ABM Studio: The Living Room (Before)

Love these unique shelves!Hi friends! It's time for another room dreaming session. This time we're talking living rooms! In our studio house, the living room is the first room you see when you walk into the entryway. We hope to create something comfortable, easygoing and versatile. 

In the above photo (via Lonny Magazine) I absolutely adore the unique shelving. I think a wall of irregular open shelves sounds like so much fun! I love the wall color too!1This first view of the living room faces the front porch, with the entryway to the left. We know that we're painting the trim bright white, not sure about the walls yet. 

Curtains are important. I want something light and airy that lets in a lot of natural light. Since I used lace curtains in nearly every room in my home I am planning to explore new options and branch out from there. Any thoughts or suggestions?2This is the view when you look into the living room from the entryway. This is where I envision the seating. I could talk about couches and chairs all day. Just ask my husband! I love chairs more than any other type of furniture shopping. So, with that said…Leather couch crush!Initially, I'm thinking something leather (or faux leather with this look—via Desire To Inspire) would be fun. It's a versatile style that we haven't played within any of our spaces yet. I haven't found the perfect sofa yet, so I'm open to suggestions. We're definitely interested in a neutral option, but not married to the idea of leather. Secretly, I hope to find an amazing vintage sofa. I mean that's always the goal, but I won't hold my breath!Living room chairsI want to have fun with the chairs in this space, while still sticking with neutral colors. These chairs—1/2 (sold out booo!)/3/4.—all stand out to me as great options. I love the hanging wicker chair we added to my living room at home. It adds so much to the design of the room and it's just really fun to sit in. I also love these leather butterfly chairs. They're so fun and they remind me of my grandmother's cool 1960s ranch oak furniture a little bit. 

Speaking of hanging chairs, don't think I've forgotten about Rubyellen's living room hammock. That might need to happen whether in this room or in another. Too cute!3This wall faces the front windows. The doorway looks into the second living room (which we're planning to use as our group office room). I love the extra large open doorway.4This view shows you the doorway to the entryway. This is where I envision adding a faux fireplace!Simple modern fireplace… in love!Simple modern fireplace… in love!Fireplaces. Sigh. I love em. When we realized that this home's original fireplace had been removed at some point (bummin') I immediately started thinking about options for building some sort of DIY mantel or just-for-looks fireplace. Bricks could be fun. I also love both these images above (via Graham & Co and HGTV Remodels). I have a lot more research to do, but this project is VERY exciting to me. Plus, look at those walls (above) they need a fireplace. They just do4The light fixture went with the previous owner, so the possibilities here are very open at this stage! In case you're curious, yes that weird metal cord cover will soon be gone (or, well, hidden). 

I've never tried a painted ceiling, but I absolutely LOVE them. This room feels right for the painted ceiling. Here are a few that inspire me:Love this painted ceilingLove this painted ceiling(via Apartment Therapy, Indulgy, Kathryn Scott

I realize that third one isn't really paint now, but wouldn't it be cool if it was? I like the idea of stripes. Anyway, a painted ceiling with neutral walls and furniture sounds like a pretty sweet plan to me. 

So many decisions! This room is basically a blank canvas, and I hope we can do it justice. Eeep! I'm really enjoying reading all your thoughts on these posts. xo. Elsie 

ps. For more obsessive daily studio inspiration, follow my studio inspiration board on Pinterest. 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Inspiration images are linked throughout. 

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