#AColorStory: New Filters Inspired by Film Photography!!

Have you ever taken photos with a film camera?? Our newest filter +pack in A Color Story features all of the best colors from film! Analog contains 15 stylized filters that are inspired by our favorite film stocks, and it gives such a fun, unique vibe to your photos. Let’s take a look!

The above photo was edited with the filter Pro 400, and we absolutely love how the subtle grain shows up on the parts of the photo that are out of focus. This filter is perfect for both brightening an image and giving it that dreamy, vintage touch.

This one was edited with Cinematic 800, and it brings out the blues for a really dramatic edit. With this filter +pack, we’re leaning into some of the more candid photos on our camera roll to get the full film-like effect. Since you have less “tries” (often, one take!) to get the perfect shot on film, some of our favorite film photos have a little blur or a unique composition. It makes the photos all about the memory, and we love bringing those edits into the app.

The photo above is another example of what we’re talking about—this was edited with Flash Disposable, and this particular filter adds these incredible tones and a blur that you’ll often get from disposable cameras. These filters work wonders on flash photos, as you can see above!

We can’t wait to see your digital photos with an analog edit, and you can share them with us on Instagram using the hashtag #AColorStoryAnalog. Thanks for letting us share about these new, fun filters!

xo, Team ACS

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