#AColorStory: New Filter Pack with Noelle Downing!!

Hi friends! We just launched a filter +pack on the A Color Story app that we’re excited to share with you! For this filter pack, we got to work with the amazing Noelle Downing (@noelledowning on Insta!) and we love the theme she wanted to go with for the filters: I AM. This pack is centered around Noelle’s main message on Instagram which is about body positivity and empowerment.

photo by Noelle Downing, edited with Queen in #AColorStoryIAm

photo by Noelle Downing, edited with Worthy in #AColorStoryIAm

The filters are named to go along with the title, I AM. So when you read through the filter names, they read like this: I AM Strong, I AM Worthy, I AM Thriving, etc. So good!

photo by Noelle Downing, edited with Thriving in #AColorStoryIAm

Not only do we love the theme of the pack, but the filters are gorgeous! They push contrast and boost the blues and oranges to create a look that works for all types of photos!

photo by Noelle Downing, edited with Strong in #AColorStoryIAm

I AM includes eight filters and is now available in the A Color Story app! You can download it for FREE if you’re subscribed to ACS+. Once you use the pack, be sure to use #AColorStoryIAm so we can see your edits!

P.S. Did you know that A Color Story now has tutorials on their website!?!? We’ve heard your photo editing questions and we’ve created this space to help you learn everything you need to know about our app! There are new tutorials always being added (including one about I AM!) and we would love to hear what tutorials you might want to see next. So leave us a comment if you’ve got any questions! xo. Team ACS

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