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Mr. Larson and I finally finished up our wedding registries today! I have to admit, we were a little intimidated to do registry being the vintage lovers that we are. We were nervous that we wouldn't know what to pick out. We wanted to make sure to preserve the vintage 'feel' in our home… if that makes sense. It was lots and lots of fun! I thought I'd share a few favorite things we picked out, just for fun…


We started off with the basic spots (as requested by family!) like Macy's, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. My favorite things we picked out were the pear green kitchen aid appliances… oh and the heart shaped waffle maker! and did you know that we both love simple vanilla scented candles… yum! 


A friend suggested creating an Anthropologie wishlist. Best idea ever. This was my favorite 'registry' to create (maybe because it's my favorite store ever). They have so many pretty things! ♥ 


and oh my goodness! we were beyond excited when we found out that our favorite vintage housewares shop, Funtiques, was offering registry options! We went in today and registered for the dreamiest couch and chair plus pink deer lamps with fiberglass shades and lots of cute vintage luggage. FUN! 

  • These are all very beautiful, I like very much

  • GAH! I would KILL for one of those KitchenAid mixers! Kill! Maybe I should just find a fiance and get engaged instead? Yes…

  • my husband and i registered for those nesting bowls – i love the colors and use them everyday!

  • THE BEST part is yet to come!!! RECEIVING all the gifts you picked out! I have a couple months to wait myself, until my shower – it’s torture!

    xo, Lorna

  • I love love love your headpiece in the first image.
    Oh and I too am pining for that green mixer!

  • I had NO idea Kitchenaid made a stand mixer THAT color. AMAZING!!

  • Our wedding is in December and every time I go in Anthro I think “I wish I could register here!” Maybe I will after all : )

  • i have that mixer in that exact color and those bowls! you will love them! registering for gifts sounds so fun!

  • I bought the bedding and sheets (same ones you showed there) and loveee them! So soft and adorable!A definite must.

  • I love your picks! I can’t wait to get engaged and go make registries with M! 🙂

  • The mixer is a definite must have on any wedding registry 🙂 I don’t have one…I suppose I’m waiting until I get married someday just so I can add it to my registry 😀 Great color!

  • I want that green mixer! I told the husband I don’t want a stand mixer unless it’s green.

  • My fiance and I had the same thoughts on our registry! We ended up using so we could put more handmade and vintage items on our registry along with the general items from Macy’s, Pottery Barn, etc. It’s worked out great so far! We got some cool stuff from Anthropologie already at our first wedding shower! 🙂

  • How fun! Registering for gifts was one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process! Reminded me a little of Christmas as a kid!

  • My vintage inspired kitchen was styled based on my grandmother’s fiesta ware collection, which sadly cannot be used because it is lead based. So I replaced it with the modern stuff in all of the colors,and I just love it to pieces! My Kitchen Aid appliances are cobalt blue, but I am loving that pear green! Makes me wish (just for a minute!) that Kitchen Aid items didn’t last forever!

    It looks like you had fun picking everything; and such an exciting time for you also! Crunch time is here, have fun!

    p.s. I wanted to make an observation regarding the random negative comments that appear from time to time. In my experience, the people that take the time to make a negative comment with the intent of hurting another person are damaged people that want to make others feel as badly as they do. Do your best to view it as another sign of your success; they would not bother if you weren’t doing enviable things.

    And have a beautiful day! xoxo, A.

  • You should register at! I know it sound a little strange, but they have such variety of products, you can find everything. Also, they have the option of shipping the gift right to your home, which saves on having to transport things if your wedding site is far from your house!

  • just a quick heads up… if you two are particular about the thread count you sleep on, the anthropologie sheets are only a 250 count. i was recently heart broken when doing my own research into those exact same sheets 🙁 to this day they are some of the most beautiful sheets i’ve ever seen, but i couldn’t justify spending the price for such low quality sheets.

    hope that was useful!

  • So much fun!!! What a smart idea for a vintage registry! I have been following your blog for years and years and its an addiction and inspiration watching your life and dreams come true! Your strength gives me strength.

    I have a question for you though, I had a garage sale this last weekend and donated a lot of what I had left at the end but my friends and I were trying to think of a new fun way to reuse VHS tapes, other than recovering them and decorating them we were a but at a loss. Any ideas?

  • Yay! Such fun. I cannot wait to see your wedding pictures and read your wedding story posts. You shouldn’t be afraid to get too weddingish on here….everyone appreciates a sweet love story!

  • We also completed our registry recently, and I put a sea foam green mixer on ours! Haha

  • I always find this fascinating as we don’t have those zappy thing in the UK…
    Usually you have a wedding list of all the things you would like and people say what they are gonna get you. you can do this through high street shops and let them organise it or you can do your own.

  • Elise, if you need any ideas for your wedding, there is a blog I found that is all about wedding planning and its full of creative DIY tutorials. Have you seen it yet? I’m sure you don’t need it, but if you want something to look at, its really cute.

  • Gotta love the Kitchenaid stand mixer. My husband actually owned one BEFORE I met him. When I saw his kitchen for the 2st time I was like OMG, this is going to work!

  • I LOVE Antropologie too! I’ve had two sets of bedding and my shower curtain, not to mention half my shirts from there! Hooray for new and exciting stuff!

  • You guys did pretty well with mainstream stores! I’m impressed! My fiance and I are using so that we aren’t restricted to choosing just a few stores – it’s a pretty cool concept.

    I hope people buy lots of things from your Anthro list for you guys! Good luck 🙂

  • We are still working on our wedding registry. It sure is a lot of fun. I was a little nervous at first too because we have a pretty well stocked kitchen. We also have a Kitchenaide on our registry. Can’t wait to make homemade pasta

  • Love the color of the mixer! I got a bright red one to match my day of the dead themed kitchen… If you like to bake, it’s a great thing to have. 🙂

  • this was one of my favorite parts of planning our wedding! yay for those registry guns!

  • This is so adorable! Free wedding gifts are the best! I think my kitchen aid was one of my favorite gifts…the color you picked is such a pretty color. I can’t wait to see how your wedding unfolds!

  • I love that photo of you two, that needs to be on some sort of thank you card…classic! Love your picks, i’ve always wanted a Kitchenaide mixer, but i don’t bake as much as should as a mommy! Good for you guys having fun with your registry and that you did it together! Have an amazing Tuesday!

  • I have that “pear” mixer! It was on our registry. 🙂 I absolutely love it!

  • All that stuff is so lovely! I love the bright yellow mixer and the blue pillow! I wish the people I had to buy wedding presents for had such cool registries!

  • Beautiful choices =) Our gift list is also headed towards a rainbow kitchen!
    LOVE your dress too =) x

  • One of my friends just got married and did a registry through Amazon where you can actually add vintage pieces from different shops like Etsy. It was amazing, I totally wish they had that when I got married. Maybe something to look into.

  • i love the bright yellow kitchenaid mixer!!

    so exciting about the vintage place doing a registry, that’s so perfect!!!

    january, x

  • Wow, this definitely looks like the most fun part of planning a wedding, it’s nice that the bride and groom get to do something together, as I know grooms often get a bit left out! I’m sure whichever items you receive will be forever precious because they were part of your wedding. Wishing you both all the luck, love, and laughter for your married life together x x

  • Look like fun! vanilla scented candles!Love them – Me & my housband do both :0)

    Have a lovly day!

  • That´s great! We´re getting married next year and here in Sweden we really miss an option like that. We only have registerfunctions in a few big shops, wich have really booring stuff, and is pretty expensive..

  • Gosh! I would loooove one of those kitchen-aids. They’re so perfect.

  • I have a yellow patissier mixer and it is the best thing I own in the kitchen. I love bright and happy in the kitchen. You still feel happy when the food is bad! 🙂
    When Ben and I did our registry it was such a fun day!
    I am so going to send you something. A gift for giving me inspiration on a daily basis.

  • i love love loved registering for wedding gifts! so much fun 🙂 my hubby kept saying he was getting dizzy but i was in heaven! hope you get all the fun stuff you wish for 🙂

  • ahhhhh I can’t wait to do this one day :o)
    I know you guys had too much FUN!


  • I could seriously spend all of my money at Anthro. LOVE that store. You two found some great stuff for your registries! I hope you get everything you wish for 🙂

    Oh, and I added you to my blog roll! I love this blog.

  • Love that mixer! And that couch at Funtiques is one of my favs. I heart it so much and it would be cool to know that it went to a wonderful vintage loving home!

  • Oh my gosh that’s so fun!! I love all of your cute wedding finds, I hope you get everything you picked! And heck yes to Anthro!! Love them! <3

  • I love that you went to Anthropologie for a registry. I didn’t even know they did that! Sounds like the perfect place to have a registry with for a house with a dreamy look 🙂

  • Ahhhh! What is that yellow/white/brown floral fabric in the bottom right photos?!? I have that EXACT same print as my living room curtains right now – what a coincidence….

  • How fun! I always forget that a bride and groom have to do wedding registries before the get married. Although, if I had it my way, guests would give us cash, and then I could do it without all the uncertainty. But still, I love the pieces you picked out, and you and your fiance must have had such a great time.

  • sounds like lots of fun!! love the things you chose!

  • That is so fun. It makes me want to get married just so I can do a registry and make wishlists, haha!

  • love love love it. I think registering was the single most fun thing throughout my whole wedding planning process. pretty much magical. congrats!

  • My parents got a heart shape waffle maker for their wedding. Those waffles made some of my best childhood memories and will be at the top of my wedding registry list someday. Oh and 30 years later, it still makes some waffle love:)
    enjoy the process! xoxo

  • love the fiesta in your registry at macy’s. i am a fiesta-a-holic. it just makes my kitchen better

  • every single time I see a kitchenaid stand mixer I get so excited… I think I am just waiting until I get married to get one! hahahah

  • aw this is so fun!!!! look so great, guys!!! love the pictures as always. you two always look like you’re having a blast 🙂

  • Awww….you guys picked some great, fun pieces….Im sure it was a blast:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  • Ahhhh…how fun! That is so awesome! That picture is adorable! Ha ha! I’m still looking for shoes…did you find any yet? Hearts, Janna Lynn

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