Adventures in Wood Burning: Salad Bowl Project

DIY Salad BowlEarlier this week we shared our first adventure in wood burning. After that project I wanted to try a second version by adding color. I chose a basic ethnic print for my shapes, but you can try any shape you like. Here's what I did…IMG_4726Supplies: 1. Wood Burning Tool 2. Contact Paper (clear or otherwise) 3. Wood dish 4. All surface acrylic paint. You can also use indoor/outdoor paint from the craft section. 5. Paint brush 6. Permanent Pen 7. ScissorsSalad bowl stencil how-toFirst you'll need to make stencils. 1. You'll need contact paper, a pen and scissors to make your stencils. 2. Cut out a small square and fold it in half.Then, draw the shape of a boxy style pyramid. 4. Cut out your shape. You can also make smaller shapes like triangles and squares to use inside your shape, or between shapes. 4. Adhere the stencil to the outside of the bowl. Make sure to measure out the distance between each stencil so that they pattern won't run into each other once you make it all the way around. Note: I outlined the shape in step 4 so that it would be more visible to you. Salad bowl burning how-toNext, burn. Slowly trace the outside of the stencil with the wood burner. Repeat this process all the way around the bowl. For the inside shape, remove the stencil and adhere a second, smaller stencil. Follow the instructions that come with your wood burning tool to choose attachments and follow all safety instructions. Add paintLast, add paint. Fill each shape with two coats of acrylic paint. Allow dry time between each coat. DIY Navajo Print Salad BowlDIY Navajo Print Salad BowlEnjoy your new custom bowl. It's perfect for making centerpieces, serving salads or holding farmers' market vegetables. Emma + Kinsey

Note: I would recommend hand washing these bowls after the paint has cured. No biggie because I handwash all my wood bowls and cutting boards already!

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