#AColorStory: New Filter +Pack with Liz Marie Galvan!

Hello!! We’re excited to begin the new year with fresh filters for A Color Story created with Liz Marie Galvan! If you follow Liz’s blog or have read her book, Cozy White Cottage, you know how inspiring Liz’s space and style are. We’re so excited to bring her look to the app with our newest filter +pack, Farmhouse.

Photo by Liz Marie Galvan, edited with Vintage Mirrors in #AColorStoryFarmhouse

We absolutely adore scrolling Liz’s Instagram and admiring her beautiful home! Her style manages to be modern with the perfect amount of vintage charm, and she’s a talented interior designer with a wonderfully curated space. We love how her vibe is clean and bright while still inviting, and Farmhouse brings these tones to life perfectly in A Color Story!

Photo by Liz Marie Galvan, edited with Green House in #AColorStoryFarmhouse

If you have white walls in your home, you may be familiar with how different they can look depending on the time of day and how the sun’s shining in. One thing we love about Farmhouse is the diversity of whites in these filters—some lean more warm, some lean cooler, and some are even more faded, so you can use multiple filters within Farmhouse to achieve very different looks.

Photo by Liz Marie Galvan, edited with Bread Boards in #AColorStoryFarmhouse

Farmhouse is full of 15 filters perfect for still moments, white walls, and shiplap, and we can’t wait to see what you do with this filter +pack! And in case you missed our last update, we’re on A Color Story 4.0 now—so if it’s been a little bit since you updated, there are lots of goodies to explore within the app. We’d love to see your creations from this filter +pack in the hashtag #AColorStoryFarmhouse, and we’ll be sure to share some of our favorites!

xo, Team ACS

  • To say that Liz’s design eye perfectly fuses modern moda with vintage charm hits the nail on the head.

    I think the key is the white, it’d be hard to pull that off when adding many colors.

    Even the “worn down” edges of furniture add to the look, it’s unique and very cute. I’d like a part of my home designed like this, but I know it’ll never happen.

    Hubby likes things to stay the same, FOR-EV-ERRR….

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