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Aha Arts Stamps!Hi friends! I hope you are having a great Saturday. I just completed two major deadlines (yes, two deadlines the two days after Christmas- what's wrong with me??!) and I'm feeling pretty excited to have this weekend to clean house and work on creative projects! 

I wanted to share these beautiful stamps with you! My friend Ashley G. just created a new stamp shop called Aha Arts! I'm so proud of her and absolutely obsessed with the sets too. They are so offbeat, unlike anything you can find in stores! I love the geometric patterns most of all. 

I've been making cards all day. Here are a few…

Aha Arts Stamps! Aha Arts Stamps! I did a little heat embossing too. It was so much fun.

Would you guys be interested in a post about heat embossing or card making. On that note, what paper crafting or scrapbooking topics would you like to see around here. Just curious! Hope your weekend is great. xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Stamps/Aha-Arts.com

  • Yes to seeing a post on heat embossing and anything else scrapbook, card making or paper crafting!!!! Yay 🙂

  • I have been dying to try heat embossing and cardmaking. you love if you guys made a tutorial 🙂

  • Yes please! I’m new to this scrapbooking-stamping-cardmaking-PL- Smashing world and I’d love tutorials on paper crafts from you guys!

  • I absolutely LOVE the Project Life/scrapbooking posts. They are the ones that keep me coming back for more!!

  • I followed the link to purchase some stamps and I wasn’t able to-any insight? I registered and then tried to put things in my cart and then it said “your cart is empty”

  • Please please please give us a “scrapbooking 101”. I need someone to straight treat me like an idiot. I sew and paint and do everything you can imagine, but this has totally escaped me. I think many of us modern crafty girls have fallen into this trap because so much of the scrapbooking we see is old ladyish. You post cute stuff sometimes but I wouldn’t have a clue how to start.

  • yes to a post on heat embossing. I have a heat gun and some embossing powder but would love ideas.

  • Is that a Murder by Death quote I see on one of those? I knew my favorite band was from around y’all, but if y’all are fans too that would be pretty fun.

  • Aaaand I just bought 3 sets. SOMEBODY STOP ME I AM OBSESSED WITH STAMPS.

    Would love to see more regular updates of your Project Life!!

  • I love paper crafting! I hope to sell my cards one day! I have been making handmade cards for 7 years now and would love to keep learning! Please do some tutorials on paper crafting!

  • Such cute cards, and I love the use of neon. I’d love to see some tutorials on creating your own cards and stamps, and maybe with details on the types of different materials you can use- like different sorts of card stock, where to buy, etc. Sometimes I find sourcing the supplies a little tricky, and I can’t be the only one. totally not adverse to ordering online, either! Doesn’t have to be a bricks-and-mortar shop.

  • I would be interested in both a post about heat embossing and card making but especially heat embossing because I have no idea what that is. 😛

  • I’m so curious about cardmaking but I don’t know where to start! I’d love to know more about the basics, where to buy paper, the best paper cutting products, stamping, etc.

  • I’d love to see more of your Project Life spreads/process if you’re doing it in 2014. Your pages are so inspiring! I’m so so happy that you’re scrapbooking again, you inspired me to start when I was in high school and now I’m making scrapbooks for my husband and I 🙂 xo

  • Would be lovely to have some fresh ideas for beginners, I’ve always been put off paper crafting as here in England it’s a little bit twee. I would love to do a nice picture journal but the ideas in the shops are a little bit sad and tired! Xx

  • These stamps look gorgeous, I will be looking into getting some! I would love a Project Life post, with non scrapbookers, but printed photo lovers in mind.
    Happy New Year!

  • I really love Oh Happy Day’s paper projects (the large-scale party decorations, photo backdrops, etc.) and would like to see content of that nature.

  • I would be interested in a post about embossing! I used to do emboss stamping all the time when I was a kid, but that was so long ago, I’ve sorta forgotten. And maybe you could throw in some info on different ink pads? Like pigment ink pads… Do you need clear embossing powder for that ink “emboss?” Or can you just throw the heat gun to it?

    Love the cards! I really like the geometric patterns too. I feel like they would make for some very interesting backgrounds for art journaling. 😉


  • Please do a post on card making and heat embossing, I’d love to see how its all done. And I love those stamps, I want them all!!

  • Fun! I guess I’ll just reiterate what so many have commented on before me, but I’d love to see some card making ideas. I do a lot of illustrations and calligraphy on my mine, so it would be fun to get some new inspiration from my favorite DIY blog 🙂

  • It would be great to hear more about card making, and different techniques for adding detials (i.e stamps, sewing on paper etc). It would also be great to see more on how to use textures, fabrics etc to add to card making (or journal making).
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love the clear stamp/heat embossing combo! If you are like me and hate buying new equipment for every project you undertake, try using a straightening iron instead of a heat gun! Gently heat your design between the OPEN plates of your iron (don’t squish down!). It takes about a minute longer but the effect is the same x

  • I would LOVE a post about embossing and card making! I would also love to talk about inspiration for scrapbook pages (what to write or talk about), and less “typical” scrapbooking pages or techniques! Thank you so much for such great posts!

  • These stamps look super neat! I love the different ones you’ve created! I’d be super interested in tutorials concerning card-making, embossing, or letter pressing! xoxo

  • heat embossing would be super cool! I don’t even really know what that is but I sure would love to know!!! I LOVE all of the book making posts and the easy to do at home crafts 🙂

  • Hi ABM team! I am thrilled you asked. I have noted like a hundred crafty things id enjoy doing: -scrapbooking, project life, card making etc. I start only to find I don’t have what I needed and then give up. A post for beginners would be amazing. Also your opinion on must ‘tools’ to have. And top crafting tools you couldn’t go without. It would help to know what to invest more money in for the aspiring crafter and what tools and bits are more one off that would be better loaning from a friend…

  • Would love to see how to for embossing! Also if you do Project Life can you post that more too? I’m starting my first one this year and am a little bit intimidated/need design ideas!!

  • I’m interested in the clear plastic stamps like that… I wasn’t sure if it was exactly like the regular rubber stamps so I’ve avoided them…could be some silly thing I just haven’t studied up on, but I am so getting into stamps.

    I’d also love to see scrapbooking & card posts…..I recently got some smash books for Christmas and I’m slightly obsessing over them & methods to use when filling them.

  • I’d love to see this kind of thing because I would love posts on crafty things before investing! Cute cards!

  • I love anything scrapbooking-related here! Also it would be great to learn more about your paper-crafting processes (how you organize your supplies, how you go from idea to final product, etc.). Also I’m super curious about what you’re doing with all that photo printing you mentioned the other day on Instragram 🙂

  • Anything crafty is always welcome! I used to do rubber stamping, embossing, etc with my mom. Brings back lots of memories!

  • I’m with Sunday (above). Just picked up a Project Life kit but don’t know where to start. I love your kind of “everyday” books but just can’t seem to dive in! Do you pick a theme, get inspired by a photo or what?! Hoping that by scrapbooking, I’ll notice and enjoy more of the little moments in 2014. xox

  • Ohhh so cute! I’d love to see a post on keeping your supplies organized! Apartment living had done me no favors in this department & I would love to start getting some fun new things but my darling husband has put a standstill on my crafting until I can get my craft crap together! Help!

  • I’d love to see project life posts for sure. Just the creative side
    Of it. I never can find the inspiration for the fun ideas with embellishments

  • I’d love to see a post on heat embossing, and absolutely anything else paper craft/scrapbook related, since I’m obsessed. 🙂 I’d also love to see more of your Project Life layouts to get me motivated to finish this year’s book! I’m a huge fan of Ashley G and can’t wait to grab a few of these sets…

  • Yes, please! I have a the tools to do heat embossing but need more ideas. Thanks!

  • I’d love a tutorial on card making. I’d also love some tips for turning thrifted jewelery into one-of-a-kind pieces. How to take the beads from one thrifted pieces on to another, where to buy leather or chains for cheap online, just some basic ideas! I always see necklaces at fleamarkets with beads I love, but I don’t know how to begin creating something new with something that already exists. Elsie, you have such an eye for design, maybe just some tips!?

  • I would love to read a post on heat embossing – it’s something I’d love to try, but have no idea where to start. the same for scrapbooking. love your cards, ridiculously cute as ever!

  • I would love to see anything scrapbook-related here on the blog!! I think your SB-style is quite unique and it’s so inspiring to see your creative process and the results!

  • I know nothing about any kind of embossing and would very much like to know more! and also maybe some ideas on where and how to use store bought stamps, ideas for journaling, prompts…… thank you 🙂

  • Love those cards! Yes, I would love to see some cardmaking and papercrafts ideas because that’s what I do!


  • Bring on the embossing! You are so talented I would love to see your creations! I bought all of your scrapbook line “back in the day” and love your design ideas! Thanks!

  • Ooh so pretty! Well done on getting stuff done, I’m feeling strangely productive this year too, usually in the funny time between Christmas and new years I do nothing but eat, read,go on walks and look at my shiny new presents!
    I’d love a post on heat embossing, and also on how to start scrapbook/journalling or card making without buying too much. Here in the UK paper craft things are SO expensive its always put me off.

  • Yes please! I’d love to hear your tips on good journaling to go with Project Life as I feel like mine can sometimes be a bit … basic! 🙂

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