An Urban Outfitters Interview (& other book stuff!)

Emma and Elsie from A Beautiful MessEmma and Elsie from A Beautiful MessIf you follow me on instagram, we might have seen that we did our first book signing ever at Urban Outfitters in Nashville this past weekend. It was a TON of fun (photos coming soon!) and I have to admit that I'm still pinching myself that UO is carrying our book! It was so fun to see it sitting there on the shelf. :) 

Anyway! We did an interview with UO about tips for instagram photos. You can read it here. We also have a Daily Candy interview up today

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported our first book. It's been quite an adventure, and we're so incredibly grateful! On that topic, if we were to share a few more photography/photoshop tutorials here on ABM this season what would you be interested in learning about? xo. Elsie 

Photos by Ryan Strong. 

  • OH MY GOODNESS! Congratulations you two beautiful sisters! Also Elsie, you are just SO beautiful – you exude so much goodness. Love you lady.

  • please keep the photography tutorials coming…i love y’alls pics 🙂

  • Hey girls. Congrats on the book. I had my copy this week!

    For photo tutorials, I second the comments for tips on choosing and setting DSLR (automatic vs. manual mode), and I add: how to choose lenses, how to photograph landscapes and interiors, how to use light… There’s so much to cover. Maybe you could create a photography course too?

    Photoshop tutorials: How to create/use actions… Maybe some ABM actions to download?
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Are you committed to doing Photoshop tutorials specifically? It would be awesome to have tips/tricks for one of the big, free Photoshop-esque programs for those of us whose bosses haven’t given us raises since 2010 😉 #recessionbloggers


  • Love the interview! And goodness, I hate the Kelvin filter on Instagram too!


  • Hi Elsie and Emma,

    Nice post – love the interview on Daily Candy!

    I have had your book for about ten days now, I love to look it over in the evening’s and learn more about photography – it’s a fab book and I def recommend it to all! (I actually have not bought a “book” for awhile as everything is purchased through kindle, but sometimes you have to have the actual copy in your hands!!)

    Congrats on all your success.

  • Congrats on all your success! There’s an Urban Outfitters near where I live (finally moved to a town that has one! Yay!) and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for your book!

    I’m saving up for (amongst many many other things) a DSLR camera and any tips you can think of to share are CRAZY appreciated! I think there are a lot of total beginners like me out there who would love to learn some real basics!

  • i want your book so bad! definitely on my wish list 😀


  • Your book arrived on my doorstep today! So excited to start reading!

    Love from England!


  • I souks really love to learn more about how to photograph a DIY projects for a typical DIY post! Thanks!

  • I would love to read about how to store photos as well as what essentials you bring on photoshoots.

    I love the book! I can’t get enough! Thank you!

  • Cute interview! I love that you said you hate Kelvin. Who the heck uses that one anyway? UGH!

  • Hey girls, i’m so happy for you. You worked that hard and now UO sells your book. WOW.
    I would be very interested in how your food shootings look like. Do you have a white board for light reflection, where do you take your photos (inside/outside) etc. Maybe you can show us a few “behind the scene” pictures?
    Greets from Germany, Eva

  • Wooo go girls! I’ve ordered my copy from Amazon UK but not being dispatched until October :(! Boooo!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Your book arrive ON my birthday and I’m loving it! I could really use some tips on indoor lighting!

  • Congrats on the book signing, wish you guys could make it up to Wisconsin! 🙂

    I have photoshop elements and I am clueless about how to use it. I really got it to add things like text and shapes to my photographs… also how to make simple things like an Etsy banner and blog button would be very helpful!

  • I would love to see more tips/ tricks for photographing interiors. you guys always make a space look so wonderfully welcoming.

  • I find inspiration in all your photography posts, so I’m sure I’ll find something interesting in whatever you focus on. I’d enjoy reading some basics on using DSLRs (I always just stick with the auto setting on mine) and tips for editing photos using basic software (not photoshop). Also any tips on using different angles, perspectives, or any type of “thinking outside the box” tips.

  • Hi!! Um, in relation to photography or Photoshop tutorials, (this sounds cheesy), but I would kinda like to see the process of how you draw something. Other than that, free Photoshop actions that you use would be a cool topic. Thanks!! ;D

  • I LOVE your book! It has inspired me to get back into photography! 🙂

  • It was such an honor to meet both of you that day! It was one of my favorite experiences. I will always support you in whatever you do, you’re so inspiring!!!


  • Hi there Elise and Emma,

    I just wondered if you have announced the winner of the self-portrait challenge yet and if you will be doing any other challenges on the blog?


  • Congratulations for this first book, sure there will be much more!

  • I would love it if you posted more photography tips and what not. It may sound like a silly thing, but if you would post some tips for poses from the perspective of the model and the photographer that would be lovely. Angles/perspective would be great as well.

  • I love Emma’s dress and I hope your book will appear in Dutch bookstores too (it is online already).

  • Congratulations to the both of you! I would love to see more tips about how to use a DSLR or how to edit photos for the blog. Sometimes I waste so much time doing it:)
    P.S.I have my first giveaway on the blog, so i invite everyone to sign up for it.

  • Emma and Elsie,

    Congrats on your book…you guys have worked so hard and it must feel good to see the fruits of your labor. As far as photography, I make handmade home accessories and it’s still new. I’m trying to learn about photography everyday as online photos are the first and sometimes only thing that potential customers see. What are your best tips for shooting in awkward light situations? What about backdrops and colors? Is white or ivory better as a backdrop? I’ve come to the conclusion that shooting in my house is probably not the best option. Any ideas for “set design” would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your photography ideas. It has really helped get the gears turning.

    Janet S. @

  • the buzz around the book is so fun! questions for future photo posts– framing / composition of shots, telling stories through photos, developing a unique style of photos

  • well done you two! awesome! 🙂 congratulations on that! 🙂
    and definitely we are all interested in new photography/photoshop tutorials ! bring it here!!! 🙂

  • Yes I would love more tips please! What about some tips and tutorial on creating graphics? You’ve done some great ones in your app. Also would be good to have some tips on taking photos of clothes because yours always look so good in sister style and you always look so happy. Loving your work btw. X

  • I love your book! And thanks for sharing so many tips and tricks on your blog. It’s inspiring! I’m not sure if you’ve done this before, but I was wondering if you could do a post/series about how to enhance photos taken in dark/bad lighting? I live in a part of the Northern hemisphere where evenings are dark during so many months of the year, making it really difficult to shoot indoor photos, say product stuff and interior. I always spend so much time editing photos that I’ve taken during the dark monhts, whereas the natural light in spring and summer makes it so much easier. 🙂

  • congratz <3 ah i love reading daily candy too <3
    and i also still waiting for my package to arrive …

  • Have you ever considered doing a post about Lightroom? I mean, I’ve had photoshop for 10 years and loved it, but lightroom is a lot more accessible because of it’s price point and for the most part does what you need to edit photos, unless you are swapping heads or doing a slash and smash/slice and dice on the editing room floor. Love your book, it arrived the day it came out and I spent a happy afternoon flipping through the lovely pages. Congrats to you both!

  • You two deserve all the success you’re having! I love this blog. I agree with some of the above comments, Photoshop tips would be useful. X

  • You gals rock! Keep up the inspiring dedication!
    I am especially interested in the setting you ladies typically use-such as aperature, shutter speed, etc. Also, do you know of any cheap(er) editing programs us, broke college students can use?
    Thanks a ton! 🙂

  • I’m so excited for you for your book publication!!! I am going to try and budget it for next month! I’m so curious about the little treasures I can find in there since I’ve used your blog as such a source of inspiration and ideas!! Thank you for everything!!

  • I somewhat recently got a DSLR. I’ve only shot in manual, so I guess what I’d like to hear more about the exact settings that y’all use, manual or not. I really like all the light in the photos here on ABM & that’s the style I’m looking to establish in my own photography. Love that y’all are asking what people want to know! (:

  • Congratulations! I don’t know if this counts but the handwritten wording you guys use over your photos is beautiful I’d love to learn how! Also more tips for product (things that are not people i mean) photos:3

  • Congrats! So so fun! Such a great opportunity for you both! Love it.

  • Hi! Do you ladies think you will ever offer internships? I live in the midwest, very close to you guys. Also, I would really love the opportunity to intern for you! I am a photomedia major and I love everything you ladies do!

  • Congratulations! Always wishing great things for everyone 🙂

  • I saw this on UO’s instagram! Good pictures of you two!

    Hilary x

  • I can only imagine how rad that must of felt to do a book signing at UO! So fun! I’m loving the book. I preordered and couldn’t help but skim the entire book the night I got it! You guys did an amazing job!

  • Congrats guys! I hope that my book release goes half as well as yours does!

    I’m mostly interested in lighting and adjusting it in photoshop. I still struggle with that after 6 years!

  • I love the book! I’d love to see tips/tutorials on editing and always tips on capturing everyday life are much appreciated. BTW — I’m loving Emma’s dress — where is it from?

  • I was happy to see that the Barnes & Noble where I work is carrying it. You guys rock!

  • Congratulations on your very first book signing! How exciting! I am so excited to read it!

    I’m a new owner of my very own and first DSLR camera- it would be great to learn the basic of taking photos at varying angles and how to edit them for blog purposes! Can’t wait for more tutorials!

    Simply Akshara

  • I’m starting to get more into photography and I know a bit of the basics but I would totally love Photoshop tutorials on color correction and different effects that we can do with changing the curves and such on Photoshop. Thanks!

  • I LOVE Urban Outfitters and I read your interview the other day! How can I send you mail (the idea never occurred to me before but I would love to send you something)?

    I am buying my very first DSLR so I’d love to see some more photography and editing tutorials! I’d like to learn things like histograms, taking photos for blog tutorials, and how you edit your photos on ABM. 🙂

    Kate @

  • How to use manual settings on basic DSLRs (how to focus, get pretty bokeh, etc.) and lighting, lighting, lighting. also, how do different bloggers achieve distinctive tones in their photography?

  • Yes I’d love to see a photography/photoshop tutorials on ABM.

    My husband bought me your book (isnt he nice?) and it’s a great source of inspiration. I’m about to brave the 30 day self portrait challenge. I love taking landscape photos and portrait photography is my weakness so your book has made me feel more confident.

    Lana xx

  • How to edit pictures quickly (for blog posts and such) so as not to waste valuable time. I have a 3 and a 1 yr old and can never find the time to efficiently edit my pics, therefore I don’t end up blogging as often as I’d like.

    So I’d love to know what your editing process is and if you have any shortcuts!

  • Congratulations! Good tips on the natural light front 🙂

  • congrats!!! how exciting for you guys! I’d love to learn more about successful self-portrait taking!

  • i would love to learn more tips/hints about photoshop and also general photo storage tips! like how/where do you store and keep track of all the thousands of photos you must have?! i feel like i must have only a fraction of that and i can barely keep track of mine!

  • I’m REALLY trying to get the book for my birthday or sooner. I want it soo bad.

  • I’m still waiting on my copy of the book to arrive here in Aust, but I’d love if you had more photography and photoshop posts! I’d like something on self portraits especially, and details on how you edit photos 🙂

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