Agate Mobile DIY

I love exploring new ways to display beautiful stones around our home. There is something so magical about them, and some are even said to have healing properties. I was gifted this group of agate, and I really wanted to incorporate them into something eye-catching and special. Enter: gold craft wire and a brass hoop. Let’s get crafting!

agate stones
6″ gold/brass hoop
18-gauge gold/brass craft wire
-jewelry pliers
-fishing line
-super glue
-medium pot or bowl

To begin, grab your pretty stones and craft wire. Begin wrapping the stones with the wire. This is where you have some artistic freedom. You can either wrap them all the same way or you can switch it up. Whatever you choose, finish your wrap with a small loop at the top of your stone.

Okay, here’s where I went through a little trial and error process. I first laid the gold hoop on the ground and tied all my stones to it. It didn’t work very well because I wanted my stones to trail. When I got them all tied on, there was no cascading action. After some brainstorming and troubleshooting, I realized putting the hoop on top of a medium sized pot would allow me to measure my lengths better. Each stone is a unique size, so just measuring the length of the fishing line didn’t work very well. So, yeah… find yourself a terra cotta pot or some sort of bowl you have handy, and it will save you some time!

After the stones are all tied on, slide the string to space them evenly around the hoop. This is easiest if you have a helpful assistant like I did! Dab the top of each line with some glue. Let the glue set and trim the ends of the knots.

Grab some more of that craft wire and your jewelry pliers. Cut three straight pieces. Carefully wrap the wire ends around the hoop so they are tight but still able to slide.

Run your last piece of fishing line around the center of all three pieces of wire and hang. The goal here is to get the mobile balanced and straight. Slide each end of wire until the hoop is even. As you can see in the photos above and below, my mobile actually has a triangular gap in the center. It took a little bit of patience, but I did get it balanced!

This pretty mobile lives above our bed and is simply magical when it catches the sunlight. The disco ball doesn’t hurt either. 😉 If you have any beloved crystals or precious stones, this is a great way to display them without having to drill into them or glue them to anything permanently. Happy crafting, friends! xo. Katie

Credits // Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Katie Shelton and Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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