#AColorStory: Introducing ACS+!!

Happy New Year! We are SO excited to announce ACS+, a membership for iOS, in our app A Color Story! ACS+ is a total game changer for the app and gives you unlimited access to the app and all our features. How amazing is that?!

We have already had a few questions about the update that we want to go ahead and address here, but of course if you have any others, you can always reach out to the ACS team at acolorstory.com/support!

  1. Do I have to subscribe to ACS+? I like the app the way it is now.

No! This is just a new addition to the app and is completely optional. We know subscriptions aren’t for everyone and that’s OK! Our goal is not to force you to change the way you use (and hopefully love) the app. We just want to offer an option to get EVERYTHING since our app has grown so much over the last few years and we plan to grow it more. We want to offer an option that makes this seamless and affordable for our core audience.

  1. I already have most of the filter/effects packs. Will I lose my access with the update?

Everything in the app will stay the same for you unless you choose to subscribe. If you do, it will give you access to even more than you already have. 🙂

  1. If I already have most of the filter and effects packs, why would it make sense to subscribe?

Even if you already have everything in the app including Color+ and unlimited grid option, ACS+ will give you access to all of the new filter packs we release for free! Keep in mind, we release a new filter pack just about every month.

If you’re at all unsure, you can totally wait. Again, we are not pushing everyone to a new model. Just offering a new option that we know will benefit some. The next time you buy a new +pack you’ll likely notice that adding the subscription will make more sense then so you can always sign up later if you like.

  1. Do we get a free trial?

Yes!!!!! You get a three-day free trial when you first subscribe to see if you like it. Try it all out, see if you love it during the trial.

  1. When new +packs launch, will I have to subscribe now to get them?

All of our +packs will still be sold individually as well. Our subscribers will get anything new we release with their subscription, but other users will still have the option to purchase them separately if they want.

  1. Are there any plans on making this available for Android?

Yes!! We recently hired a developer who specializes in Android and we are SO EXCITED to get the app up to date for our Android users! ACS+ coming soon!

You can start your free trial of ACS+ for iOS now in A Color Story!!

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