Aged Mercury Glass Ornaments

Aged Mirror Christmas BallsDIY Christmas Tree BallsWe’ve been enjoying experimenting with ornaments around here! We used this technique to create aged looking mirrored balls for our tree. I love the antique look they have! Here’s the spray paint we used.

Have you tried any crafts (via Pinterest or otherwise) this season? If you found something you tried and loved, please share! xo. elsie

  • I tried a load of diy xmas ideas i found on pinterest, and some i made up myself! you can see them here:

  • Hello! These are gorgeous, does anyone know of a stockist for this product in the UK? Or an equivalent product? I have google searched without much luck… thanks very much! x

  • DIY are always nice, but sometimes you see one and it is so perfect because it is simple and revolutionary. I see me coming : this one is simply stunning! I think it is the best christmas idea I never see!

    Olive xox

  • i like these! i’ve been making tons of decorations trying to use up ancient craft materials so i can buy new ones. i’ma brag here for a second 🙂 first, inspired by pinterest pics i made a bunting from scraps of fabric, and a wreath of homemade yarn scrap pompoms tied to the metal ring from a broken (rip) glass stock pot lid i’d saved. then, i had foam balls to use up or throw in a landfill: i glued faux fur to four of them and trimmed it short to look like furry snowballs; they are under the tree. next there was an apple using red pipecleaners cut into sections and stuck into the ball, complete with felted wool leaf and black ribbon stem, and i did a bavarian flag-wrapped ribbon & blinged-out one. to three i glued a thick white yarn and blinged them, they’re in a red and white striped pot with some rosemary sprigs on the coffee table. last were seven hot glued fabric and wire rosebuds for a topiary. i’ll use them year-round.

    i LOVE craft season. i may make more but i’m behind on my gifts :/


  • These look SO cool! I definitely have to make some of these.


  • Oh these are so pretty! I love that finish, so gorgeous!
    I tried this feather tree from Martha Stewart:
    And got some more inspiration from this tutorial:
    And then I made some of my own:
    So fun!

  • That is so pretty! It would look so nice on the tree!


  • This is so beautiful and elegant. If I had my own Christmas tree I would totally make this too. Sadly, my boyfriend and I live in a really small studio and we don’t have room for a Christmas tree!
    It sure is cosy though!

    Love, Saar

  • These ornaments came out so beautiful! I think I really need to try that paint….and on more than just ornaments after the holidays.

    My mom’s been busy making Christmas ornaments lately too…she’s been making the prettiest starburst ornaments out of paper that I just blogged about! 🙂

  • I love these!!! Ive been embracing doughcraft this season, using home made cinnamon dough has been my favourite, our house smells gorgeous 🙂

  • These look gorgeous! Does anyone know a stockist for the mirror spray in the UK, or if there is a similar product that could work for this project (I’ve done a search, but nothing coming up).

  • Neat! They will look very pretty on your tree.

    I tried something new to me that I loved and will be showing on my site tomorrow … It is origami … I made some 8 point stars to decorate gifts with. Best part about them is they can be folded down flat for mailing and then poofed up for under the tree. I’ve never done origami before and they were a bit challenging to make but lots of fun, and gave such a feeling of satisfaction when they worked out! Much like your ornaments must have. Oh, the joys of making things, right?!

  • I found this cute diy Christmas gift on pinterest:
    It’s called Rein-beers. It was really fun to make and I can’t wait to give it away!
    Happy Holidays!

  • I tried this Christmas votives DIY
    I got the inspiration from somewhere, I just can’t remember where exactly. Probably Pinterest.

  • In love with mercury glass and have been looking for a good diy version! These look great, I have seen many that have not turned out quite as well.

  • my girl friends and i just had a pinterest night and made tons of goodies (crafts and foods!!)
    i blogged about it too, sharing all the things we made. one was inspired by yall!!!
    you can see it here:

  • I am LOVE LOVE LOVING mercury glass ATM so this will be something I have to try out! I just need to find the right “canvas”…. 🙂

  • Cool technique! I have some ornaments that I was wondering what to do with. Thanks for the idea!

  • These are gorgeous! Just had a look at the link you shared, the vases are very pretty and effective!

  • I made a garland of these origami bows and twine that I hung in my studio – it’s super cute. They are great for decorating gifts too!

    Here’s the tutorial:

  • those are beautiful and would look so pretty on a white tree!

    I’ve tried a few projects from pinterest so far: the toddler felt Christmas tree, Anthro inspired pom pom ornaments and I made a spray painted branch tree. Everything came out great, but I can’t figure out how to keep my toddler from just ripping the entire felt tree off the wall, so it’s not up yet and such a shame because it’s such a cute idea 🙁 Oh bother!

    this is my next project I think:

  • What a great idea and DIY tutorial! I am obsessed with mercury glass but it always seems kinda pricey. Love this cheaper version!

    Strive to Thrive,

  • Love these!
    I’m gonna need about 5 trees to fit on all the ornaments I want to make!

  • i finally took the plunge and started pinning on pinterest. i found a sugar cookie for christmas that didn’t need rolling or cutting with a cookie cutter (that’s the worst for me haha) so i colored my dough, rolled it in balls and then snakes (think playdoh) and rolled them into pinwheels! love them and so easy. we call them christmas wheels.

  • Aww, these are so pretty and surprisingly easy! I love making ornaments. xo

  • I love that. I am trying to get my house completely painted so I can do some hand painted frames on the walls for the new year. It’s been fun trying to make this home have more of my husbands and my personality in it.

  • I sadly had to put away my glass ornaments this year from my curious 2 yo. But I did make some cute little accordian folded Christmas trees to adorn my tree this year(from BH&G mag).

  • I traditional red and green christmas ornaments (especially if I can include red and green plaid), but I have a hard time figuring out what metal tone to pair it with. I just don’t like the look of gold and brass. Silver and crome just seem to shiny. This is perfect! I love this tutorial and I think my brain just exploded with decorating ideas. Thanks for that!

  • I’m trying out a seashell Christmas tree from a picture I saw off Pinterest by Martha Stewart.. I’m excited to see how it turns out!!

    xo, Clare

  • sweet! going through my favorite old ornaments now,most of grandma betty’s mercury glass ones are so delicate..and broken! this is awesome.

  • I made these snowglobes I found via Pinterest:
    I love them so much! I wish I could find a way to make some to display throughout the year!

  • Love this!

    And does using A Beautiful Mess’ pins count? I definitely did my own version of your song scrapbook! Found here:

  • Oh I love this! Definitely saving this for a free afternoon for my tree (or even as ornament gifts!)

    I made Anthropologie inspired votives from Pinterest with a friend one day:

  • I made my own stockings this year! I think it is more special to make your own holiday decorations.

  • Love these! I just love the felt gingerbread men ornaments where it looks like they had a bite taken out! So cute:)

    I’m having a HUGE giveaway!!!…..

  • Oh, these are cool! I’ve been meaning to take on some christmas craft projects, I just haven’t found the time yet!

  • I painted a super easy Christmas wall art piece this year. It took a half hour and I love it and will definitely use it in years to come!

    Love the ornaments!

  • do you know if this would work well using a gold spray paint? (even though it’s not the “looking glass” formula).


  • I love this idea! I’m definitely going to try these this weekend!

  • wow, what a beautiful technique!! really love the way this gives an old and beautiful feeling. amazed and inspired as always! 🙂

  • I made a no-sew tree skirt (and posted a tutorial on how to do it on my blog!).

    I’m not super crafty but enjoyed making it (and saving money on a tree skirt!)

  • oh wow! I’ve been wanting to make some like this…also thinking that maybe I’ll get some clear candle holder and try the same effect. Thanks for sharing! I love Pinterest 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • These are really really pretty might need to try making them for our christmas tree

  • How clever ! I’ll remember that !
    I’m customising a shirt to make the collar all glittery – tutorial online in about an hour !

  • i look like a child on christmas, and these tips of yours make me wanna jump and try everything you post here!

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