ABM Studio: The Craft Room (Before)

Craft room inspirationOrganized studio inspiration via I Art U

I have a major soft spot for craft rooms, art studios and offices. I was trying to count, and I think this will be the eighth craft room I've organized and worked in. Crazy right? I think my favorite studio is still this one from 2010. Well, it's time to start fresh! We have a room in our new space that is designated for "making". 

Here are a few "before" photos:Craft room before  This room is the first room at the top of the stairway, it shares a hallway with the bathroom, bedroom and photo room. 

Our first impression of this room was that we loved the three giant windows. We chose this room for the craft room because of the incredible natural light, which will be helpful for both a happy working atmosphere and taking photos of our projects in progress.Craft room before    This is the wall you see when you enter the room. 

Craft room beforeCraft room before
There is a small closet too. 

Craft room before     And a detail shot to show the wallpaper. It's the last time you'll be seeing that, as the first order of business in this room is removing the wallpaper, skim coating and painting. We decided to remove the carpet in all of the upstairs in hopes that we would find beautiful original hardwoods like we did in my house. That wish did not come true. We found Asbestos tile instead… not our favorite moment. So we moved on to plan B and had new wood floors laid (professionally and safely) over the tile. Goodbye Asbestos. 

We chose white walls and bright white trim for this room. It's becoming a great blank canvas! Our next order of business is to choose furniture, shelving, chairs, a rug and some great lamps so we can get productive in this room ASAP! Organized craft room inspirationOrganization Inspiration via Country Living and Njainschigg. 

After so many studios through the years I know that more stuff isn't always better. We're currently making (BIG) efforts to purge and donate all of our unused supplies. The goal in this new space is to keep it simple, clean(ish) and fun to work in. I know it will get messy, and it should. I mean, it's a workspace. But the goal is to have something that's functional and fresh, even when it's a mess. Is that possible? I think it is. 

We need a space for DIY-making, sewing, printing, scrapbooking and photographing steps as we go. We want to have all the supplies we need for those tasks and nothing else.

I am searching for organization solutions for storing our collections of paint, fabric and paper. We also have a lot of tools like glue guns, scissors and staple guns as well as machines like sewing machines and printers. We use all of these things on a weekly basis, so figuring out a great layout is essential. There is a closet to hide away a few things that aren't so easy on the eyes, but it's very small so we need to use that space wisely. Craft room organizationImage Design Files via Dwell. 

I like the idea of having a place to keep notes on current and upcoming projects. We always have at least a few projects going at once, so a way to visually record our deadlines, projects and supply lists could be nice. 

I've been collecting ideas on my Studio Spaces pinboard. I'll share more in the coming months as we move in and get settled. xo. Elsie 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Inspiration images are linked throughout.

  • I am dying for a craft room of my own, so I am really looking forward to seeing what you create here! I told my husband the other day that as soon as we get a home where we can paint, white walls are a HUGE must!

  • This is such a good round up of inspiration! I can’t wait to see what you and your team do to make this space the perfect place to create!

  • I love how colorful those inspiration pictures are! I love the idea of displaying craft supplies, rather than hiding them away in drawers!


  • I’m sure it will turn out great! I hope to have the space for my own craft room one day, so I “window shop” ideas A LOT! Excited to see your end result!


  • can’t wait to see what you guys do with the space!!



  • Congrats on a job well done! It’s so much easier to be creative in a bright and organized space. You’ve inspired me to do some more tweaking to my home office. Thanks for sharing!

  • So fun and exciting to set up a new space. I’ll be watching to see it evolve — enjoy!!

  • Oh a crafts room! SO much fun. I love the simple furniture with all the colorfull touches of paint, wool, fabric, etc…

  • I cannot wait to see how it all comes along. It’s such a fun part of the process right now to design. One big decision for the layout and all the rest will fall into place =) I love decorating spaces and I know you’re space is gonna rock! <3

  • Nothing like an empty room and a new year to amp up the creativity. I’m so looking forward to seeing the “afters”!

  • I tried the sticky note wall thing once, does not really work so I wouldn’t recommend it. maybe a giant cork oars or you could look into turning one of your walls into a giant white board, with whiteboard paint. Love the inspiration and looking for to seeing the end results. oh a rod where you can use pants holder to clip frantic/paper may work too

  • Hi Diana!
    Those are actually our inspiration photos. We’ll share the “after” later this Spring, though! It’s currently a work-in-progress!

    xo- Elsie

  • Great idea Tracy!
    Our mom actually teaches art classes too. 😀

    xo- Elsie

  • The colorful fabric tassels peeking out… too cute! Come help me decorate my craft room when we buy our first home. xoxo

  • Oh, asbestos tile, bleugh! My husband and I made the exact same discovery when we pulled up our awful wood grain lino in preparation for tiling our kitchen and dining room… getting it properly sealed to code added more than $1000 to the overall job! I feel your pain!

  • This is such a beautiful place, with so many yummy colours!!


  • I like your craft room, it is so well organized!!! Can you come and organized my home 😉 Sure your new craft room will be beautiful

  • How fun this room is going to be! I can’t wait to see it:)


  • That is soo cool. I wish I had a space like that to store all my crafty stuff. I love how you hung your paints.


  • I am a sticky note addict, so that last photo appeals to me in ways you can’t imagine. I want that – and I bet if I really wanted to, I could totally make it!

  • love all this inspiration! i hope to redo my office in the new year! xo


  • Your ideas sound great. Designing work stations are so fun but also a lot of pressure – I am currently redesigning my office/desk space – about to start a PhD so I will be spending every day for the next four years sitting there, it has to function right – it’s a daunting task! Can’t wait to see how you progress with this!

  • i always wonder how harnessing that organizational bug would benefit me. Do you hae a favorite discovery?

  • This looks ace!


  • this is cute! the bulletin board reminds me of chicklets! u know, the gum you ate when you were little

  • I am very excited to start seeing some “in progress” photos of this work space! You’ve got such great bones to work with, so I’m excited to see where it goes! Craft spaces are so fun to me! People tend to let their creative sides run loose in them!

  • This is so exciting! I’d love to have space dedicated to creating fun things, at the moment its a really big deal to have to get the sewing machine out and sorted so I only use it once or twice a year
    Can’t wait to see how you organise it all

  • Wow-woah! Nice! One of my big wants when I finally move into a house is a hobby room. I’m not reeeeally much of a crafter, but I have other hobbies that require some space.

    Can’t wait to see your after pictures!


  • Lovely! What a great idea! The key to any beautiful craft room is organization! 😉 Can’t wait to see the progress!


  • Love these pictures and your ideas! A nice clean space is perfect for such a creative area of a home (or studio!) I can’t wait to see the finished product!



  • Maybe you could have a whole wall of storage? I wish I had a whole room just for my crafting! I would love that much space to sew and design clothes in.

  • Loving this inspiration. I’m hoping to see a lot of color-organized supplies and decorations. Good luck!

  • That’s a beautiful craft room, I’m jealous! 😉
    Good luck with all the projects that will take place in this room!

  • I know… We have Asbestos tile in our basement… So bummed because we wanted to remodel, but it’s a low ceiling… Big bummer.. Love your ideas! I like to roll my fabric instead of folding. Not sure if it’s less room taking up, but I like them rolled 🙂

  • If you are looking to donate supplies, check in with your local schools! I used to teach, and know that craft and art supplies are well appreciated and hard to come by!

  • So fun! Ironically I am working on my craft room right now too. Between sewing, calligraphy, stamps, fabric, yarn, paint, paper, etc…there is a ton of small stuff to organize- all while keeping a pretty aesthetic. I am so excited though- love having a good place to create stuff! 🙂

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