Aged Mercury Glass Candle Holders

Aged mercury candle holdersAged mercury candle holders DIYI love the aged mercury glass ornaments that Elsie created for Christmas this year. It's such a pretty and rustic-looking effect. I used the same tutorial to create these little candle holders. I thrifted five mismatched cocktail glasses and then got to work.Vinegar, water and mirror like spray paintHere you can kind of see the effect of this technique up close. I really love how my new candle holders turned out!How to create an aged mercury effectHappy crafting! xo. Emma

  • Hi!! I really enjoyed reading about your craft projects! I’m nominating you for a Liebster Award. Check out my post with the details and let me know if you have any questions! It’s all about new bloggers getting to know each other!

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  • I absolutely LOVE these! Pinning them now to possibly use as inspiration for my new apartment with my hubby!!

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  • I love how yours turned out! They don’t look completely silver like the ones in the other tutorial and that looks really pretty.
    It’s funny, I’ve actually been thinking about making candle holders like these into cups lately. I saw some really cute, colorful ones in the Urban Outfitters and a drug store in my town. I doubt after this treatment, they would be safe to drink from though.
    This is a really great idea!

  • Interesting! It’s cool that you thought to do something like this. It does kind of give it an old-time feel.

  • Las ideas que se proporcionan aquí voy a discutir extremadamente precioso. Resultó una sorpresa muy agradable para adquirir la anticipación después de que me desperté hoy. Están constantemente al escenario y fácil de tener en cuenta. Gracias mucho por las valiosas ideas que tienes compartidos a continuación.

  • Ahhhh I love it! Urban Outfitters has stuff like this, but it’s so expensive! This is definitely much more doable and more personal!

  • Wow! That adds so much to the glass, I love it. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Hanna

  • Wow! This is gorgeous! A must try! May give it a whirl on my brass table lamp, needs a revamp! xx

  • How many coats of paint did you use Emma? I like the subtle, transparent effect on your glasses, quite different to the opaque finish from the tutorial.


  • This is so cute! Love it!


  • Beautiful! I always enjoy your posts.
    Katie xx

  • Super cute! I have so many tea candles that could use a home 🙂


  • @Keis – Krylon, like most spray paints, loses its flammable qualities entirely once it dries. That said, we would never recommend leaving a lit candle unattended.

  • I love this effect, it’s so pretty! I am really glad I saw this as I missed the tutorial, can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  • They look so 50’s! I’m honestly loving them! I still haven’t try that technique but I definitely have to try this out, I’m a maniac for candles and these are amazing!

  • Hello 🙂
    I just love your blog and because im from Sweden and my english is not so god, i´ll hope that you get this google translate to your blog, so i can read you blog in swedish and dont have to consentrate on every word you write..

    :):):):):):) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

    // Hannele from Sweden

  • They are a really great interpretation of the tutorial. They look amazing with the candle light shining through x

  • They look really gorgeous to be around the house and to light some candles at night 🙂

    Thank you for the idea!


    (PS: If you want to check my blog and answer to the one question poll I have there, I’ll be glad to know your opinion. Thank you!)

  • WOW, such a fun and easy DIY. And it looks amazing. Looking forward to trying it on my own. Thankyou for sharing.

  • Nice and I am always to painting on that. Have a nice day.

  • They look stunning! I’ll definitely be trying to make my own in the near future!

    – Allie

  • Oh my god. I don’t know this is a possible DIY project. Thanks for sharing. Sure there will be a try this soon!

  • I love it! It looks really beautiful. We’re redecorating out flat in April so I’m looking for ideas and you guys inspire me a LOT!

  • These are so awesome! You are so creative with turning one thing into something else that still is (or that now is) very useful and handy and pretty! I love seeing what you guys come up with!

  • I have bought some of these before, but it’s so much more fun to make it! 🙂

  • Beautiful! Love this idea! I will have to keep this in mind for centerpieces!


  • Love candles and totally love this post!!

  • Is the Krylon spray paint safe for candles/fire? All I can think of is fire hazard straightaway.

  • cute idea! I like the idea for a wedding. They would make cute centerpieces!


  • Oh my goodness. I didn’t know this was a possible DIY project. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely have to try this out soon!

  • They are so beautiful. I’ve always loved this style of candles.

  • Oh yeah! I love aged mercury! I have the hardest time resisting it when I find it somewhere. It is one of my favorite things.

  • These are beautiful! such great texture.


  • Pretty! The possibilities of this tutorial are endless!!

  • These look so cool! I loved the ornaments too, but these can be used year round! I’m so excited to use this technique on something soon!!

  • Love them… really want to try it on some old mason jars for future wedding decor!

  • this is really great! I love how aged it looks! I guess I missed the ornament tutorial. I might have to try this 🙂

  • so pretty! every time you girls use that tutorial I think I need to mercury something!

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