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hello there. first of all, some photos of a little project i've been working on here at my loft…. a vintage school desk! my dad painted it blue for me and i painted some monsters and ghosts on the top. i left the wood though, because i wanted to be able to read all of the charming notes and carved words left by students over the years (although, i did cover up the F word… ha!) here are a few photos…. 1234if you like documentaries as much as i do, you'll love this one. jeremy watched it last week and he said it would inspire me today. i watched it while i was painting tote bags this afternoon. it was fascinating. 

actually, i would have to say he is the most interesting person i have been introduced to since i first learned about Leonard and his beautiful mountain.   

6xo. elsie


  • I’m totally obsessed with that documentary and his music…genius!!! um…i must have the cupcake scarf!!

  • WOW!! i love the desk!! and oh my do i love those scarves! so cool. where did you find her?


    ps. thanks for your package, i got it in the mail yesterday! yay! i will frame them in my room!

  • elsie, great stuff today…those scarves are way cool…i had a desk like that when i was a kid…wonder where it is?…

    i clicked on the you tube link, jeremy’s song sounds like it should be on tv, 90210 or grey’s anatomy!…great stuff there, too!…

  • Wow ALL sorts of goodness it today’s post Elsie, where do I start? I LOVE that pic of you, the colours ar gorgeous. And that bread and butter scarf? I need to go and make some yummy hot toast (it’s raining here too on the other side of the world.

  • I recieved my package this week and I love it. I even had to go back to your shop and buy a few more goodies tonight 🙂 Also, I wanted you to know that I gave you and your man a little shout out on my blog so that all can experience the talents of you both!!! Happy Wednesday

  • wow, the pepperoni set! want it.

    and Daniel Johnston! YES. He’s amazing, huh. We have collected his music and his drawings…

    and got my halloween kit in the mail and i’m dying to dig in – thanks for all the loveliness!

  • The desk looks awesome!!! Oatmeal and Apple Cider? Whatever gets those creative juices flowing. You have accomplished so much this year Elsie.. Lots of Beautiful Art has been made. I can only imagine what it would be like to be creating with the beautiful sounds of Jeremy’s music playing downstairs. (I really am imagining that)…Anyways…Great post tonight. The scarves are beautiful. I love her hair to. And I think that picture of you is awesome, love the colors.

    The desk looks great..and I chuckled when you said you covered the F word.

    Have fun tonight!!! It’s been raining here too. Cloudy all day.

  • I watched that Devil and Daniel Johnson clip – shades of Wesley Willis don’t you think?

    Great desk. Somewhere out there is a wooden twin seat desk where two generations of 2nd graders (I was the second generation) drove a long thin hole in the top with a pencil, Like Shawshank digging himself out of a cell with a stone carving knife…

    Congrats Jeremy on a beautiful album promo.

  • I’m so flattered!


    I’m so glad you think I do your patterns justice!

    ps…. still dreaming of an underwear*loves pattern. haha.

    I’m very interested in watching that documentary! aaand that pear scarf is the most amazing! Her stuff is adorable! Not to mention her sleeve, wow!



  • Omg, your embroidery makes me so happy! I LOVE fall! And I’ve been listening to Mr. Larson’s music on YouTube….I think my fav so far is “Swim”…it gives me chills!!

    It’s rainy here today…a great day for creating! Happy Wednesday! 🙂

  • Brett rented the Daniel Johnston doc a few years ago and I kind of watched it from my craft space in the hall way. I felt really happy and really sad at the same time.

    I’ll have to read more about him to refresh the details.

    Love your inspiration finds!

  • Hi Elsie,

    I just take a few moment to tell you i just bought your boyfriend’s CD and it’s just CRAZY!!!! You both rock ! Kiss from Montreal !

  • Hey Elsie! That Daniel Johnston Documentary is awesome, I watched it with some friends a few months ago. Another awesome dvd, it will totally inspire The Work of Michel Gondry, it’s at the Library Station on Kansas. Anyway, nice job with the desk. 🙂 xo

  • That desk is so darn cute. I love the art work you put on it! Congrats to Jeremy! Beautiful picture Brittany took!!

  • There’s a thrift store here (Las Cruces, NM) that has all sorts of old school desks piled outside behind it. They sell them for $5 a pop. I’ve thought about getting some, but I haven’t really felt inspired to clean them up and find a space for them, but your pictures are making me think I really should.

    That cozy corner nook is the PERFECT place for that desk. It looks amazing, like something out of a home decor magazine.


  • That school desk is such a great addition to your loft!! You are such an inspriring person, and then to think that I got to meet you and Mr. Larson, all in one day makes me sWoOn with de-lite! You two have such creative spirit, it oozes and flows over into both of your inner artist expressions! Thanks for the accidental meeting on Saturday. I’m glad that I took the chance of going out of my way, and look what I got,…a whole new perspective, a new outfit from Jacquelines, a place(Big Mommas House)to have the best Latte and Yogurt Parfait, along with the excitement of meeting my favorite artist and…and…all the inspiration you have given me, and, well, I can’t wait to get your autumn kit! You’re the greatest!! YOu made it the best Saturday ever!!

  • I love that chick lol she is the cutest and I love her cute lil sleeve… it makes me want to get tattoodles lol

    and your desk to die for… totally adorable!

    question: what time is the chat on Oct 14th? I might be slow and missed it somewhere lol

  • Hey, Elsie! I don’t if you even feel comfortable answering this question, or if it’s a big secret or whatnot, but I was curious on how your digitally-colored prints look so smooth? The outline looks great, and I was wondering if you draw by hand and scan it in, or if you have a pen and tablet. I’d really like to make prints for my cousin who’s expecting in a couple of months, and I want them to look really good. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

  • That girl is soooo adorable! I love her fruity stuff! I wonder if she scraps, I bet that would be cute 🙂

    Your desk is fab!

  • I love that this desk is right next to a window. your added artwork is sooo cute. I love all of the wood!!

  • Elsie,

    Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about the process, and I appreciate that your friends also joined in with the fun. I love the pictures of your loft and work space. All of this is very inspiring.

  • Hi Elsie, I was just wondering did you use normal acrylic paint on your desk or did you have to use emulision or something, Danz x

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