ABM Studio: The Office (Progress!)

A Beautiful Mess Office (progress!)I am SO excited to share some more progress we've made on our studio space! As you can see, it's still far from done, but we've made SO much progress. Here's a little time machine trip to remind you where we were just three months ago… 

The office (before!)

And here's how this same room looks today… (!!!!)

A Beautiful Mess Office (progress!)   After much thought, we decided to go black! I am thrilled with the choice. It honestly does not make the room feel too dark. If anything, I feel like it brings out its best features by highlighting those beautiful bay windows. 

Emma built this awesome (and crazy practical) office table with our dad. We'll share more about that in a separate post soon! We decided to invest in comfy office chairs and boy, are we happy with that choice! 

A Beautiful Mess Office (progress!) As you can see in this photo, we still have a LOT of decorating to do. Our favorite part!! 

A Beautiful Mess Office (progress!)  Isn't our one little light bulb SO sad? We have a light fixture coming soon. I can't wait! 

Here's my favorite upgrade…

The office (before!) (Before) Remember how I said it would be cool to finish this entire wall with bookselves? Well, our contractor (Martin Remodeling) did an in-credible job!!! 

A Beautiful Mess Office shelves(After) Bookshelves for miles, right? I can't wait to fill these up! 

Still on our to-do list: We purchased a black Smeg for this room for our team's lunches and snacks. We're planning a coffee cart area because God knows we love some coffee around here. Styling the shelves, for sure! Some hanging plants? Yes, probably. And that light fixture… We're SO excited for it to arrive. Beyond that, we're feeling at home here already! 

Thanks so much for taking a look at our progress. We'll be sharing more updates soon! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes

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