Adventures in Wood Burning: Dog Bowl Project

Wood Burned Dog Bowls 1Recently, I bought a wood burning kit and I've been experimenting with different techniques! I thrifted some wood bowls recently. These easy doggie bowls were a good first project. Here's what I did… 

Wood burning DIY1. Supplies: Wooden bowls, wood burning tool, letter stickers. 2. Begin by applying stickers to the outside of the bowl. Be very careful, making sure they line up perfectly. 3. Next, begin tracing the stickers with the wood burner. 4. Once you've traced each letter, carefully remove the stickers. 5. Lastly, add a small period to the end of each word with the burner. 6. Remove stickers and touch up any messy lines. Note: This tool can be dangerous. Be sure to follow all directions and warning that come with your tool. 

Wood Burned Dog Bowls 2Wood Burned Dog Bowls 2Wood Burned Dog Bowls 2Stay tuned for a second wood burning project later this week! We're having so much fun playing with this new tool. XO. Emma + Kinsey

  • So cute! I may have to pick up wood burning! So many ideas are coming to mind.
    Much love,

  • I can’t wait! I love woodburning, but alas my woodburner has been missing for years now…


  • These turned out so nice! I got a wood burner a few years back and only used it once. I’ve been thinking of whipping out lately and doing something creative with it, but I didn’t know what. If I find any cute wood bowl like this at the thrift store, I’ll totally make some for my cats! Or my friends’ cats! 😀

  • My brother and his girlfriend have a plaque with their names on it that they got there by using the wood burning technique. I’ve always admired it but never knew how to do it or what to do use the technique on.

  • Ohhhhhhhh!! *drools* those bowls are gorgeous! Maybe on my next thrifting sesh…

  • Super, all though I think my dogs eat the bowl with their food 😛

  • Gah! This is the second awesome wood burning project that I have seen in the past week, therefor I believe this is a sign that I must purchase a wood burning tool and get to work! So awesome.

  • That’s really, really cool idea! 😀

  • Oh I love this idea! It’s very unlikely that I’d buy a wood burning kit, but I definitely might try this with just paint instead

  • Wow this is so amazing i can think of tons of things to do with that wood burner tool, i loved it and this is the first time i ever heard of it, thanks for sharing!

  • Like this,
    easy and great result
    i will try

  • What a brilliant idea . Love it! You think of the best ideas to try out.

  • This is such a cute idea. My dog needs one of these!

  • These are lovely! I’ve had a tool like that in my Amazon wish list for ages! Would love to give it a try!

  • Clever! Now I can put my wood burning tool to use!

  • These bowls are awesome! I have two dogs-so we’re always on the lookout for cute customized ways to make their bowls a little more fun! I’ll definitely have to try this technique sometime! You guys never fail to make me jealous of your amazing creativity! Great post! Be sure to check out my blog @! Thanks! 🙂

  • So cute! Now I just need a dog 🙂

  • Very cool! Definitely need to invest in some cute wooden bowls for my puppy!
    xo Heather

  • That turned out really cute! 🙂

  • this is awesome! I love wood burning. If you don’t care, check out my post about visiting Red Velvet!

  • I really like these! Might have to make some new dishes for my puppy. I’ve never tried wood-burning…it looks fun!

  • Ooooo, this is so awesome! Where do you find one of these kits. Well done, and I loved how they turned out!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  • That is so neat! I had a wood-burning tool when I was a teen and sure wish I had held onto it.


  • I received a wood burning kit as a present when I was a kid and it was one of the best things ever! I spent hours and hours working on projects. So fun to see it here!

  • This is so cute!
    I linked this post to my blog as well 🙂
    Love yo girls!

  • This is so cool! I might be incredible out of the loop here, but I didn’t even know something like this existed 😛 Where did you get the wood burning kit from?

  • Great DIY! I can’t wait to do this.

  • This is such a cute idea! I want to do this for my dog.

  • They look great! I would love to do something like woodburning. It just adds so much more possibility to the things I could make! Also, your pug is sooo cute!

  • These are too cute! Wow what a lovely project and they turned out so cute. Love this.

  • They are really cute buuuut wood bowls aren’t really usually recommended for pets since they’re hard to actually get as clean as they should be. This is why most pet bowls sold are stainless steel or ceramic as they can withstand high temperatures without damage. I would probably put stainless steel bowls inset because make a cute outer bowl.

  • Those are cute! I haven’t done wood burning since high school, I’m going to have to save this for when we finally get a dog!

  • Oh I love wood burning, but never thought of doing a how to for it– great idea!

  • Awesome! If these were for a kitty, I would totally make three: EAT, DRINK, BE MERRY. The last one, of course, being for catnip! 😉

  • This is awesome. Dog bowls seem like the perfect starter project, I’d love to try this out!

  • they are super cute… where can I find this tool?

  • This is so cute, I used to have an eggcup with my name on it that was made at a craft fair, it was my favourite possession for ages…it makes me sad that I can’t find it now.

    I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  • I’d love to make this for my dog-owning friends! It is really cute.

  • This is so cool! I can’t wait to try.

    Amanda Rose

  • That is such a great idea! That would so spice up my kitchen and my dog would LOVE IT !:)

  • I love these bowls! I’m tempted to make them even though I don’t have a dog! There are so many possibilities for this technique. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with another similar project. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Aw, this is cute! I’ve been wanting a wood burning tool for a while. The look they give is so neat!

  • I love this idea! I had no idea that things like wood burners existed! It’s definitely going on my “need-to-buy” list 😉

  • every time I have money in my paypal account I start eyeing up peculiar things like wood burners on ebay. These look really cool-might have to give into temptation next time!

  • This is awesome! My dad has one of these and I’ve seen so many awesome projects, but I’ve been intimidated, haha. I think I might try and give it a go! 🙂

    Have a great day!


    neha made

  • I love this! I actually just saw a wood burner today at Joann’s and told my husband we should get it (of course we didn’t!) Now I’m going to have to get back. I need to make these!

  • Ohh love this! You could do so much. Awesome signs and decor, even furniture!

  • For a second I thought that this is so stupid, dogs can’t read! Then I realised that it’s the humans who fill the bowls. LOL, I’m feeling so stupid right now 😀

  • Holy calzone! Sooo cute! Anybody know where I can buy similar bowls new? I thrift all kinds of wooden bowls, but I’ve never seen any with those nice, straight sides.

  • You can do so many great things with a wood burner, like decorating trays or picture frames. These bowls you made look great!

  • The bowls look fantastic! Wood is such a wonderful material to work with, thanks for sharing!

  • Woo hoo! First person to comment! Also such a great idea and I love the wood!

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