Add Some Summer To Your Bar Cart!

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Is there anything better than a beautiful summer day and a delicious summer cocktail to go with it? Whether you are beachside with a pina colada or at a backyard BBQ sipping on a margarita, summer weather and flavors really bring out the best in what your bar cart can offer. Take advantage of the season and add some summer flair (or just some pretty items in general) to your entertaining stash with these fun finds. Flamingo ice cubes or cactus shot glasses? Yes, please! And a rum punch is just begging to be served out of that tiki glass (with a bamboo straw, of course). Don’t forget to snag some cute cocktail skewers to add a sliced fruit garnish to your drink, and those palm or fruit coasters are the perfect place to set your fruity concoctions. Whether you are scooping ice out of your pineapple ice bucket or handing out a beach ball napkin (so cute!), you’ll be living that summer cocktail life in style!

  • Yes, yes, YES! So colorful and fun!

    x Silje

  • Great choice
    The Pink Pineapple
    New post:

  • Ugh these are all so good! I already have the ice bucket and pineapple tumbler so just need to add all of the other pieces 😉

  • And my flamingo obsession is just getting worse and worse with every post of yours… 🙂

  • I’m definitely in love with that bar tool set, it looks so pricey and cool!

  • Number 19 is definitely my favorite. It’s great to have all the tools you need in one place, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re very appealing to the eye 😉 I could totally see my sis drinking from the pineapple!

    Nicolette |

  • Lots of cute stuff. I need some for my bar.

    Who Let the Mum Out?

  • I love anything and everything gold and marble! These additions will be so cute in the kitchen!

  • I love the flamingo and pineapple accessories. They’re so cute!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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