An Instant Dose Of Happy!

We made scarves!Emma and I love printed scarves. We've collected vintage silk scarves for years. They're the perfect classic accessory for all seasons with endless styling possibilities. So one day we were shopping for supplies for another project and I saw these plain white cotton bandannas. Light bulb! "We should totally print some scarves!" So here's what we came up with- 

How to make a simple stamped scarfFirst up, a patterned scarf stamped with the word pretty. I wrote the word in my handwriting, adding a thicker line than usual. We cut this out of craft foam and adhered it a piece of cardboard to make a simple stamp. Don't forget to glue it on backwards! Then we used the stamp to print this scarf. I love the simple, graphic design. 

How to make a simple stripe scarfNext, we used tape to mask off a simple stripe design. We painted random, rainbow colors between each line of tape. The result is an evenly spaced, simple stripe design. 

A just-for-fun craft!Ta-da! There are so many possibilities for simple, custom designs. What would you print on your scarf? xo. Elsie + Emma

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