About Elsie Larson

Elsie LarsonHi, there! I’m Elsie. This is the page where I get to introduce myself… so hello

Elsie + emma I get to work with my sister every day. She’s an excellent business partner. We balance each other, challenge each other and make a really good team. We’re pretty sure that no matter where this journey takes us, we always want to be business partners! 

People always ask us if we fight. The answer is, “Of course we do!” I mean—we’re just people. But I can’t imagine doing any of this without Emma.  

Elsie larson + jeremy larsonI’m married to Jeremy Larson. He’s a composer and producer and is currently doing a series of EPs called Violents. I sometimes help with his project by taking photos of all the singers. It’s one of my favorite passion projects! I feel thankful to be with him every single day. 

I have tattoos... I have some tattoos. I’ll probably get some more. 

Elsie's HomeThis is my home. You can see all my room tours by clicking here. I live in a house that was built in the 1880s. One of my all-time favorite posts I wrote was called My Space To Learn. I’ve learned a ton from this old house. 

Emoji stamp setWhen I’m not blogging I’m usually designing products, like this, for our shop. Designing products is my biggest passion, alongside writing for the blog. Those are my top two and that’s how I spend most of my days at work. 

Here are a few of my favorite blog posts:

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And the real sentimental stuff…
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And here’s our wedding film… 

Dolly & SukiMy husband and I have two puppies (we call them “daughters”). A pug named Suki and a dachshund named Dolly. 


Elsie larson + emma chapmanThanks for reading! I wish we could have coffee in person…. maybe someday! xx. Elsie 

PS. Follow my personal Instagram or my family blog, The Larson House