Animal Headband DIY

Darling Animal Headband DIYI have myself a pretty little growing collection of animal ears headbands. Some of them are purely for dress up and a couple are for everyday wear. If you feel a little unsure about walking around sporting kitty ears on the daily, we’ll call this a DIY for dress up. If you are like me and don’t mind a couple extra glances, then you can add this to your “daily wear” pile.

Animal Headband DIYSupplies: leather (I bought a scrap bag at my local craft store for cheap!), basic metal headbands, leather glue, studs, wire, scissors. Step 1: Gather your supplies and cut your leather into strips. Step 2: Begin wrapping your leather around the headband. Spread glue inside as you go. Step 3: You will most likely be using a few different strips for wrapping, so as you continue wrapping try putting your seams where your ears will end up covering. Step 4: Wrap wire in the shape of the animal ears you prefer. Cut leather in the same shape, but larger than the wire. Add studs before gluing, if desired. Step 5: Wrap the ears around the wire and glue in back. For triangles (cat ears) you will need to make a couple of cuts to get the leather to wrap smoothly around the bottom. Step 6: Hold in place with a hair clamp until dry (optional) and repeat on the other side. Be sure to cut triangles to glue to the back of the ears to make them look nice and neat!

Animal Ears Headband DIYIf you are wanting to try the wrapped ears method, the steps are very similar. Steps 1-2: Wrap the fabric around the headband, adding studs as you go. Steps 3-4: Wrap your wire around the headband in your animal shape. Start your leather strip on the back of the headband and wrap around the ears (using glue as you go). Make sure all wire is covered.

Adorable animal headband DIY! Love this animal headband DIY!This was a fun little project I ended up finishing at the park. Whether this is an everyday look for you or a special dress-up craft, I hope you enjoy! xo. Katie

Credits // Author and Photography Katie Shelton

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