#AColorStory: New Effects +pack from Jeff Mindell!

#SkiesOver +pack is now available!edited with Miami from #SkiesOver, by @jeffmindell

Our first new effects +pack in A Color Story since the launch—Skies Over—is here, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!! Honestly, photographers like Jeff Mindell were who we had in mind when we were creating this app to begin with. His bright, colorful style served as inspiration for a lot of the filters, so it didn’t make as much sense to bring him in to create more similar filters. However, Jeff does the most amazing edits to his skies that we couldn’t very easily pull off in the app as is. After talking with him about it, we got OBSESSED with the idea of him helping us create a whole new effects +pack just for skies.

#SkiesOver +pack is now available! edited with Wildwood from #SkiesOver, by @jeffmindell

Jeff just ran with it from there, coming back with the amazing #SkiesOver concept, theming each effect after a city. So now any sky can be Skies Over Los Angeles or Skies Over Miami!

#SkiesOver +pack is now available! edited with London from #SkiesOver, by @jeffmindell

With 14 different effects inspired by 14 different cities, these of course are best for skies as well as any simple or light-colored background.

#SkiesOver +pack is now available! edited with Las Vegas from #SkiesOver, by @jeffmindell

Jeff dug through all his old travel photography to find inspiration and the colors for each effect, complementing the skies throughout.

#SkiesOver +pack is now available! edited with Positano from #SkiesOver, by @jeffmindell

If you haven’t gotten a chance to download A Color Story yet, you can find that here! And to get Jeff’s new +pack, just hop over to the shop, find Skies Over, and hit purchase. We hope you love it as much as we do. It’s SO fun!! Be sure to tag anything you create with #SkiesOver so we can follow along. xx. -Elsie (+ A Color Story Team)

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