#AColorStory: New Filter +Pack with Jag Lever!!

Spooky season is in full swing, and we’re so excited to introduce this filter +pack with Rachel Iwanyszyn, AKA Jag Lever! We love seeing all of Rachel’s amazing looks she puts together on her fashion blog and her Instagram. More specifically, we love her moody + mystical vibe, and we can’t wait for you to see more!

Photo by Jag Lever, edited with Lore in #AColorStoryTwilight

Rachel’s photography focuses on a lot of desaturated tones, and we’re so excited to bring these to the app in this filter +pack! One thing that’s really neat about these filters is they preserve a lot of the brighter colors, like orange or red, for a fun color pop in an otherwise moody edit.

Photo by Jag Lever, edited using Fable in #AColorstoryTwilight

These filters lean warm + grey, and many of the green tones shift toward evergreen or olive tones rather than bright, kelly green. We love this aspect of Twilight, and we feel that it has a really cool, fashion-forward feel!

Photo by Jag Lever, edited using Howl in #AColorStoryTwilight

We’re less than a week out from Halloween, and we can’t wait to use the Twilight filter +pack to capture it all! ACS+ users will receive this pack FREE with your subscription—no trick, just a treat! When you use the Twilight pack, be sure to tag us using #AColorStoryTwilight, so we can see all of your magical memories. ✨

xo, Team ACS

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