ABM Staff Update!

Hey, guys! We’re here today to share an update on the A Beautiful Mess staff! We want to introduce you to everyone who is working so hard at our growing brand. You’ll see lots of familiar faces here but also get to meet those people whose jobs are behind the cameras (and computers!).A Beautiful Mess Staff (spring of 2014)So let’s start off with our team members who work in the studio! 

Elsie-emmaYou know us, but still …

Elsie Larson (me!), Founder and Creative Director 

I started A Beautiful Mess in 2007, but didn’t truly find my groove until I teamed up with my sister and business soul mate, Emma, in 2010. Today I mainly focus my energy on the creative side of the business. I oversee the look and feel of A Beautiful Mess’s online content as well as products and side projects (like our apps, books, and products). I would say I have just enough free time to keep redecorating my home but never enough to get bored. 😉

Spirit Animal: Chimpanzees, forever. 
Go-to road trip snack: Heath Mini Blizzards
Favorite movie: Mean Girls for funny, The Tree of Life for beautiful, Zoolander for quotable. 
Celebrity crush: Justin Timberlake + Will Smith + Steven Colbert
Guilty pleasure: Dog outfits + Katy Perry 
Non-blog hobby: Barre Method classes + The Mindy Project
Childhood hero: Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman

Emma Chapman, Co-Owner and Editor

Emma is my sister and the co-owner of A Beautiful Mess. She oversees the business side of what we do and made it possible for us to be where we are today! Recently Emma has also taken on an editorial role for both the blog and our online education program. Most people know Emma for recipes, which she is amazing at (see here for proof), but what people don’t often know is that she has a talent for business. She’s a forward thinker and pushed to create our first app despite family and friends discouraging the risk. She’s also a real big sucker for photos of baby pigs. 

Spirit Animal: Pug, especially my pug, Love Love
Go-to road trip snack: Heath bar or white cheddar popcorn
Favorite movie: Stranger than Fiction
Celebrity crush: Hugh Jackman
Guilty pleasure: Hot fudge sundaes, for no reason
Non-blog hobby: I’m currently writing a novel
Childhood hero: Donald Duck

Trey-philipTrey George, Business Development Manager 

Trey was hired to manage our sponsorships program, so that covers pitching and managing sponsored content, ads, ad networks, and overseeing our ad server. Also, his role has expanded to overseeing the development and updates of our apps (we have another app coming out later this season). He’s extremely talented, and we have a lot of happy hours celebrating his many accomplishments! 

Spirit Animal: Potoo
Go-to road trip snack: Sour Patch Kids or almonds 
Favorite movie: Cool answer—No Country for Old Men, Honest answer—Multiplicity or Home Alone 2
Celebrity Crush: Tina Fey
Guilty pleasure: Law and Order: SVU
Non-blog hobby: Camping
Childhood Hero: Emmett Smith. Probably still is.

Philip Bowles, Director of Technology

Philip oversees the development behind our websites. Our new shopping site was his first big project. Currently we are working on updates for the blog, so when you see them happen later this year you’ll know that it was Philip (and not just magic) that made those updates happen. In addition to being the only person on our staff who understands CSS, Philip is hilarious and about to become a dad! 

Spirit Animal: Tree Frog
Go-to road trip snack: Corn Nuts
Favorite movie: The Matrix
Celebrity crush: Stevie Nicks
Guilty pleasure: That Thing You Do
Non-blog hobby: Music-makin’

Sarah-lauraSarah Rhodes, Director of Photography

Sarah does most of the photos you currently see on A Beautiful Mess. We met her as the photographer for both our weddings, and when it came time to hire a photographer we knew she was the perfect fit. Sarah developed the A Beautiful Mess Actions with me. She also makes videos and entertains us daily with her amazing sense of humor! 

Spirit Animal: Sea Otter
Go-to road trip snack: Donuts and Cool Ranch Doritos
Favorite movie: Sense and Sensibility
Celebrity crush: Paul Rudd
Guilty pleasure: Creepy shows that solve murders
Non-blog hobby: Sewing, buying baby things, and TV
Childhood hero: Amy Grant!

Laura Gummerman, Staff Writer

Laura is a staff writer for the blog and produces weekly posts that include home and fashion DIYs, healthy recipes, lifestyle articles, and purrrrfect cat-related projects. She also helps out around the office by managing the support emails and making sure everyone learns how to make lattes. 

Spirit animal: Snow Leopard
Road snacks: Latte and Cheez-Its 
Favorite movie: Charade or The Way We Were 
Celebrity crush: Old School—Robert Redford, New School—Christian Bale, Young Buck—Liam Hemsworth
Non-blog hobby: Singing karaoke by making my husband play Amy Winehouse and The Cardigans songs so I can sing along. 
Childhood hero: Audrey Hepburn, always and forever 

Jeremy-joshJeremy Larson, Staff Videographer 

Jeremy has been creating videos with original music for ABM since last summer. At first it was just for fun, then freelance, then we offered him a part-time position because we loved working with him! We love the travel videos he’s created for us (see Austin, Nashville and Palm Springs), and currently we’re creating a series of cooking videos together, so stay tuned! 

Spirit animal: Llama
Road snacks: Coke Zero 
Favorite movie: The Deer Hunter
Celebrity crush: Brad Pitt
Guilty Pleasure: Bar Rescue 
Non-blog hobby: Cooking
Childhood hero: Dinosaurs

Joshua Rhodes, Project Assistant 

Joshua first started working with ABM as a contributor. His an exceptionally skilled craftsman. You’ll be seeing lots more projects created by him with step-by-step instructions as the year goes on. We’re so excited to have him around and bring our projects to the next level.

Spirit animal: Basset Hound
Road snacks: Sunflower seeds, Mamba
Favorite movie: The Sting
Celebrity crush: Martha Stewart
Non-blog hobby: Painting, running
Childhood hero: Hardy Boys

And now, our writers who work from home … 

Mandi-katieMandi Johnson, Writer

Mandi creates incredible projects for us (from big to small!). She has an eye for interior style and great ideas for budget living. See Mandi’s full archive here

Spirit Animal: Cardinal
Go-to road trip snack: Peanut butter filled pretzels
Favorite movie: Vertigo
Celebrity crush: Jimmy Stewart (You didn’t say he had to be living!)
Guilty pleasure: Eating endless amounts of goldfish crackers during Netflix marathons of Grey’s Anatomy
Non-blog hobby: Volleyball
Childhood hero: Zorro (I scrawled Zs across everything!)

Katie Shelton, Writer 

Katie writes beautiful hair tutorials and kiddo projects for the blog. She also manages the “At Home With” feature. One of our favorite ABM traditions is Katie’s yearly Halloween costume ideas for families (see 1,2,3). See Katie’s full archive here

Spirit Animal: Tacos
Go-to road trip snack: Twizzlers and BBQ Fritos (and heartburn)
Favorite movie: This is an impossible question to answer
Celebrity crush: Jena Malone
Guilty pleasure: Bryan Adams, forever
Non-blog hobby: Music and kids, man
Childhood hero: Definitely Debbie Gibson

Ruby-rachelRubyellen Bratcher, Writer 

Rubyellen is an inspiring mother of four with a contagious enthusiasm for handmade living. Her beautiful home is proof of both. Her most popular post of all time was her a-frame tent project. Our personal favorite was her paint-by-number pillow project. This Spring Rubyellen is working on a series of gardening tutorials for beginners! You can see Rubyellen’s full archive here

Go-to road trip snack: Anything with chocolate 
Favorite movie: About Time 
Celebrity crush: None. I used to have a long list, but once I met my husband I stopped daydreaming because he was all I ever dreamed of (sounds silly, but really!)
Guilty pleasure: Ice cream every night before bedtime
Non-blog hobby: I love to read! 
Childhood hero: Well, I was the older sister and always wanted a big sister, so when I would watch Barbie commercials or Jem and the Holograms, I always wished Barbie or Jem would come out of the television and be my older sister. Does that count as a hero?!

Rachel Denbow, Writer

Rachel has been writing for A Beautiful Mess and teaching e-courses with us for the past five years. She recently released 52 Weeks of Art Journaling the very same week her third child was born (super woman, no?) A few of our favorite projects Rachel has created are her woven rug, starburst mirror and her painted bike. Currently Rachel is working on a sewing basics e-course due out in September! 
Spirit Animal: Miniature horse
Go-to road trip snack: Peanut Butter Crackers
Favorite movie: Fried Green Tomatoes
Celebrity crush: Jude Law
Guilty pleasure: Licking the spoon, bowl, & beaters when I bake
Non-blog hobby: De-cluttering the house
Childhood hero: DJ Tanner

And last, but not least, just for fun … 

Until last year our team was made up of 100% dog people. But slowly, the cat people are creeping in.A Beautiful Mess (dog people)(DOG PEOPLE)

L_and_P_are_cats(crazy CAT PEOPLE) This gif. haha!

If you have any questions about our staff, let us know in the comments section! We’ll be sharing updates every season or two as our team continues to grow! xo. Elsie (Emma + the ABM team)

P.S. If you’re taking Candice’s DSLR workshop, you’ve already met her. But in addition to being a teacher’s aide in ABM workshops, Kimber Hodson works remotely as our official proofreader for everything you see on the blog and the shop. When we post about all our teachers, you’ll learn a little more about her. But we had to give her a quick shoutout. LOVE us some Kimber!

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson, Staff Photos: Sarah Rhodes. Edited with Liv from The Signature Collection. 

  • Hi! I really enjoyed this entry and am a longtime fan of this site and business. However, I do want to caution you against using the phrase “Spirit Animal” so flippantly. Spirit Animals are not a joke; they are a longstanding tradition in some First Nations cultures. The journey of finding what one’s spirit animal is is a long and arduous task and is not just something that can be answered by an Internet quiz or with a joke.

    There is already a very low understanding of First Nations cultures and traditions, and too many people treat FN culture like a joke. Please reconsider using this phrase.

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    have you seen it? If you haven’t you should it’s halarious…
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  • I loved reading this. So forgive me for joining in. 🙂

    Spirit Animal: Lion
    Go-to road trip snack: Coffeeeeeeee
    Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (a close second is The Science of Sleep)
    Celebrity crush: The Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson (not sure if he is a celebrity but his work with lions is magical and amazing)
    Guilty pleasure: reality tv
    Non-blog hobby: (I don’t write a blog) crafting, bikram yoga
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  • Hi Mary,
    Most of the people we’ve hired we worked with on a for-fun or freelance basis before offering a job. We found our proofreader through Candice Stringham (one of our teachers) because she has worked with Candice for years. 🙂

    Thanks so much for reading!

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