You guys are pretty amazing! xoxo. Elsie + Emma

P.S. Don't worry Android users. We're working on a version for you!

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