Announcement + 10 Summer Fashion DIYs

TxscWe are SO excited to be a part of TXSC this year! We love fashion, we love blogging, we love Austin (!!!!) and we would love to meet some of you this summer. We are honored to be the keynote speakers this year as well as participating in a number of the fun events planned for the weekend. You can read more, see all the speakers, check out the schedule and sign up here. You totally should. It's the place to be. 🙂

And speaking of fashion, style, blogging and summer (seamless transition there, huh?) here are 10 of our favorite summer fashion DIYs. Enjoy!Diy horse print dress1. We are still loving this simple horse print dress. Easy to make, fun to wear!Diy shorts2. Made these DIY shorts 5 ways last summer, still wearing them this summer. 🙂Diy tennis shoes3. Spruce up some sneakers with a little paint to make them more you. Go on. Do it. Embroidered top4. Make your own embroidered blouse for your next summer vacation. Lace back blouse5. Check here for instructions to make your own breezy lace back blouseBraided necklace6. Learn to make this cute braided rope necklaceFeather crown7. Make your own feather crown for a photo shoot or to wear to a special event, like a music festival.Bleach painting8. We love this technique for bleaching painting on textiles. Add a quote to a tank top or t-shirt. Beaded necklace9. Make your own simple bauble necklace to add a pop of color to an outfit. Flower crown diy10. We are suckers for a cute floral crown. Here's one way to make an easy one at home. xo. Emma and Elsie

  • I love these summer outfits and your fabulous ideas!! Thanks for sharing them!

    I’m also loving the idea of “glamping” for the summer. There’s a video about it on YouTube at and I’m looking forward to being glamorous while camping this summer!

    Vanessa 🙂

  • Have a wonderful time! These tutorials are great (I love a good flower crown 😉

  • Great DIY! Love the floral crown and these painted sneakers! Can’t wait to try them!

  • Thank you for all of your creative DIY’s on this blog! Definitely going to try out some this summer!

  • What awesome DIY’s! I want to use some paint pens to decorate some tops, similar to your shoes. And I so want to find a bleach pen to write on some tops, too! The look is awesome, but I’m not too good painting words with a paintbrush

  • Love this blog! Can’t wait to see y’all at TxSC 🙂

    Definitely going to make the flower crown soon!

    – Melissa

  • STILL haven’t got round to making that lace / denim shirt. I definitely will one day though I absolutely love it.


  • Wow, what a great post. I will definitely give the Sneakers a try. They look amazing and are quite simple, too. All items look great! I particularly like the embroidered blouse.

  • Love the shorts diys. So fun! I need some more cut offs in my life.

    xo Ashley

  • Love the braided rope necklace. Definitely going to try something similar soon.

  • I totally want to do the bleach dye on a shirt. such a genius and simple project!

  • WoW!! I cant wait to try some of these DIY projects. I love making things and I’m in the process of getting a craft room. Thank you for the great post!

    – The Fashionista Tourist

  • I love these DIY’s, especially the bleached top! and congrats on being keynote speakers!
    Yasmine xx

  • these are all wonderful…i adore the feather crown most!

  • This is perfect! I needed a great Summer DIY project. Will start with the flower crown. 🙂

    xo, Alex

  • Oh goodness, sorry to post again but I clicked their profile and it led to a fake mugshot page. I also realized I forgot to post my email;

  • Hi Elsie & Emma,
    I couldn’t find your emails anywhere on the site, so I figured a comment would do. But I got a very disrespectful comment on my blog from someone pretending to be Elsie. I looked at the link, and it was even to a blog pretending to be you. I marked the comment as spam (luckily, I moderate my comments) however I did copy down the blog address and took a screen shot of the comment. I don’t feel comfortable putting a link to the blog on this comment, but if you email me I can send you the link, or if you comment on this comment and would prefer me to post it in a reply comment I can do that as well. Just thought you should be made aware.

    On another note! Love this post!

    Juliette Laura

  • Congrats on TSC! Texas represent! I would love to attend but moving and an end of summer New Orleans trip might get in the way.

  • how awesome! i’m here in austin and who DOESN’T love it?? maybe you guys will be saing “y’all” by the time you leave? we’ll see.

  • Congrats!! Loving all your DIY’s you’ve picked out 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • I love the look of the sneaker DIY. It looks like a fun activity you could do with the whole family.

  • Cute peices! Love the necklace so much. It’s gorgeous!


  • i’ve been wanting to make some bleached t shirts for a while, love your tank.

  • Congratulations!

    I totally made the bleach shirt DIY here:

  • Congratulations with the collaboration with TXSC and love these DIY’s 🙂 xx

  • Super love the horse print dress so much xx

  • Congrats!!!!I’m soooo DIY girl and i love all your DIY projects. So inspiring!

  • That horse print dress is adorable!

  • Such wonderful ideas, thanks a lot! Unfortunately here in Bavaria the rain has won again against the sun – today we had in the moring only 5 °C …

  • Nice one! I love the sneakers and those shorts! Thanks for a round-up!

  • I’ve been looking for a statement necklace like that pink braided one for so long,I may have to give it a go! x

  • What great little ideas. Only recently started DIY projects so I have some of these pegged for my next DIY.

  • Fantastic DIY posts, will definitely try out some of these!

  • Congratulations! That’s so exciting for you two!

    xo Lisa

  • Congrats on TCXS! Very exciting things happening for you girls, I’m happy for you!

  • Congrats on your speaking event! I wish I could go! I love all the summer ideas. But I really want to try adding lace to the back of a shirt.

  • I’ll be at TxSC…booked my room last week. I’m so excited!!!!

    xo erica

  • I think I need to get round to making a floral crown, finally. xx

  • Already made a feather crown, but that lace back shirt, diy shorts, feather crown, bleaching, those are open in new tabs and i am ready to get DIYing! Congrats on TSC! Wish I could go.

    Juliette Laura

  • Exciting! Would love to go… but it’s the same weekend as Lollapalooza. Congratulations

    Stella + Charlie

  • Pinning, pinning and more pinning! Enjoy TXSC!

  • Congrats on being the keynote speaker – that’s really great! Well done

    love this round up – my favouite is the bleached writing on the tank top – thats still on my “to make” list


  • Love the idea of the bleaching a quote onto a top and the sneakers. I remember seeing something like that when I was like 12 and bought a pair of white sneakers to do it with and never did. :L

  • So much cute stuff. I love that rope necklace! I’ll have to try it out!


  • You two are amazing! Love the blog and just downloaded your app 🙂

    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog!!

  • Great round-up of DIYs. Would love to try out one or two this summer!

  • All of these ideas are really sweet, I particularly like the lace back shirt and the horse printed dress
    I keep meaning to print something of my own similar to that

  • Oh, I love that floral crown. I have a gorgeous one I got from an Etsy seller, but it’s very autumny – would love to make myself something lighter and white.

    – Lix | |

  • Congratulations girls!! What wonderful news x


  • I’m not really a DIY kinda girl but I’m seriously considering to try to make the embroidered top! Too bad I live on the complete other side of the world, would have love to come!

  • I can’t wait to meet y’all at TxSC!!! SO excited to hear y’all speak!

  • Love all of these!! Especially the floral crown and bleached tee.


  • I love all of these d.i. y. I can only wish that there was a blogger convention I could attend near me. Jealous of those lucky people in texas!!

  • Congrats! I so wish I could be there to hear you speak.
    I want to try painting shoes and the DIY shorts. I need more shorts in my repertoire this summer.
    Thanks for another lovely post, ABM!

    ♡ Natalie of LIVE TEACH ALASKA

  • Congrats! You both are wonderful. I love all of these ideas- it’s making me want to leave work early to craft!

  • Oooh, I want all of these outfits! #LOVE

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  • great post!

    I’m loving the sneakers 😉


  • Have fun at the TCXS. I think I might do smth to my old shorts soon…

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