How to Infuse Vodka

Adventures in Infused VodkaAdventures in Infused Vodka Infusing liquors is something I've wanted to try for a while now. With two holiday parties coming up (plus New Years Eve!) it seemed like a great time to try some recipes. This is my first try, so I have zero expectations… I see this whole process as a fun experiment! 

I read this article and then basically just bought a bunch of vodka, jars and ingredients that we thought sounded fun. I'll be sure to update you in a week or so with the results of our little experiment with which flavors we enjoyed most! 

Mint Infused VodkaWe tried eleven flavors in this first batch (don't laugh!) including raspberry, green apple, pomegranate, ginger, lavender, cucumber, basil, jalapeno (we want to try elise's recipe), pear, grapefruit and mint. Plus a few mixed batches. So fun! 

Infused Vodka Labels- just kraft paper and stamps!Oh yes, and I couldn't resist the urge to label everything. I just used kraft paper and letter stamps to keep things straight. Most of them would be easy enough to recognize without labels but a few (mint vs. basil and apple vs. pear) really needed these labels. 

Anyway… just wanted to share this fun weekend project. Most of these flavors will be ready within 72 hours, but we read that the ginger may take up to a week. In a couple days we will test them to decide which ones are ready and which need more time to infuse. If you have any tips or flavors you've loved, let us know! xo. elsie 

  • This is an amazing idea. Definitely going to try this very soon, so handy for cocktails. Yum!

  • I’ve been infusing liquor for a while now and I have SUCH a great time with it! I love using seasonal ingredients to make festive drinks. 🙂
    Plus….. everyone adores these as gifts.

  • I saw food networks Alton Brown filter his cheap vodka threw a britta filter a few time. I guess that is the only real difference between the basic and more expensive vodka. Maybe it could help your vodka be more crisp flavor if you filtered it a few times before you infused it!

  • I made skittle infused vodka this week! it turned out great – and the vodka turned into these really bright colors! i loved it!

  • I’ve made apple & cinnamon vodka and ginger & cardamom, both really good – and making limoncello at the mo, lemon, vodka, and sugar syrup…

  • .. and I’ll be eagerly waiting to hear about your favorites !!!


  • I just tried cake flavored vodka for the first time (lord knows how you infuse vodka with cake, haha) and it was soooo good. ;p

  • Love this idea, I probably would’ve gone for 11 flavors too! I’ve been wanting to make homemade limoncello and other infused alcohol but never got around to it. Great inspiration 🙂

    Strive to Thrive,

  • I need to try this! My friend Tiffany has been doing a blog on infusions ( a little while and Ive yet to try any of ’em. There’s so many possibilities! Now I got a little more inspired to go for it!

  • We made chilli vodka and bacon vodka the a few months ago and I have to say… amazing. xx

  • i was in chicago once and my bestie there has a husband who is a mixologist (i believe that’s the term) anyway i had a cucumber infused vodka and i still dream about that drink years later lol. i never thought of trying my own! please keep us updated…we are having a feb party and i want to try!!!

  • I’ve had exactly the same idea, from the same article ! I’m currently trying ginger, hot chili and Arlequin (sweet) vodkas. Now I regret I didn’t have enough to try mint, it could be awesome !

  • You can make brandy in a very similar way (it just takes some sugar and a lot more time to stew.) We make peach, plum and apple brandy all the time. (And had a disastrous experience with the coffee brandy. Talk about a punch to the taste buds.) I’d be happy to share the process more in depth if you’re ever interested! (I’m in the SGF area.) Good luck with the vodka!

  • My friends and I have vodka tasting parties where we sample different vodkas (in moderation, of course) so I can’t wait to share this idea.

  • I keep meaning to do this. I really want to do a batch with jalepenos since it would be so good for bloody marys!

  • I’m not really a big drinker but these look so delicious! I can’t wait to hear how they turn out in a week!

  • So pretty! I love that they’re in mason jars with cute labeling! Such a great gift!


  • I just love your blog it is really inspiring! It makes me want to redo my room all the time!

  • need to try some of these flavors on my next go around! i did this a few months back and it turned out incredible! tried flavors like vanilla/date and garlic/dill/peppercorn. so much fun..

  • yay! the raspberries and strawberries from the bushes in my yard end up going into several 5ths of vodka every summer… raspberry vinegar with some garlic and olive oil makes great salad dressing, too. now i’m looking around to see what’s in the garden this time of year… rosemary vodka? hmm… nasturtium?

  • I can’t wait to try this! I had the best cocktail on my birthday, it had Thai chili infused vodka, mango, orange juice, and citrus. It was sweet and spicy and delicious. I have been really wanting to make Thai chili infused vodka, and your ideas sound so good too, especially the pomegranate and basil ones!

  • This is something I’ve always wanted to try (plus I can’t resist the artsy look of the jars). I bet the raspberry comes out great.

  • So exciting to see how these infused volka will turn out! Meanwhile, they make really pretty display too!

    Fang Ting

  • Pomegranate and mint flavoured vodka sounds amazing! xo

  • I’ve been wanting to try this too! How long are they good for? It seems like the vodka would keep everything preserved, but then again you are using fruit…

  • not only do these taste good, they look cute too. I once had japanese plume (ume/umeboshi) infused gin, it was divine and totally worth trying.

  • We’ve been doing rum infused with fruit the last few years, which I love. Four parts fruit to one part sugar, amber rum to cover (a mix of raspberries, strawberries and cherries is my favourite). It’s what’s known as rumtopf in germany, although most recipes I’ve seen make it much sweeter, which would be too much for me.

    We make it in the summer when the fruit is at its peak and start drinking it now. SO good, and it makes a great gift if you can bear to give it away. We did infused vodkas and gins too the first couple years. Montemorency cherries (the yellow kind) made a great vodka, also four parts fruit to one sugar. If you think of it this summer when the fruit is at its peak I recommend it! At least for me, when it’s snowing outside there’s nothing better. It makes a great sipping drink straight (in very small glasses 😉 or you can have it over ice cream or make mixed drinks with the fresh citrus we get in the winter.

  • The idea ist amazing :)!
    Please let us know what the most delicious liquor is :)!
    XOXO <3

  • Such a clever idea. I’,m really keen on making the gren apple and the pomegranate!

  • Wow so nice !
    Have a look at my christmas wishlist, now on my blog :

  • It sounds weird, but tomato infused vodka is really good! I’ve had it in a martini that also had pepper and basil and it tastes just like a garden 🙂

  • I have made this before using Musk flavoured candies. (In Australia, we call them “musk sticks”). For some reason, I have this association between Musk and Christmas that no-one can explain to me! Think I’ll start brewing some now.. but keep us updated with how yours turn out!

  • They look fab! I made some raspberry gin a couple of months ago, it’s been brewing since then & now it’s ready to strain and pop into bottles for presents… My mum gave me the recipe & it’s so delicious!! Love the idea of labelling the jars 🙂 x

  • I’ve never heard of doing that! I’m excited to see how it turns out!

  • haha, I kept thinking the first jar was salmon – then figured out it was the grapefruit….! might be interesting tho.

  • I don’t even drink really, but this post almost makes me want to. Especially ALL the fruity ones. I look forward to hearing how these turn out

  • This is fantastic! I attended a holiday party last year, where we had rosemary & thyme-infused vodka – DELICIOUS! This may have to be my first foray into ‘crafting’ 🙂


  • I was inspired to try this a while ago after trying some infused vodka in Edinburgh. The only one I’ve made so far is Rhuodka (rhubarb and vodka) but I’m gonna leave it until our christmas party to try it out 🙂

  • I heard somewhere that if you add juniper berries to vodka and let it sit it becomes gin, just an idea for next time.

  • I bought some cinnamon sticks the other day expressly to make cinnamon infused vodka! One of my friends put it in cider this fall…yum!

  • Pineapple infusions are amazing and can be made into a fantastic “pineapple upside down cake” with a splash of vanilla vodka and cherries. Its also good with sprite.

  • Pomegranate infused vodka sounds like something out of a dream. Definitely let us know how this ends up coming out! I’m so excited. 🙂

  • No way, that looks way too awesome, and looks like the cutest of decorations to have for just a little while in the kitchen. ;p

  • Hi- I ordered these stamps from etsy. Just search letter stamps under “supplies” & you’ll find some! Xo!!

  • Oh, I like the minimalist look of the labels with the letter stamps. Where are those stamps from? I did some looking into them awhile back but couldn’t find any sets whose fonts I liked.

  • I love infusing vodkas. I have blogged about some of my favourites including Blackberry Vodka, Raspberry Vodka, Toffee Vodka, Mashmallow Vodka and most recently, Limoncello.

    I’ll only post one link or it’ll look a bit spammy, but check out my other recipes if you’re interested. Enjoy your vodka!


  • Blood oranges are almost in season; I try to do a batch each year. It comes out in the loveliest shade of pink 🙂

  • I tried this with fig and it was incredible. I served it with club soda and a brown sugar simple syrup!

  • I may have to try this in a few years. haha. They look cute though.

    xoxo Aimee

  • This is so cool! Definitely going to try this once the new year rolls around and I have a little more time.

  • I am so doing this! I recently started to infuse lemons and cucumber water in a closed top pitcher in our fridge and OMG so yummy!!! I told my husband next I was going to try a berry infusion water! But I am part Russian and do LOVE Vodka!


  • It’s summer where I am so for Christmas we like to get a large watermelon and screw the bottle of vodka in and then let it infuse. Delicious”

  • Wow this looks awesome, might have to try this myself!


  • I love all your cocktail posts and have been on the lookout for flavoured bitters since your cocktail cart post! These look fab…but I was expecting a vanilla one there for sure. The labels are gorgeous. You always finish things off so beautifully.

  • What a fun idea! And they look great as a decoration also!

  • Wow the raspberry looks so good! But I bet the green apple tastes the nicest! Really pretty labels too 🙂

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • What a great idea. I saw something like this not too long ago on pinterest and I really wanted to give it a go. I love the idea of trying lots of different flavors. Let us know how it turns out!

  • These look amazing! Can’t wait to hear how they turn out 🙂

  • My friend made some delicious blueberry-infused vodka for Christmas presents last year, it was amazing for light fruity cocktails! Yours look delicious as well!!

  • My roomies and I have been experimenting with infused vodkas a lot this year and we’ve come up with some amaazing flavors! Apple lavender is my absolute favorite, and ginger pomegranate was a close second. We usually let them sit for about a month but I’m not sure if we’re just overdoing it. 🙂

    Ps I’m sure you have amazing drink recipe ideas but we’ve found that they’re really great mixed with different flavors of Izze sodas and ginger ale!

  • There is no better combination than vodka and grapefruit. Well, maybe cranberry infused vodka would be good. Who am I kidding?!? Vodka is good with most anything 🙂 I’m excited to see how your infusions turn out!

  • When they’re in season–strawberries! I made some once and it was so sweet and lovely. It hardly tasted like alcohol!

  • Oh Lordy I love cucumber everything. I’m def adding this to my list! Also they are nice displays as it goes through the process!


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