Animal Stencil Statement Pants DIY

Animal stencil jeans diyEvery closet needs a good ole pair of statement jeans. This look is great to pair with a bulky sweater for the winter months but still great for rolling into the warmer months, since we chose more of a spring time animal. Take a look below to see how we created these pants.
Bunny pants steps diySupplies: light colored jeans, fabric paint, paint brush, adhesive foam sheet, sponge brush, pen, and scissors.

1. Begin by tracing the outline of the bunny onto the foam. 2. Once you've created an outline you're happy with, cut it out and apply it to the wood block. To create a thicker stamp, repeat this process and attach two layers of the foam, extending it farther from the wood. 3. Lastly, paint a thin layer onto the stamp and begin applying it to the pants in a pattern. We chose a paint that's the same color—just a darker shade—to give it more of a subtle look than a black or white might provide.Bunny pants diy xo. Kinsey

  • that is so adorable. who wouldve thunk some bunny stencils could make a pair of pants look so cute!

  • :ooo This is just awesome!I love it,love it,love it!
    Going out to find the perfect jeans ASAP!
    Thanks for this great idea!


  • these are so fricken cute! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This is incredible!! Thank’s for sharing, the technique you used for the stamp is so interesting.

  • I love this. I want to try it with little elephants or cats! So cute.


  • That is great. Now I am doing my sparkling jeans and I like selfmade and ogiginal things. Have a great day.

  • You’re so creative. but I don’t think so I can do it perfectly like this 😐

  • Hi! Elsie e Emma

    I’m from Brazil and I love, love your blog.
    I really like your ideas.


  • Great idea! Will try this!

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  • Oh my… Kinsey, this is the most awesome thing I’ve seen the whole month! I love this, it’s so inspirational. Ideas are flowing into my head right now. Keep them lovely tutorials coming, please ♥

    Happy holidays from

  • This is so awesome! I just love this. I am going to have to give it a try. AMAZING.

  • Those would be cool for a younger child.

    xo Jennifer

  • where did you get your sweater and your shirt and those jeans?! I’ve been looking for all of those items and those are so cute!

  • OMG. This is like, too CUTE!! A new pair of elephant pants are going to be joining my closet soon. :3

  • very nice!!

  • So cool, but again. I’m so afraid to mess it up :(!! xx

  • Cute! I would love to try small white hearts on black jeans!
    Jennifer xx

  • Bunny pants! How cute!
    love this idea.

    xx Dani

  • The stencils really are a fun addition. Plus, I love the way you styled them with the big sweater and neutral shoes.

  • This is really neat.. I will definitely need to try this.

    xo, Clare

  • I love this! I want to add little foxes to a pair of my pants!

  • Oh my goodness! These are too cute! I can’t wait to try this. 🙂


  • Awesome way to disguise a stain on a pair of your favorite pants too; like the perfect-fit melon-colored pants I have with an oil stain right on the thigh.

  • This is so cute! they would also look cute with owls or foxes

  • This is super cool and looks really easy to create our own statement pants!

    Fang Ting

  • what a good idea! i really want a red pair of pants with blue whales on them for spring/summer. maybe i’ll try this!

  • Hm. Definitely an interesting idea!

    Rachel Nicole

  • LOVE THESE. I work at J.Crew and we get major discounts on sale stuff. Recently we had some gorgeous gorgeous toothpick jeans in polka dot — but they haven’t gone on sale yet, and I can’t really budget for them otherwise. However, we do have a bunch of sale jeans in funky colors, and I had been thinking about doing something like polka dots on those, or maybe just stencils. You’re inspiring me, I’m going to pick up some of those jeans!

  • Cute I love them! I think I would try a dinosaur… 😉

  • Oh mylanta these are the cutest things i’ve ever seen.


    *giveaway ending sunday!

  • This is simply brilliant! I want to try this with horses…maybe on bright blue jeans?

  • I’m really not sure, I bought pants for my godson that have animals printed on them I’d wore we end up with the same style and he’s only 3 🙂

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