Accordion Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic

How to make accordion potatoesPotatoes are an absolute must when planning for Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or whatever you celebrate). Not only are potatoes filling and delicious, but they are also naturally gluten free. I'm not (yet) very experienced with gluten free baking/cooking, but I did want to include a starchy alternative to the rolls I was also serving. I love these accordion potatoes (also called hasselback)! They are a more crispy version of a baked potato. Plus they are super pretty. I baked mine along with a few lemons to add aroma and a pretty garnish.How to make hasselback potatoesAccordion Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic

Needed: potatoes (I made 10 total and used a smaller size variety. You can use any variety you like, but this will affect your baking time.), 1/2 cup (1 stick) of butter, 1 tablespoon oil, 2 teaspoons minced rosemary leaves and 1 tablespoon minced garlic.

First wash and dry your potatoes, removing any dirt. Slice 3/4 through in an accordion style. I thought this was harder than it looked. If you find yourself accidentally slicing all the way through your potatoes try placing wooden skewers or chopsticks on each side to create a guide for your knife to stop at. Place the potatoes on a cooking sheet. In a microwave safe bowl combine the butter, oil, rosemary and garlic. Cook just until melted. Use a kitchen brush to coat each potato, taking time to make sure the butter gets between each slice. Bake at 375°F for 38-40 minutes (again, this will vary based on the size of your potatoes. The goal is to make sure they are done on the inside and crispy on the edges.) Then brush with another layer of the butter mixture and serve. I served mine with sides of sour cream, chopped green onions and shredded cheddar cheese. xo. Emma

  • I tried these yesterday, they were really yummy! Unfortunately, they took FOREVER to make, and ended up looking like weird larvae, not cute striped potatoes, as they didn’t fluff like yours did. Oh well.

  • You can also place the potato on a large serving spoon when slicing to avoid cutting through. 🙂

  • These potatoes look absolutely delicious. they would be so crispy because of all the cuts! How fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  • Perhaps use an egg slicer thingie? I automatically thought that’s what you used.

  • I love these- the outsides are crunchy and the potato inside is lovely and fluffy. I find the best way to cut them without going all the way through is to place each potato on a wooden spoon before slicing. The knife gets stopped by the sides of the spoon and voila! perfect hasselbacks!

  • Are you kidding me?? This looks amazing…and so simple too! Thank you for yet another fabulous foodie tip 🙂


  • Yummy! Those look delicious + so perfect for fall.


  • This looks amazing. My dad makes some sort of version of this and it is SOOO yummy!

  • Yesss I was eyeing those babies on your friendsgiving post and I’m so glad you are sharing this! Yummm!!

    Strive to Thrive,

  • This looks super tasty! And I appreciate the shout-out to those of us who are gluten-free, every time I look at recipes on blogs I find myself thinking “Hmm, I wonder how this will work with gluten-free replacement flour…”

  • When I make these I place the potato on a wooden spoon to slice them – that way the knife doesn’t go all the way through. And I agree, they are delicious and look so pretty!

  • these look delicious! i had seen them in restaurants but thought it would be too hard to do!thank you for sharing 😀

  • I agree with Monica. I could eat the entire batch in one sitting. They’re almost too pretty to eat, though.

  • *drools*

    those look delicious! and i bet they do get super crispy. may just have to bring this to the family thanksgiving dinner this year. thanks!

  • Yes, please. Simple as it is, just delicious!

  • These look awesome! I’ve bookmarked them to try later. Thank you! xo

  • when we make them we put them on a wooden spoon and the knife never goes to far down…look super yummy

  • This recipe is absolutely something I have to try! It makes my mouth watering and these potatoes are a favorite for Christmas dinner by now! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  • Love potatos, these ones looks so delicious!
    the presentation is so important… you know we first eat with our eyes!

  • Yum!! And so beautifully presented 🙂 I’m no expert, but here’s my little tip to make cutting them a bit easier – pop the potato on a spoon (can be serving spoon if they’re huge potatoes) and then cut them as normal with a knife – it stops you going all the way through…

  • you know that feeling when you are totally crazing something, and you don’t know what it is that you want?….well you’ve just solved that! Only problem is it’s close to midnight and a totally inappropriate time for baking potatoes!
    xox Amie

  • This actually just made my mouth water. Potatoes, garlic and cheddar cheese are 3 of my favourite things.. this is all I’m going to be able to think abut today!

  • Hasselbackspotatis is the best! When I make them, I sprinkle some breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese on, just the last ten minutes or so. 🙂

  • If you sit the potato on a wooden spoon you’ll be able to slice it perfectly without slicing all the way through, it’s also a lot quicker, hasselback potatoes are gorgeous with Mexican dishes if you’re not a fan of rice, they’re the perfect crispiness to balance guacamole and sour cream 🙂

  • Wow. Looks simple and yummy. I will do it. Have a nice day.

  • Oh my godness, it’s nine a.m., I just ate my breakfast, but – this looks so yummy! Great idea to cut the potatoes like accordion! I’m hungry now and I know what to cook tomorrow 😉

  • WOW this looks so yummy ! thanks for sharing !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: gourmet experiences with Buglarian roses

  • This post got me thinking about the background of the accordion potato, or hasselback as we’ve always called it. According to my sources, this is the restaurant (today also a hotel) where this dish was invented in 1953.

    Nice to see it with rosemary, I’ve always just had them with butter and salt.

  • I’ll try to remember this – it looks yummy and is such a simple way to add something good to simple potatoes!

  • Hey, this is nice!
    I thought you might like to see where they “come from”, as you mention the name (in Swedish it’s Hasselbackspotatis), so here you are:
    It’s a famous restaurant in Stockholm, and according to the legend, a young cook apprentice from Värmland, an area close to Norway, “invented” them.
    The easiest way to cut them perfectly is to hold them in a wooden spoon — makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • I`m a huge fan of garlic so this is definitely a good potato tip for me 🙂 I`ve used thyme often with potatoes but I can believe that rosemary is also good. Thanks !

  • These look good! I love making smashed potatos, as well!

  • My Mama used to make these for us kids…she called them hedgehog potatoes! YUM! Im gunna have to make these again soon.

  • I love hasselback potatoes! Even easier than the chopstick method? Put your potato into the “bowl” of a wooden spoon. Chopsticks slide sometimes, but the spoon has always worked for me!

  • YUMMY! I’ve always wanted to try making these. I’ve got a lot of homegrown sweet potatoes and bet they’d be great!

  • I’ve made similar ones before but I never thought to melt the butter and brush it on! great idea!!!!

  • I’ve yet to try making these, but apparently one of the tricks to cutting them is to balance the potato in a wooden spoon. It’s supposed to help keep you from cutting all the way through!

  • I was just thinking tonight about how I should prepare the potatoes for our Thanksgiving dinner, and this will be perfect. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Those look almost too good to eat but I know they’d be delicious. Love the presentation.

  • These look sooo delicious! Love the presentation

  • I can see myself eating this entire plate in one sitting.
    Potatoes with rosemary and garlic are one of my favorite savory combinations. I’ve tried it before on wedges and was impressed!

  • My family loves potatoes! But I get in a rut of doing them the same way; this recipe is the perfect chance to shake things up a bit. 🙂
    Catherine Denton

  • Ah I’m so glad that y’all did friendsgiving early because I’m getting so many great inspirations for next week!
    Time Stand Still

  • Looks so yummy and I love rosemary what a wonderful flavor!

  • i love everything potatoes so this is amazing to me!

  • These look so yummy. Might have to add to next week’s menu. The accordion look (and some cheese) might even induce the children to try them.

  • I made a crispy potato casserole that looked something like this, but in a dish with many slices of potatoes. This looks easier and just as yummy

  • I love dressing up potatoes, I never thought about rosemary with garlic though 🙂
    The accordion slices make for a fun presentation!

  • These look SOOOO good! 🙂
    Cheers Emma!


  • Those are cute! Reminds me of those spoon thingies (?) you use to pick up and drizzle honey.

  • Yum! I have been waiting for some recipes from Friendsgiving! They seem so crispy and perfect!

  • These look like a dream! Easily vegan-ified too 🙂 You have such lovely presentation.

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