Adventures in Wood Burning: Dog Bowl Project

Wood Burned Dog Bowls 1Recently, I bought a wood burning kit and I've been experimenting with different techniques! I thrifted some wood bowls recently. These easy doggie bowls were a good first project. Here's what I did… 

Wood burning DIY1. Supplies: Wooden bowls, wood burning tool, letter stickers. 2. Begin by applying stickers to the outside of the bowl. Be very careful, making sure they line up perfectly. 3. Next, begin tracing the stickers with the wood burner. 4. Once you've traced each letter, carefully remove the stickers. 5. Lastly, add a small period to the end of each word with the burner. 6. Remove stickers and touch up any messy lines. Note: This tool can be dangerous. Be sure to follow all directions and warning that come with your tool. 

Wood Burned Dog Bowls 2Wood Burned Dog Bowls 2Wood Burned Dog Bowls 2Stay tuned for a second wood burning project later this week! We're having so much fun playing with this new tool. XO. Emma + Kinsey

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