Announcement: Emma + Trey Got Engaged!

IMG_8872Have you ever really wanted something, but then you tried to convince yourself you didn't? Or at least, you didn't mind if it didn't happen the way you wanted. That was how I was feeling on December 26th, which is Trey's and my one year anniversary. Even though we've only been dating a year, we have known each other for a very long time. I sorted of hinted at our story when I talked about it here. We have a lot of history together, but this year in particular has been nothing short of magical. And I don't use that word lightly (I'm a hardcore Potter fan). So if you don't like maximum #feelings, I'd stop reading now. IMG_8832So as our one year anniversary approached I sort of wondered if he might pop THE question. It was in the back of my mind for sure. And even though the subject has come up a number of times, we had never really talked about in a super serious way. Honestly, I sort of avoided it, because I really did want to be surprised when the day did come. But this also leaves you thinking, "Hey, so like, when is that day anyway?"

Trey had mentioned that we should save our Christmas presents for our conveniently timed one year anniversary. The tentative plan was to exchange them during our anniversary date night. I sort of wondered if my gift might be a ring, but then I immediately tried to convince myself that wasn't the case. Because if my gift wasn't a ring, then no matter how sweet/thoughtful/romantic/expensive/perfect his gift was I would be sad. And that sucks. So I had to tell myself it wasn't a ring. The end.IMG_8827We wanted the night to be built around memories, so chose a date filled with our history. Turns out our history is like every other couple in the world, because that meant dinner, movie and drinks. Cliches aside, the restaurant was our favorite hole in hole in the wall, we both have an unnatural obsession with movies, and the bar was where it all began. Don't worry. We made sure it was a romantic movie, so Django Unchained didn't make the cut—yet. But the night felt like it was coming together kind of rushed. The movie wasn't playing at the right time or the right theater, so we had to shuffle the order of things. Plus, he'd said he wanted to open our presents at the bar. I don't think I'm that up tight, and I certainly (ahem) like a drink or two. But a proposal at a bar didn't really seem like our style. A proposal night would be really planned out and not end at a bar, right? Duh. I've seen the movies. I know how this goes.IMG_8814IMG_8826Dinner was perfect, the movie was really sweet (Have you seen Silver Linings Playbook yet? A.dor.a.ble.), and then we headed to our spot and ordered our usual drinks. Apparently the day after Christmas at 11p was the time to be at this bar. We awkwardly carried our (kind of big) wrapped presents through the crowds saying our hellos to familiar faces, as we made our way to a nestled little two-top made just for us. We exchanged gifts. I gave him a coat (pictured above—yeah, we match—not ashamed). He gave me a set of copper mugs that I had been talking about wanting. He's always so good at catching those. You'd think I would catch on and mention things intentionally. But I'm oblivious, apparently. He also had made me a mix CD (yes, we're forever stuck in 2004) of songs that had been important to us this past year. It was perfect. Something I really wanted mixed with something super romantic. Perfect. And even though I knew it was perfect, I felt a tiny bit of disappointment. A teeny tiny part of me had still been holding on to one last slice of hope that my gift was going to be a ring. It wasn't. But it was still so perfect and such a wonderful night. I almost felt a little guilty for feeling this little tinge of disappointment. Emma got engagedAs we were talking and laughing at the bar, it hit really me: The proposal isn't going to happen tonight, and that's okay. I have a really romantic boyfriend who gave me a really romantic anniversary. I was happy. The night was winding down, and we got in the car to head back to my house. We immediately popped in the mix CD. The first song is something he recently wrote with his band about us (I'd been bugging him a while to get it recorded, which he did just for this CD). It would always make me cry when I heard it live. The recording was no exception. What can I say, I'm a crier sometimes. On the way to my house is this little church that I've never been inside. But in the church's little gravel parking lot is where Trey and I had our first kiss last year. It's sort of the site where this new chapter of our story started. So it's kind of a significant spot to us, but we hadn't been back since. We usually just smile at each other when we drive by. But this time Trey slowed and pulled into the parking lot. I thought maybe he wanted to listen to the CD in that spot, since it meant so much to us. I liked that idea. He asked if I wouldn't mind being super sappy and dancing to the next song with him in the light of a candle he'd brought. I thought that sounded really cold but super sweet. I was game. We danced a little, hugged a little, kissed a lot. And I thought, "You know, this night was wonderful. Who cares that we aren't getting engaged just yet?"

But then Trey slowly dropped to one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. I felt my insides get really hot/cold/excited/anxious. I cried a little (yes, again) and listened as he asked me to marry him. It is the weirdest thing to be in a moment you immediately realize is going to be one of those big, significant memories in your life. I tried to take it all in, everything about where we were standing and how everything looked and felt and smelled (Leslie Knope style). I don't want to ever forget any of it.IMG_8870IMG_8857Oh, and I said yes.


xo. Emma + Trey

  • CONRATS! And God’s Blessing to you both! Question though about the ring! IT is gorgeous, who designed it??

  • All the best congratulations. One of my favourite engagement-stories ever. Great balance between romance and personality.

    Wish you all the bestest!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • SO happy for you two! Congratulations! Loved reading this. 🙂



  • I cried reading your story – it’s so lovely and I’m so happy for you two!

  • I just found your blog today and this is the first post I read.. and it made me cry a little (and I’m not a crier). So sweet, congratulations!

  • congratulations! what a sweet and amazing story.

  • Such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing. I would cry a little but I’m in public. Can’t do. Congratulations to the both of you!

  • YOU SAID YES!!! so freaking excited for you two, emma. congratulations on this next adventure of your life 🙂

  • Congraaaaats!! I’m so happy for you!! I wish you ALL the best, health, happiness, and always love. Love, love, love.

  • I teared up because this is so remarkably similar to my engagement story – My (now) husband proposed on Valentine’s Day, & everything was sweet & perfect, yet he would NOT pop the question! I had given up on the proposal & realized that I was perfectly happy with the wonderful date we were on. When we were on our way home, he stopped at the place where we first hung out, got out of the car, & told me that’s the place where he knew he wanted us to be together. Then he proposed! I guess we just need to realize that these guys know what they’re doing!

    Congratulations to both of you! Enjoy the engagement period – It goes by quickly, but the stress & craziness is also beautiful & memorable!

  • Congraaaaaaats! I was in holidays so I missed this post on time, so that’s such a surprise! I really feel happy for you two, what a romantic story! Wish you all the best!

  • Congrats Emma! I adore following your blog and wish you the best on your planning and wedding! 🙂

  • I’m late to the party, but this totally made me tear up in my coffee. <3. Congratulations to you both.

  • Just like some of the other readers, I cried too. 🙂

    Congratulations Emma and Trey! Can’t wait to see your wedding. I’m sure it would be filled with plenty of DIY goodies! 😀

  • What a wonderful way to propose! I love that he picked a spot that was special to you.

  • congratulations! such a sweet proposal and the ring is gorgeous!


  • :’) happy tears! That is SO sweet! Gorgeous story! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you two. xoxox <3

  • Amazing, congratulations! What wonderful news!

    And I know, what you’re talking about, Emma. I always get ahead of time, too and wish for things instead of enjoying what I have right now. Have to stop myself from thinking too far into the future, too.

    Enjoy your engagement time! xoxo

  • Congratulations!!! So happy for the both of you! I loved this blog post – I actually started crying (I’m also a crier) because it is just way tooo sweet and cute! (And I’m at work right now-so embarrassing)

  • Dear Emma.

    I don’t know you. But I’ve been checking your blog for months, almost every day, from France. It just makes me happy. It makes life sweeter, too.

    I have read your engagement post and I just wanted to tell you how happy I felt for you. Even if I don’t know you, I feel really happy for you and Trey and your new life ahead together. It sounds like you 2 were meant to be together forever. I wish I, and everyone else, could experience the same feeling, the same love, the same comfort, the same perfection. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best, and I hope you remain as happy forever xx Julie

  • congrats! this made me chuckle. we have a goofy one year anniversary place (cabela’s…and we are not even outdoor people lol) and we were going up for a second year and my hubby had me pack his stuff. i was upset at that moment because there was no way a ring could be in the plan since i packed his stuff. i got over it on the way as we listened to loud music and stopped at a local place for fried pickles. he handed me the ring that night. i was shocked and really excited. its the little things.

  • Congratulations!!! What an exciting way to finish off the year and awesome to start the new year with lots of planning for your wedding! =)

  • That sounds like something out of a romance novel. Seriously, it sounds like you are with the perfect man. I wish you so much happiness. Congratulations! <3

  • Oh wow! Congratulations! Love is a beautiful thing and looks good on the two of you 🙂 I wish you both happiness and everlasting love

  • This is incredibly cute! I wish you the best and I can’t wait to hear about your upcoming wedding!

  • Congratulations! Your story is amazing, and filled with amazing memories! Thank you for sharing it!

  • Oh, Emma, “it is the weirdest thing to be in a moment you immediately realize is going to be one of those big, significant memories in your life” I couldn’t have worded it better!! This sentence whooshed me back to the moment I got engaged to my husband. It was so imperfectly perfect, not heartwrenchingly sweet like yours, but it is part of our story just the same. Wishing you both the best on this wonderful journey, congrats!!

  • This made me tear up! Every girl dreams of a perfect proposal and I can feel the love in these pictures and your story. So excited for your future together.

    PS-Where are the coats from? I’m obsessed!


  • Totally brought a tear to my eye! What a lovely memory for you two. Congratulations!

  • I’m late (just catching up with stuff now), but congrats Emma! (and Trey, too). Have an amazing year 🙂 x Veeee

  • Beautiful story! Congratulations to the two of you and the very best in 2013.

  • OMG so many chills! I had pretty much the exact same feelings before getting proposed to myself. Mine happened during my birthday celebration, so while I was SO appreciative of all the wonderful things he did for me there was a tinge of disappointment that a ring wasn’t involved… then the guilt set in for having those feelings. AND THEN the overwhelming sickness/joy/butterflies that occurred when he got on one knee after all!

    Congrats sweetie, that is such a sweet story. Good luck with all the wedding planning – keep trying to savor all the moments during your engagement because it is fleeting 🙂

    Strive to Thrive,

  • congradulations!!
    beautiful ring

    can’t wait to see what this cool wedding would look like

  • Congratulations Emma! You two are adorable and you are going to make a stunning bride!

  • oh my God, that’s awasome,, congratulation for Emma..
    you have a beautiful stories, and makes me jealous too, hahaha
    but I’am very very very happy for you and T.

  • WOOHOOOO! I loved every second of this post! It was so romantic 🙂 Congratulations you guys! Being engaged/married/in love is super great! 🙂

  • Ugh- I’m sobbing. Pregnancy hormones aint no joke! SO happy for you guys, and good job on everything Trey!

  • Congrats! So sweet! May you have a wonderful life together!
    And, yes, tears in my eyes, too!

  • This is so amazing, Emma. I had to retweet this for all to see — such a sweet story and a perfect ending. Even though I don’t know you personally, I feel like I’ve always been able to relate to you, even more than Elsie (no offense Els!). I, too, moved to LA from the Midwest (still here, but I do miss my family in Michigan). You have my sense of humor and my fashion style. And I can tell (just because I’ve been reading both of your blogs from the beginning) that you’ve been through breakups and haven’t had the best luck with men (something that I’m still struggling with). I also think we’re the same age, not that that matters. So… Okay, this is starting to sound creepy, so I’m just going to say… I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  • Lovely lovely story, congratulations! 🙂 Seems like a lot of people are getting engaged at the moment, there must be romance in the air! 🙂 x

  • Thank you for sharing your story with us! Love the Leslie Knope reference, hilarious.

  • Dear Emma and Trey, congratulations to you guys, and thank you for sharing your lovely story – it is beautiful and very special indeed. Best things happen when you least expect them, don’t they 🙂
    Happy Holidays and a super fun, fantastic and healthy New Year to you, A Beautiful Mess girls! we became your avid readers earlier this year, and got so much inspiration – thank you.

  • That is so amazing. I love the story and wish you both a wonderful engagement and marriage and life together for all time! Your ring is so lovely too!

  • This is such a beautifully romantic engagement story. I think it just made my day. Congratulations to you both!!!

  • Ooou! That’s so sweet. 🙂 Congrats guys. You’re such a lovely couple. Wish you lots of magical moments and can’t wait for posts about wedding planning. 😉

  • so so excited for you two! congrats!!!
    and I’m sooo excited to see what your wedding will look like down the road…I know it will be incredible!

  • Oh my! Congratulation! Soooo happy for both of you..!! aaaaahhh..and I did cry a little,hahaa.. that’s a beautiful story anyway, thanks or sharing Emma.. 😀

  • Eee!!! I saw the news first on instagram, but this post is so amazing! Thank you for sharing your story Emma! One of my girls at work had a Christmas engagement too and the first thing I said was “tell me everything!” Such an exciting moment! I’m so happy for you (and Trey)! 🙂

  • totally bawled through that – congratulations you guys are way too adorable for words!!!

  • Awwwwwmygoodnesss!! That was the cutest story!! Congratulations!! I love reading things like this, you’ve just made my day! 🙂

  • That story made ME tear up a bit (I’m a sap as well) Congrats I’m so happy for you! What a perfect proposal

  • I’m so, so, so happy for you guys! I hope you have a wonderful and happy life together! 😉

  • Just stumbled across your blog and this was the first thing I read, ahhh so perfect!

  • So sweet! Congratulations! Being married to your best friend is the absolute best thing.

  • Oh Emma, this is beautiful. I’m really thrilled for you guys. Huge congratulations!!!

  • too sweet, thank you for sharing this fantastic story. Love your pictures!

  • I just bought the Romantic album off of iTunes… I love your fiancé’s band 🙂 Thanks for sharing them, and your sweet story with us. Congratulations all the way from Canada

  • ahh Wonderful news, congrats you two! What a romantic story. I’m so happy for you guys!

  • Wow, congratulations! Such a lovely story 🙂
    I really love your matching coats!

    Greetings from Vienna,

  • Congratulations! Being married is the best and the LOVE continues to grow every year!

  • AWWW.. so beautiful.

    What wonderful news. They look so cute and happy together.

    The holidays is the perfect engagement time.

    I love her ring. It’s gorgeous!


  • What an heartwarming post! I totally understand your feelings that night and seriously : congratulation! You deserve nothing less than happiness! You two are so sweet, wish you all the best in the world!

    Olive xox

  • Congrats!! Such a cute Story and beautiful ring!! I wish the best of luck for you and Trey as your begin a new life together!!!


  • Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding preparations! Congratulations. God Bless You Both!

  • Congratulations Emma! Trey did an awesome job proposing! I’m so excited for the future wedding posts 😀

  • What a beautiful story! Congrats! I really wish I could connect like you guys…awwww my heart is melting. Congrats, again! Wish you the both happy life you deserve 🙂

  • This is the most adorable thing EVER!
    Even though I’m not that big of a crier, I felt my eyes getting a little moist as I read through this…please tell me I’m not the only one?

    You guys are so adorable and your story is so beautiful and everything just is so wonderfully perfect and absolutely splendiferous.

    I wish you two the very best and can’t wait to see the next chapter of your lives you guys will be on! 🙂


  • WOW!!!
    I wish you two all the best!You look really cute together and I think you are a wonderful couple!!


  • What a beautiful story! Congrats to you both. To a lifetime of happiness!!

    ~ Jillian

  • Oh Emma, this just made me cry. I’m so happy for you both! A hundred congratulations and I hope you continue to make each other very happy xx

    oh and ps, I have seen silver linings playbook, I LOVED it! If you haven’t read the book yet you should definitely give it a go xxx

  • so happy for you! this story made me tear up a little. how romantic, and what a perfect time of year for it!

  • This is literally, too cute. My heart dropped for a second when I thought he wasn’t going to propose, and then I just cried. Too beautiful.

  • That is so special. I wish you life long happiness. It’s so good to read about a real life romatic proposal. Jxo

  • so happy for you emma! just messaged you on instagram too. eeeekkk!!! then after reading this i went to the link you put for trey’s band, and its ski lift!!! i love them! i had no idea. way cool. you two are absolutely adorable together. i mean, really.

  • wooa!you both look so happy and sweet! congrats and I like your engagement ring, very charming!

  • Oh just perfect, yes he’s a keeper!! Stunning ring as well by the way, congratulations to you both xx

  • What a beautiful story. Way better than my now husband waking me up super early with me smelling and looking gross and just asking straight away. I was surprised!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m soooo happy for you! Thank you for sharing this adorable love story with all of us. I was getting all pumped and excited just by reading your story, I can’t imagine just how excited YOU must have been. You deserve all the happiness in the world!

  • Emma, it’s sooo sweet! It’s strange to be happy for a person I’ve never met! Congratulations! *_*

  • don’t know you, elsie and emma, but I feel like I do a little bit… so happy for you! greetings from Chile!

  • Congratulations! My boyfriend proposed on the 22nd, the day after our two-year anniversary, with a delightful storytelling rendition of the Steadfast Tin Soldier, one of my favorite tales. The guys are doing a lovely job this year, it seems!

  • Congratulation:-) so happy for you, it’s a wonderfull feeling indeed. We just got married 6 months ago and that is an Even better feeling:-) enjoy this time! And by the way I love you blogg!! It’s a part of my daily rutine:-)

  • <3 BIG congrats…what a sweet story, and thanks for sharing….made me think of the night I got enganged. Special, unforgettable Moments.


  • Congratulations!!! I screamed when I read this! So happy for you! Can’t wait for this next season of planning and preparation.

  • uh I am almost crying this was so lovely and sweet. sooo sooooooo cute! Congratulations for you two! I think you both fit together incredibly well <33

  • Super sweet story! Now you can always go back to this blog entry and remember this day! Congratulations to you two, you look really happy together.

  • Congratulations Emma! I will admit that I am a little jealous — I secretly keep hoping for a ring and pushing it back every year. We have been dating 2 years going on 3 now, and the ring isn’t happening for awhile longer (his parents dated for 7 before getting married. SEVEN! How am I supposed to wait that long?) I’m happy for you! There is nothing better than finding someone you want to share your life with and having them feel the same.

  • Oh wow, that’s such an amazingly cute engagement story! Congratulations and I hope you two are together for very many happy years to come! 🙂

  • Oh my god, i’ve got chills. It makes me happy to hear that things that only happen in movies in my opinion, DO happen in real life! Perfection. So happy for you both.


  • have you ever seen this? it was pretty popular on internet the past year:)
    i think it might be a nice idea for you and Trey ^____^

  • Such a beautiful story, I’m welling up here at work. Congratulations and much happiness for you and Trey x

  • Congratulation! It sounds like the perfect movie!
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I loved reading in your story!
    All the best!
    Simone xx

  • Yaaaaaay!Congratulation to both of you! So happy, you two make a wonderful couple, can’t wait to see you in a beautiful dress ^__^ my boyfriends propose to me the past month, and after the propose I cry for about an hour or so:P I guess it’s right to be a whiners in these moments;))) you’re a lovely couple! <3

  • Reading this story gave me freaking GOOSEBUMPS, my God! 😀 Like I was reading a romantic novel or something, just perrrrfect, really the way every girls wants to be proposed, I guess… 😛 So much can happen in just one year, wow! Congratttttts and LOTS of happiness and love dor 2013 for you guys! <3

  • Such a beautiful story (it sounds just perfect!) and wonderful photographs. You both look so happy!

  • ¡Enhorabuena, Emma y Trey! Congratulations! I wish you have a beautiful life together! Best regards from Barcelona, Spain,


  • Congratulations!!! Getting married is the best thing in the world, yay!
    You two are sweet!!!

  • Congratulations Emma! You seem like such a sweetheart, and I’m so happy for you and Trey! Woo hoo! Such a great proposal. : )

  • Awww!! You guys are perfect together!! I hope the two of you spend forever together!!

    Sent with love from Alaska,



    I love the way you write Emma!!

  • What a BEAUTIFUL engagement story! Congratulations to you both – I can’t wait to see all of your wedding planning adventures!


  • CONGRATS! How romantic! I always thought you and Trey were made to be.
    Such a cute couple you two 🙂

    Congrats and enjoy every minute.


  • I got engaged on Christmas day so I definitely know how you’re feeling! I met Elsie at a Sucre show in Fort Worth and told her how my friend (Kat) and I read your blogs EVERYDAY so I feel super connected to this somehow. CONGRATS FOR YOU AND TREY! Your readers are so happy for you!!!

  • Congratulations!!! Beautiful story <3

    New Year Outfit Ideas

  • Congratulations to the both of you! Such a lovely story. Got a bit choked up reading it…turns out I am a bit of crier too. 🙂 xx

  • So I hope you really read this. I’ve commented a couple of times on some of your previous posts… but so do many others 🙂 I’ve followed your guys’s blog for over a year now and I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw this. For more than one reason.

    On Dec 25th my best friend asked me to marry him too 🙂 The reason why I’m telling you this is more of a thank you. I can recall specifically a day in october where we were both fed up with school and stress, so we decided to make the bourbon apple pie you posted in the fall. Earlier we had gone to a party together and we made the peaches and cream tart you posted as well. There are many other things that your blog has done to add to our life (random “study” dates where we share bloggers we like and saving ideas for a future home ect…) While it is a mess… it is beautiful. I don’t believe in coincidence or accident so I am thankful the day I stumbled on your blog and just wanted to add to your happiness in letting you know some of the joy you have given me 🙂 I will be praying for you two & have a very happy new year!

    P.S. I expect a TON of wedding post (advice on food/photography/family affairs/dress)

  • Congrats!!! I had happy tears in my eyes as I read these stories and saw these lovely pictures. You sisters actually mean a lot to me! I have watched your journey, received help on school assignments from you both, and been inspired beyond anything you both know. I am fearlessly marching towards a career change into nursing. And now I watch little Emma walk fearlessly towards being a wife with a wonderful fellow. I happen to adore you both very much and every happiness you share with me/us I actually delight in because you deserve all the happiness this world can hold….you deserve this because you are such a good and loving person. All someone has to do is meet you, virtually or at a festival, or in your store. That’s it. Just meet you and a person just knows that your an incredibly sweet and awe inspiring human being. It is actually a family trait, so…awesome person…congratulations…I know both of you will be very happy! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • congrats emma! my bf popped the question on12/24. i can totally relate! so exciting!

  • Awwww congrats!!!! I got engaged this Christmas too 🙂 My first thought was “OMG this is really happening right now!?!” Very much the “this is one of those big moments” feeling you were talking about.

  • You guys are beyond adorable!! So happy for you!! CONGRATULATIONS and happy planning 😉


  • That’s so beautiful, Em, congrats! Been a loyal reader of yours, I’m really happy for you. I’m so happy I even cry! I wish you two all the happiness in the world. Can’t wait to hear more stories on this new journey of yours!!

  • Got chills reading this post! I haven’t yet commented, but am an avid reader of your blog, and this is SO EXCITING! Thanks for letting us in on the magic.

    Marriage is a grand adventure; I’ve been married now 3.5 years and it just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy each and every moment!


  • congrats emma & trey!! beautiful ring and a gorgeous couple 🙂
    thank you for sharing this incredible moment in your life with all of the readers that love this blog, and the two awesome ladies behind it!!

  • Yay!!! I’ve been waitting to hear this! 😉 so happy for you two. 🙂 🙂

    Ps. My husband and i have 3 matching coats- two arc’teryx and a patagonia- we love it 😉

  • so happy for you! would you think it’s creepy weird that i’m a complete & total stranger, & i knew this day was coming? i don’t care. i swear i knew it. your photos put the A in adorable couple. congrats emma & trey. 🙂

  • Super congratulations Emma and Trey!!!! What a sweet story – thanks for sharing it with us….
    Ronnie xo

  • Congrats! Wonderful story to tell your grand kids one day! :’)


  • Uh! I’m such a sap, you got me all teary eyed! I just got engaged last december. it’s funny how in that moment you just wish you could bottle up that moment to look back at it whenever you want. Congrats to you & Trey! Looking forward to seeing your wedding! 😉 I know its going to be amazing! XO

  • My congratulations! you two look so sweet together!

  • Awwwww! collective sigh– so cute! Emma, I’ve enjoyed reading your writing and watching it develop into something so captivating and charmingly quirky.

    Hard core Potter fans all the way! Woo hoo!

  • Congratulations! I love how honest you are about expecting and really wanting a proposal. Many people would not admit that. I am so happy for you two.


  • This is the sweetest thing 🙂 Thanks for writing this all out. It was really nice of you to share such a special moment with the readers. I wish you all the best in this exciting time in your life!

  • Congratulations, Emma! You’re going to make a beautiful bride and you and Trey are going to have a lovely life together!

  • oh my gosh how exciting! Congratulations! Love the Leslie Knope reference and I just saw silver linings playbook it was great!
    So happy for you guys 🙂

  • Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. I just enjoy reading your posts and the beautiful photos. Oh this is so touching.

  • Congratulations! You two are a cute couple and those of us who see you together can see that you were meant for each other.

  • oh my goodness… tears are rolling down my cheeks as I read this! So beautiful!

  • omg I almost tearing when I read the proposal story. Trey such a cute and romantic one, and he’s so lucky that have you to spend the rest of life with (: congratulation for you both! and we can’t wait for the next sweet stories 😀

  • This made my heart smile! I remember reading the post about the two of you getting together months back and it was the sweetest thing. It’s funny how you read someone’s blog and kind of feel connected to them, as if you know them in a weird way. Congratulations! You two are seriously a beautiful couple.

  • I love hearing such exciting news! Congratulations! I’m sure you will have an awesomely creative and sweet wedding. 🙂


  • A freaking GREAT love story…must use this somehow in the wedding day festivities. And Emma, I’m crying along with you. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Congratulations! I think I might have shed a tear or two while reading that beautiful story. I’m glad you guys got your happily ever after!

  • What a gorgeous proposal Emma!!!! Congrats to you and Trey… Sooo happy for you guys and the ABM lot <3 xoxoxo

  • Emma that was such a beautiful story and yes I did cry too just reading it in your words is the Best!!!
    Can’t wait for the amazing wedding you girls create!! Hugs from Australia xx

  • Congratulations, what a lovely story and beautiful photographs. Best of luck for the future! xx

  • Congratulations!!! I was secretly hoping for an engagement ring for Christmas this year too… but alas, there was none to be had. Maybe one day soon! Your story warmed my heart though; it sounds like it was an absolutely lovely night! And I completely understand what you mean about trying to take it all in, knowing it’s a memory you will hold forever – that’s how I felt about the night Shawn & I first kissed!

  • Congratulations! What an adorable story! Trey, props for surprise! I just celebrated my first anniversary {I kind of like bragging about, not gonna lie}. Being married is just… fun. Everyone says it’s hard. It’s not. They say there will be trials. I’m sure… but the best part is, you are facing them with your best friend! Best of wishes to you both! xoxo

  • Ahh! SO exciting! Congrats, guys! Makes me feel like some really good friends of mine are engaged now and I love it- so stoked to see what’s ahead for you all! <3

  • Cute story! My hubby pulled of a really romantic proposal too 🙂 Congratulations.

  • Aw yay! Best wishes you you both!
    I got engaged on Christmas Eve and I was totally surprised and unfortunately it’s a little blurry to me haha

    xo Jennifer

  • OH Emma! I am so happy for you! The ring is stunning! And the story – love it. I love the way you tell it. Thank you so, so much for sharing it with us! you made my day! Congratulations!

  • yay yay yay!!! bring on the #feelings post… i loved every word of it. thanks for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🙂


    brooke elyse

  • Yay! Im so excited! I am so very happy for you both, you just seem perfect for eachother!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with your wedding!


  • Being engaged is so wonderful.. and being married is even better!! Congrats! these pictures almost made me tear up. I wish you guys the very best and all the happiness in the world!

  • Hooray! Been following your blog with your sister for over a year now and I’m so happy for you, the fun stranger that teaches me how to make yummy food on the internet 😉 Best Wishes! and can’t wait to hear all about the wedding planning on the blog too!

  • Very generous for you to share this intimate story. So romantic. Very happy for you & many congratulations!!

  • Congrats. So sweet. Such a special story. Thank you for sharing. Made me go kiss my hubby of 10 years and appreciate our love.
    Enjoy every minute of being engaged & let your love flow over all those around you.

  • Congrats you guys! I had a little tear in my eye myself from reading your story of the proposal. Super cute and so romantic! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your ideas and planning of what’s going to be an awesome wedding for sure.

    Lulu xx

  • Congrats you guys, so happy for you. I was reading this on the train and the lady next to ma asked if I was OK, Glad to see I’m not the only one that cried reading this post <3

  • Congratulations Emma! I always enjoy the detail, humor, and sincerity of your writing and this story in particular was so precious & heart-warming! :’) I’m wishing you both the best!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I’m not going to lie, I teared up during this heartfelt post. [I’m a crier too]

    Even though I do not know you or Trey personally, your stories through this blog and your old blog make me feel like I do. I wish you and Trey all the happiness in the world!!! So excited for this next chapter in your life! xoxo

  • suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a beautiful story. one lucky lady (and he a lucky fella, duh!). big congrats X

  • I don’t know the two of you, but am BEYOND thrilled as you start this next leg of your journey together. My sweetheart and I were married this past May and let me tell you, married life is WONDERFUL.

  • Congratulations!!! It sounds like such a wonderful evening! Best of wishes for a very happy new year! <3

  • CONGRATS YOU TWO! How excitinggg!!! Your ring is beautiful! Best wishes to you both! HAPPY NEW YEAR! xo

  • Congratulations 🙂 that is such a sweet story, you two are made for each other – matching coats and all! x

  • You have me tearing up! Congratulations! I’m so happy for you guys and I wish you both the best! xx

  • SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU! CONGRATS! Wishing you all the love & happiness in the world!

  • congratulation!! i am so happy to hear this and wish you only the very best for what ever comes – the best is yet to come! you look like a wonderful couple!

  • this is such a sweet story!!!
    congrats! and now the wedding preparations can be begin … :)))

  • Congratulations!
    I think the story of the engagement is so telling! (And to me of more importance then a ring or something like that) It truly is the thought that counts! (not that your ring is not amazing! Don’t get me wrong!)
    ENJOY this magical time together!!!

  • So sweet:):) Congrats!! I got engaged on christmas last year and it was so perfect! We planned a long engagement but now that we are getting married in 6 months (June 2nd!!!) its coming up so soon!

  • I’m usually a silent reader from Belgium, but have to post aa big ‘congratulations’!

  • Yay! Such a beautiful story, and sooo exciting! That’s so sweet that he waited until the perfect spot to propose. Congratulations!

  • Aaw, YOU guys are A.dor.a.ble! Such a great story – but it would have been so funny if you had seen Django! ha ha! Congrats to you on finding yourself such a romantic guy.

  • Congratulations!!!! That is such a sweet story & I’m so happy for the two of you!

  • Congratulations darling.
    Enter my dress giveaway here: My first Giveaway

  • Yay, congratulations! And such a beautiful (and honest) proposal story 🙂

  • Such a sweet story. Congratulations!!! I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.
    I have to admit I went through a similar ‘wow I wonder if my present is a ring…no don’t think its a ring you’ll look disappointed when it is isn’t’ thing myself this Christmas…turns out it was a ring!

  • congratulations!!! i can’t wait to see posts on the wedding planning!! make sure to give us lots of it!

  • Wow, fail. I was talking to my friend Emily in another window and proceeded to call YOU Emily. WUT. (You’ve got to understand – I haven’t had my morning caffeine yet.) So let’s try this again…

    AHHH! Congrats, EMMA!

  • I’m happy-weepy after reading this. You guys are so precious together–that kiss, wow!! Love these pictures. And what a precious, romantic proposal! He ended up surprising you after all!! Congratulations to both of you!

  • Such a wonderful story. Congratulations you two!


  • THIS IS PRECIOUS! Aww, this makes my heart happy! Congrats!!!


  • ah, congrats!!! you could totally feel this coming from the way you write about him in your other posts~ I’m so happy for you two ♥ not gonna lie, i teared up at the end. such a sweet story!

  • Congratulations! Cheers for 2012 happiness, and may it travel on with you into 2013!

  • Completely adorable story, love every bit! I felt the same way when it happened….trying to soak it ALL in mixed with “is this really happening” which came out in the form of the words “no way, no way” as he got down on one knee. Followed by “oh my gosh, yes!” for as much as you can plan it out in your head, there is not replacing the actual event.

    congrats again. enjoy that beautiful ring and the warm fuzzy feeling of being engaged!

  • Congrats! Such a beautiful story. I’m just going to throw it out there though, Django Unchained was actually a romantic movie in a Quentin Tarantino kind of way! Hah

  • Oh my WORD!! I am so happy for you! You are going to be a beautiful bride, Emma!
    Much love to you both!!


  • awwww.. This is so sweet and touching. <3 Congratulations Emma and Trey!!!


  • Aaaaw, I’m so happy for you guys and what a cute story! Congratulations!!!! xx

  • -I really did want to be surprised when the day did come. But this also leaves you thinking, “Hey, so like, when is that day anyway?”-

    That’s exactly how I feel about my relationship! Congrats!

  • Congrats! Ohhhh that story was so adorable, and I’m superrr excited for you guys! I can’t wait to hear about the wedding planning here 😀


  • Congratulations! I was so happy to read this, you guys are awesome! Wishing you all the best 🙂 and oh what a beautiful ring!

  • Congrats, you two! It’s been a joy following your story over the past year – thanks for sharing this with us, too! 🙂 Here’s to many, many happy years to follow!!

  • I’m like the grinch I think my heart just swelled 2 sizes from
    Just reading that…CONGRATULATIONS!

  • ‘Bout time!!! Been waiting for this post!! Congrats, I will look forward to the wedding post!! I am so happy for you both!

  • This is such a great story! Congrats from the very cold and, at the moment, non-romantic Norway 🙂

  • So exciting! You two are so adorable together and I really enjoyed reading your story 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, that was a beautiful post! Congrats Emma and Trey!!!! You two are such a good looking and adorable couple <3 and yessss Emma, I do that all the time lol– try to convince myself I don’t want something so i won’t be disappointed haha. but CONGRATS again 🙂

  • That was such a beautiful thing to read! :’) i have tears in my eyes! So happy for you! COngratulations! 🙂

  • AHHHHH! Literally squealed out loud when I saw this! And then immediately texted my best friend to see if she saw (we are both big fans of your blog)! I’m so happy for you both! These pictures are amazing and you guys look so in love. Also, the ring is breathtaking! Good pick, Trey. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the wedding details come together! Congrats again. 🙂


  • Oh Emma, reading this post made my day!! I can feel your happiness just by reading, and you look SO happy together. I am very happy for you both, and I really hope I can have the pleasure of meeting Trey someday soon! AH! exciting. xo

  • Congrats, Emma! So happy for you. 🙂 You guys look so cute together. Aaah, this made me smile so much. 🙂 And I LOVE your coats 😉 The ring is gorgeous too 🙂

  • NO KIDDING, you guys, I totally wondered if this was going to happen over the holidays. Maybe I’m psychic or something, and maybe it’s weird because I don’t know you, but I thought about it. I did. Congrats!

  • well, Emma + Trey, I cryed… and I’m super happy for you two, you’re a cute couple!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  • yay!! congratulations!!! what a sweet story and such a happy ending to all that history.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so super sweet! And I always love a good Leslie Knope reference! 🙂 Happy New year!

  • Absolutely adorable and thoughtful story, straight out of the movies! A huge congratulations to both of you!!

  • A huge congratulations to you! I’ve been married for almost 10 years and I still remember how it all went down! What a special way to propose!

  • What an amazing night! Congratulations to you both! <3 <3 <3 CANNOT WAIT FOR THE WEDDING! Luckily you have Elsie to make it absolutely gorgeous. Great photos <3

  • P.S. Can’t wait for the wedding posts eeeeek!! I hope they start before next August so I can get inspiration for our big day 😉

  • Yeah!

    Congratulations, what a great way to enter the new year.

    Wishing you both all the best xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you both! What a beautiful proposal, i’m weeping like a baby. Perfect.

    So happy 🙂

  • How cute… Love your story…. congrats!! Love your coats ~ and your ring is beautiful.

  • Oh my gosh that’s so cute!! We just celebrated one year of marriage this past October and I remember the day he proposed just as clearly as the day I said “I do”. The proposal was soooo unexpected for me but everyone else in the world and their mom knew about it. It was so sweet. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful ring too!!! =]

  • I’ve been waiting for this! yay! so excited for you! and it made me cry so i must be a real crier too! <3

  • Congrats! I totally got teary eyed reading that! I love engagement stories, and that was a great one!!

  • Congrats!!! That sounds beyond magical…best wishes to both of you!

    Happy New Years!

  • So so great! Loved reading about your roller coaster of emotions and attempt to be thankful in the midst of apparent disappointment. I know that feeling too! How awesome to read the amazing storybook ending. I love it when it happens in real life!!

  • Congratulations! Thank you for sharing such a romantic and sweet story with us, and I hope you have many many years of happiness ahead of you! xox

  • This is the sweetest thing! Congratulations, I am so happy for the two of you!

  • I’ve been reading this blog for a few months yet this is the story that finally has me leaving a comment. I am super happy for you guys! This is a lovely story.

  • Congratulations! Beautiful story! I wish a life full of love, joy and laughter for you both!

  • So happy for you! When I got engaged to my husband of 7 years now, I pulled an Elaine from Seinfeld. He asked me to marry him, and I subsequently pushed him and said “Shut up! Get out of here!” I can totally picture the Leslie Knope reaction. Ha! 😉

  • I’m also a crier, I teared up (I would have cried if I wasn’t at work) while reading. This is beautiful, I can only hope something this beautiful is in my future.

  • Emma!! Congratulations, that’s wonderful. That’s a really lovely story. I’m so happy for you, I really am. I’m looking forward to seeing all your wedding-related posts. I wish you and Trey the best, you guys really look sweet together and I’m sure your wedding will be super romantic. Congrats again!
    + I haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook yet but I *love* Jennifer Lawrence. If you want to laugh really bad, watch her interviews. She’s an amazing lady and actress!

    Happy holidays xoxo

  • Congratulations!
    You are such an adorable couple!
    I cried a little bit while reading through your engagement story Emma…
    Thank you for sharing your happiness and this beautiful moment with us!

    Nothing but the best for you two!

  • Congratulation!!!! it’s the sweetest and most beautiful story i heard so far!!! Happy for you both. xoxoxo

  • OH MY GOD! Congrats!!!!! I’m so happy for you guys.


  • That’s a beautiful story! I’m oh so very excited for you!!!! And a little jealous 😉 But that’s ok!!! hahaha <3 Congrats lovely. xoxo I’m really happy for you guys!

  • Oh. My. Gosh! This made my day! I’m so happy for you guys! Congratulations! OMG! I’m so excited for you guys!

  • Congratulations! You both look so happy~

    Giveaway on my blog!

  • AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! you both look gorgeous and happy and so SO right together. it warns my cold dead heart to know that sometimes things that are meant to be actually find a way to be 😀 <3 CHEERS!!!! <3

  • Congrats!! What a purely magical proposal! It only gets better from here. 🙂

  • Congratulations! Best wishes to both of you! Yay, now it’s wedding planning time again 🙂 Elsie’s was so beautiful, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

  • Congratulations! This is so wonderful and what a super sweet proposal!

  • Congratulations, Emma and Trey! Wishing you a lot of continuing happiness together x

  • Congrats! I can’t wait to see what sorts of amazing your wedding will be! [No pressure right? ;)]

  • Such a wonderful story. I love your honesty in it all. Congrats! Much love to you both!

  • I’ve been wondering for a while if this would happen soon.I was so excited reaidng your story even though we’ve never met:) Congratulations to you both!

  • Massive congratulations, what a way to start 2013 together! Can’t wait for all the upcoming wedding posts!! 🙂 Have a great New Year x

  • Such a GREAT story! Thank you for sharing and congrats! I think every girl has been “there.” And it’s awesome when the boys can pull a quick one right over their heads…

    Good job, Trey 🙂

  • Congratulations to the max EMMA and TREY!!!!!!!!!! This reminds me of this quote: “Life is not about making others happy. Life is about sharing your happiness with others.” Thanks for sharing your engagement happiness with us.

  • Congratulations!!!

    In the short time I’ve been reading ABM, I constantly find that I’m reminding myself that you two aren’t engaged/married. Following your stories, it feels like your relationship is so deep and true that it just -fits- that’d you’d be married or something 🙂
    So congrats again! Words cannot express the joy I’m sending your way! xo

  • AWESOME! Congratulations. Bit relieved you said yes, I mean, you could have forgotten after all that. What a great plot haha. And a gorgeous ring! He’s definitely a keeper. So romantic and thoughtful 🙂 Congratulations Emma and Trey xx

  • I got a little bit scared Emma since after one year you have been expecting getting engaged already, feels so super… not pushy, but, too fast. If you want to spend whole life with someone. Just saying.


  • Holy crap! I was just thinking yesterday this was THE boyfriend that was gonna stick around. Cute story!

  • Congratulations Emma and Trey! Such a beautiful story, one to remember for the rest of you life! xo

  • If it’s any consolation, I cried a little reading this post. I’m a cryer too. Congratualtions!!! This is SO Romantic! With a big ‘R’

    love, Saar

  • Congratulations! Such a beautiful story. It made me cry a little because there are a lot of similarities to my engagement story.

  • Your story nearly brought me to tears. Yeah, I’m a bit of a crier sometimes, too. Wishing you two all the best in the years to come! Oh, and the ring? To die for!

  • Congratulations! I wish you all the love and happiness in the world! And I love reading this blog!
    A lot of kisses from the Netherlands!

  • congrats….such a great love story and a sensational ring! bravo.

  • That is so sweet. Its so nice to have a romantic proposal story.

  • This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, and it makes me so happy. Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! What a perfectly sweet story you guys will be able to share for the rest of your lives! Trey seems like a wonderful guy and you both seem so great together! (because a stranger miles away, reading tiny snipits of your life over the internet, knows these things) 🙂 So happy for you both! what an exciting way to end 2012 and start a new year!

  • Congratulations Emma! What a cute, and heartfelt story. You two are adorable together. 🙂

  • ACK! Oh my gosh if that isn’t the sweetest thing I have EVER heard!!! Congratulations you two, so exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear about all your plans 🙂

  • Aw, you guys! I’m so so SO happy for you, you two are perfect for each other. Too excited for your wedding season!

  • Congratulations!! Such a beautiful story too. What a wonderfully romantic proposal.

  • How sweet and wonderful! Big Congratulation!!!! I just celebrated my 4 year wedding anniversary on the 26th and it warms my heart to know that its also another’s special day and this story made me cry. You guys are so cute together 🙂

  • thank you for sharing your story with us – so sweet! congrats!!! i got engaged last christmas eve – we’re getting hitched in july 2013. wedding planning is fun – just make sure you remember what it’s all truly about. xoxo

  • yes! yes! yes!!!!! i am sooooo friggin excited!!!! congratulations to the two of you! i wish you a beautiful life of love and happiness together! i cannot wait to watch as the glorious chapter of your life unfolds!

  • What a beautiful story!!! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing, it brightened my week of not so happy events very much. All the best for you two! M x

  • holy cow. sweetest story ever! i cannot wait to see the unfoldings of this wedding :)!

  • What a wonderful way to remember how it all happened. Leslie Knope style is the best. You’ll look back on this years from now and be glad you were sappy to the full degree. Congratulations and I wish you two a happy, sappy, love filled marriage!!!

  • Aww, congratulations!! The ring is just lovely and looks beautiful on your hand!

    Is it weird/stalkerish that I actually wondered before checking the blog after Christmas if there would be an engagement announcement? Just had a feeling!

  • Cheers Emma and Trey! You guys are adorable, so happy for you both. Enjoy this special time together! xoxo

  • Congrats kids! A beautiful and romantic story that will hopefully continue for the rest of your lives.

    I was so surprised by Husband’s proposal, I almost ruined it! Lol! I knew he was going to pop the question because my mother told me he had asked for my father’s blessing and my family sucks at keeping secrets. However, he asked at Thanksgiving and didn’t propose until March. I was afraid he had changed his mind! He hadn’t. He just waited for the perfect time.

    Anyway, the day he proposed, he wanted to take me to a special spot on a lake but I insisted we stop for Arby’s because I was hungry. I was so annoyed that he kept rushing me to eat! Needless to say, I was shocked when he got down on one knee. I mean, I hadn’t even washed my hair that day! Haha!

    It was still the most perfect, romantic, and wonderful moment I’ve ever experienced and (as you can tell) I love to retell the story.

    Congrats again and may you and your fiancee always be blessed.

  • CONGRATULATIONS! So romantic and sweet! You are perfect for each other and your story is so inspiring and beautiful! I wish you all the best!

  • Congratulations! I feel all warm and mushy inside for you guys. My parents were engaged the day after Christmas, too (happily married for over 30 years now), but not for romantic reasons – just because my dad didn’t want my mom’s family to make too much of a fuss!

    Can’t wait to read about planning your wedding.

  • Congrats Emma & Trey! I am SO happy for you and wish you the most amazing engagement! XO

  • Congrats to you both!! You have to share what kind of ring that is so I can show my Boyfriend haha

  • Congratulations to you and Trey both! It sounds like a very magical engagement story. We were engaged earlier this year and it really is like you said; weird in the moment (in a good way, of course!). It’s so surreal, but you just want to take it all in. Cheers to the journey that is ahead of you!

  • hooray!!! such a sweet love story! perfect pics too!
    lovely girl, won’t you stay, stay with me.

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you both. God bless and keep you both in love and happiness xx

  • That was so cute! 😀 Congratulations!
    I really loved reading this, and I wish you all the happiness in the world!

  • Oh, I am so excited for you two! I think my eyes filled up with tears. I love engagements… so cute. 🙂

  • CONGRATS! This is SO exciting! I’m hoping that hot/cold/excited/anxious heads my way soon! Cheers!

  • congrats to the two of you. i am so happy for you.
    such a sweet engagement story. thanks for sharing.

  • How happy & sweet!! That is a great proposal story, it sounds like he did a really good job of surprising you! Your ring is gorgeous!! My fiance proposed to me in the parking lot where we had our first kiss, too. Thems are the best kinds of boys, let me tell ya.

    Congrats Emma & Trey! Let the fun begin 🙂

  • Congrats! Great story. I cried (yep, I cry too). You will share that story over and over throughout your life together!

  • Such a beautiful story, Emma!! Really happy for you both! And I know exactly how it felt to wonder all day if the proposal is coming or not. The day we got engaged my husband threw me off by making a pit stop at the hospital to check his sinuses. HAHA! If I had any hope it would be that day it was GONE. Like THAT! But he still proposed later 🙂 I’m glad he had it secretly recorded because I did not channel my inner Leslie. You’re a smart girl.
    Anyway! So happy. Congratulations!

  • OMG! congratulations! You’re a really cute together!
    Lots of good wishes for you both!!

  • If you’re sappy for crying when your guy proposes then I must be SUPER sappy for crying while reading about it! Congrats!! How perfect!

  • oh congratulations!! such a wonderful story, and gorgeous ring 🙂

    so happy for you two!

  • Congratulations!!!! So exciting! Beautiful story and beautiful ring. So happy for y’all!

  • Oh, my God, this made me cry. Yes, all we are whiners sometimes. Congratulations, you are both very sweet! I love your posts, Emma, thanks for writing this one.

  • Congrats!! Such a sweet story – love that you have someone thoughtful like Trey in your life 🙂

  • Congratulations!! So very exciting! Loved reading your story – thank you for sharing 🙂 happy planning; I know it will be a beautiful wedding. xoxo

  • Hooray!!! An epic year indeed! Was that a hint Elsie?!!! Congrats from across the Atlantic! xxxxx

  • Congrats, congrats, congrats! I loved reading this and really love all the posts that you write–you have such a great writing voice and this story is so sweet. Thanks for sharing! Excited for this next chapter that you and Trey are embarking on! 🙂

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