ABM Studio: The Styling Room (Before)

Black room inspirationImages via Carla Aston

Hey guys! I'm here to share the final "before" photos in one last room. This is what we're calling "the styling room". It's basically a pretty storage room for our photo shoot stuff with a cute table for meetings and phone conferences (which we seem to have a LOT of these days).

Here are the before photos:1This doorway looks into the bedoroom

2Here's a close up of the steps going up to the bedroom. This room was obviously an addition. 

3On this wall you can see the stairway that leads down to the kitchen. 

4These slanty ceilings don't leave much wall space for shelving. We're going to have to get creative! 

5Here's the back of the room. That we're not sure what happened over the past 100 years with that chimney, but if it was still there it would go down into the kitchen (it's not visible in the kitchen at all). 

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us on this room. It's small and awkward, but we kind of love it! We decided to paint it all black, add wood floors and a tulip table. Tulip tableImage via IncorporatedNY

We're planning to build some shelving in the near future and paint the little stairs, and the big stairs leading down to the kitchen. What would you do with this room? xo. Elsie 

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Inspiration images are linked throughout.

  • I would appreciate a guide on painting with black in different spaces- how do you know when it’s a good option? I think it can look fantastic and striking but I’m too scared to try it!

  • I’d put shelving on the wall where the chimney is, but I mean, ALL over the wall, from floor to ceiling, like a giant bookcase 🙂 (I know you already have one of those, so you know what I mean, and it would look amazing there, I think)

  • I’m sure someone will have already mentioned this. But just be aware unsupported chimney stacks like that can cause problems. If it isn’t visible in the kitchen below you’ve got to question what is holding up all those bricks. The floor in the styling room alone won’t be strong enough to hold an entire chimney.

  • I would keep it really light as the ceiling and windows could leave it looking really dark. You could then go for really bright colours for your shelving, chairs and accessories and add some bold patterns with textiles and prints on the walls. Conference calls in a dark room can lead to snoozes….as I have found to my peril in my office! I’m sure whatever you do will look fab though.

  • I love small and awkward looking spaces because when they are styled well they can be stunning. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with this one!

  • On the right of the chimney I would definitely put a bookcase.
    And since the room has a low ceiling, maybe comfy puffs 😀


  • I’m slightly confused. why would you purchase a home to use as a studio? will the bedrooms be used as individual offices?

  • What a funky space! I’m a sucker for dark walls and scorched cedar, but in a room like that I would stick with brightness… whites and bright, light yellows. I love the little bit of exposed brick — what a fun little style element you could work with! 😀 Look forward to seeing what you do with it!


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  • Wow, there is sooooo much things you can do in that room ! I’m found of the little stairs down to the room, and the chimney too !

  • It’s been fun to see all of the before pics! I love this house! Do you have a diagram of the floor plan you could show us?

  • Wow, that room is hideous! Can’t wait to see how pretty you guys make it!


  • What a weird room! In a real house I could see that room being a perfect play room though 🙂

  • i think you have plenty of windows so black would be great! i can’t wait to see it! our attic is our bedroom and it has alllll dark panels and very few windows, i wanted to paint it, but it’s a lot of work and i’m unsure if i want to paint it…. it’s always a debate for me (and a lot of work).

    anyway, excited to see the results!

  • I just can’t wait to see the after photos!!! I know you guys are going to do something fantastic!!!


  • I can’t wait to see what you do with this room! I have two rooms shaped like this in a finished attic in my home, and storage in them is definitely tricky!

  • I love the fire place brick showing and the exposed wood on the celling is kinda cool. : ) A really fun space.

  • Black is a bold choice! I’m excited to see the outcome. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of natural light in there, but it’s a great awkward room (my favorite kind!) Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • Totally agree that all black sounds too dark! Maybe only the chimney wall? And then use it as vision wall for brainstorming during meetings/ conferences?

  • I love this room! There are so many things that I bet you guys could come up with for storage. How about some sort of hanging storage? I love the exposed brick of that fake chimney though! And the pretty little stairs that lead to the bedroom. So cool!!!



  • Where do you get your inspo from?


  • Those yellow chairs are dreamy!! I love the entrance of your new room, it’s so adorable!!



  • Since the room is all black, I would add some mirrored tiles to the ceiling! It would catch more light from the windows and brighten the room 🙂

  • Maaaan, I get so excited looking at these photos.. I’ve come up with the perfect solution, hire me! And then I won’t have to wait to see the reveals!! 😉 I’d be great, I promise. Love what you’re doing, keep up the great work.

  • Hi there! I TOTALLY understand what you mean, but it’s already black and we love it! Can’t wait for you to see it.
    xx- Elsie

  • Since it has no walls for shelving, I would make it the bedroom – it would be so cosy with the low ceiling, and who will really use it? – and use the real bedroom for storage your thing for photo shoots, since it has amazing windows and you could do some of the the photo shoots right there.

  • Love this room! I even love the awkward staircase and the chimney!

  • I love a good room make-over!
    Anything with some hint of colour I am game for.

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • That looks so awesome! Your blog makes me think I can tackle home DIY stuff too… we will see… heh.

  • Well… after getting the roof checked (which I’m sure you already know/have done)… I’d be excited about the railing around the stairs. I’d probably open it up more – perhaps use a jigsaw to make the wooden sides really pretty?

  • Black sounds pretty, but like other people have said its a small room and dark colors tend to make a room smaller. You might want to think about some brighter colors. I would maybe paint the walls chalkboard black and paint the celling a bright color that makes it stand out such as a fun bright pink, yellow….

  • Love this room! I love spaces with quirky details like that…the brick chimney and little steps are the cutest. 🙂

  • Intrigued to see how you restyle this room. My bedroom is in the attic so I have slanted ceilings, which makes for tricky storage

  • wow, what a transformation! i love love love bright spaces! amazing what a little paint can do! HeartofChic.com

  • I kinda like the chimney that leads to nowhere, and actually I think it would be cool if you left it. It would match the black walls, and then maybe make some wall to chimney shelves in some kind of raw wood material.. 🙂

    But no matter what you do with the room, i’m sure it’s gonna be stunning!

  • i like the idea of just one black wall, and maybe the rest a soft grey? and you need to do something fun with that little edge around the stairs, maybe some chevron stripes in teal? excited to see the results!


  • I’m anxious to see how this one turns out, with the black walls and everything. I like black paint, but this room is pretty small! I’m excited to see how you made it work!


  • you guys have a styling room?!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • How exciting! What a great little space! I’m excited to see what you do with the walls! So fun!


  • I love the black walls! I have a black chalkboard wall in my office and I love it! xo


  • I like the inspiration you choose for this room!!!


  • I love how quirky this room is, what about making a feature of the steps? I’ve seen lots of wallpapered steps over on Pinterest? I’m moving at the end of this month so I’m going to try and document all the changes I make over at www.peachparade.com

  • P.S. Also, if budget allows, a skylight or two would be great in that room, and help alleviate a cave-like felling when the room is painted black.

  • You should put built in storage to the right of the chimney and have it wrap around the corner to the right window. You could do the same on the left side, window to window. It’s hArd to know where to put storage when you don’t have full walls to work with because of the slanted ceiling, and the windows are so low.

  • Black makes sense, especially since all your stuff on the shelves is gonna be bright and colourful, buuut, I have this vision of reeaaly dark teal on the walls instead. Just sayin!

  • Nice!
    I would add wall / slanted ceiling art such as tapisseries or carpets held with rods – this would soften the sounds and add colour –
    Did you check if you could use the steps for storage?

  • I love the ceiling (+ all of it), as well as the inspiration photo that looks like an outdoor room with decking. This made me think you could give it a rustic or natural edge by exposing the wood panels on the ceiling. I think that could really add intrigue to the whole thing – top it off on a light note, since you’re going black (please play the Stones song while you do that, btw). Such a cool space. Consider alternate railings for the stairway out, too. Something less barrier-like. This is so exciting. I LOVE this house.

  • this room!!!! it’s sooooooo freakin’ cute!!! can’t wait to see what it looks like after 🙂

  • I love black walls. I painted a small bathroom in black and it looks so luxe to me.

  • I’ve always wanted a room with a slanted roof

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  • I’m all for all-black rooms, but this room is so tiny and with the slanted ceilings it may look like a dark cave. But I’m sure you’ve thought it through, can’t wait to see it!

  • This will be my favorite room, I can already tell. So cute and unique! I’d make it into a reading book if it were in my home. Or I’d make it into a treehouse/loft type slumber party room!

  • That sounds too dark to me. I think white with one fun color wall would make more sense.

  • Back ceiling too?! Those three little windows will still provide lots of light for photos though, which is awesome! Not sure if you guys opted to make one of your black walls chalkboard, but it could work nicely for brainstorming during meetings! I think the steps would look super cute in yellow or gold 🙂

  • do you really want to paint it black. it’S just a small room, so this will be a bit scary… i think it would be better to take fresh coulors to make it feel more big. that’s just my opinion,but you’re going make it good, i know this. regards from germany 🙂

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