An Abstract Painting Anyone Can Make!

Abstract painting that anyone can make! abeautifulmess.comRecently, I've been in the market for wall art. I mean, really it's an ongoing thing. I still have SO many undecorated walls, nooks and even rooms in our home—even though we've been here a whole year! Plus- I like to swap art often. I love change! For all of these reasons, DIY art is a must. It's so easy to customize a space and get that exact piece you are envisioning without hours (hmm, or weeks or months… sigh) of shopping and searching for the perfect solution! 

I love abstract art. Our mom is an artist and we're lucky enough to get to "borrow" gorgeous pieces from her collection all the time. For years she tried to coach me on making abstract paintings, but I could never get the hang of it. I would get so frustrated with myself. For the longest time I just could not make one that I liked. I would paint over them every single time. Then eventually I found some styles that worked for me and I started to really enjoy the process! (Thanks, Mom!) 

Today I want to share a simple abstract-ish painting that anyone can make. Just choose colors that you love and go for it!Abstract painting that anyone can make! Choosing colors: Choose four or more colors to mix and match that fit your style and your home. Acrylic paints are a great choice for your first big painting. :) 

Abstract painting that anyone can make!  Mixing Colors: Mixing up the perfect shades is my favorite part! Spend as much time as you need creating the perfect tones!Abstract painting steps1. Add little "dabs" spaces evenly around your painting. Use a damp paintbrush to create a long, vertical line in each spot. 3. On the outer edges of each line, expand the shape in a pattern that gets smaller with each stroke. 4. This is how the shapes should look for the first paint color. They should cover the entire canvas, even covering over and around the edges. Allow your paint to dry completely between each color. 

Abstract painting that anyone can make!   Next, add smaller messy shapes in a second color. They can be slightly more irregular than the first set of shapes.Abstract painting that anyone can make!    Add a few more colors of small shapes (see the light and dark blue colors here) then add some detail within the largest shapes in a coordinating color (see the darker orange). 

It really is that easy! After you painting is completely dry, take it outside and seal it with an acrylic sealing spray. Don't forget to sign and date it at the end. 🙂Abstract painting that anyone can make!     Abstract painting that anyone can make!     Are you feeling up to the challenge? I would LOVE to see your paintings, so please leave me a link in the comments or instagram me if you make one! xo. Elsie 

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