#ACOLORSTORY: New Filter +Pack with Keiko Lynn

photo by @keikolynn, edited with Hepburn in #AColorStoryStardust

We’re so excited to share our newest A Color Story filter pack created with Keiko Lynn! I’m sure many of you already know who she is (we’ve been fangirls for years and years), but if you don’t, you have to check out her blog and Instagram feed immediately! Aside from just being an amazingly supportive internet friend to us over the years, she’s a killer photographer and total babe. She has dreamed up some of the most unique filters for A Color Story yet. This pack perfectly captures her vintage vibe by bringing out deep reds while maintaining soft and warm tones, pulling back saturation as necessary.

photo by @keikolynn, edited with Jane in #AColorStoryStardust

photo by @keikolynn, edited with Diana in #AColorStoryStardust

This pack is perfect for winter scenes, fashion photography, and faces, though those are not the only photos it’s good for. These filters capture a bold and moody feel to any type of photo without being too intense. It’s our moodiest filter +pack so far and we’re obsessed!

photo by @keikolynn, edited with Bardot in #AColorStoryStardust

We also love that the names of the filters are inspired by timeless women in Hollywood, including Lucille Ball, Jean Shrimpton, and Audrey Hepburn.

photo by @keikolynn, edited with Billie in #AColorStoryStardust

This filter pack includes 13 filters that are available in the A Color Story app now! If you use the filters, be sure to tag #AColorStoryStardust so we can see your photos and feature some of our favorites on @acolorstory!

Credits//Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Keiko Lynn, edited with A Color Story.

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