Announcing Our New Clothing Company – Oui Fresh!

Oui FreshEmma and I are so thrilled to share our newest project with you today! On May 16th we will launch Oui Fresh!

Oui Fresh Oui Fresh will be a curated collection of t-shirts, apparel and accessories. Basically a shop full of things we LOVE and want to wear – a total dream come true for us!

We’re partnering with Hello Merch to print our t-shirts! A few weeks ago we had a chance to visit their warehouse and printing factory in Arizona to see our shirts actually being printed! Partnering with Hello Merch was a no-brainer for us. We’ve both been wearing Hello Apparel shirts for years and years and have always been impressed with both their level of quality and their ethics as a brand.

Here are a few sneak peeks–

Oui Fresh Oui Fresh Oui Fresh Oui Fresh Oui Fresh All of these t-shirts, sunnies and bags will be available on May 16th!!!!!

Alright, guys!! If you want to keep seeing sneak peeks leading up to May 16th, follow Oui Fresh on Instagram.

Love you guys and thank you for your support!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Klima sezonu açıldı klima bakım veya arıza ihtiyaçlarınız için adresinde ulaşa bilirsiniz. Sağlıklı bir ortam yaratmak için klima bakımını mutlaka senede 2 kere mevsim başlarında yaptırmayı unutmayın.

  • We will have XL and 2XL available in three of the four designs we’ll be launching with. One will not have 2XL simply because that shirt size was sold out (or unavailable?) at the time we printed. If you need a different size from these you can always let us know! We are interested in carrying items that will fit all our readers if possible, so just let us know. 🙂


  • Pleaseee tell me there will be plus-size options. I love this type of clothing, but it’s so rare to find it in my size! I am seriously in love.

  • Congratulations! This is such a exciting news =o)

  • OMG! That’s amazing! I loved 🙂
    And congratulations girls! You guys are increasingly awesome!
    xo, Deborah

  • I appreciate that effort so much! There is nothing more disheartening than finding out there aren’t larger options. This curvy gal thanks you! <3

  • Congrats! So so cute. I have to know–where did Emma get that cute floral overshirt in the last picture?

  • I am WAY TOO EXCITED!!!! Can’t wait. Congratulations you guys!! Enjoy this new venture, I hope it brings you happiness and success.

    Much LOVE!
    -Stephanie Eva

  • Elsie & Emma,

    This is such exciting news! You ladies never cease to amaze and inspire me. Each time I need a lift in this crazy blogging biz, I simply head over here and see what you two have come up with next. And today, you most certainly did not disappoint. Cannot wait to share in this launch with you two talented ladies. Will you have an online launch party or something similar? Do tell so I can help promote!

    Have a great day!

  • Congratulations Elise and Emma on your new venture! I look forward to finding out more 🙂

  • We are SO excited to get our hands on this new brand! We’ve loved Hello Apparel for a while as well, and love this big, bold collection you guys are launching! Counting down to May 16th!

  • That is so awesome! They look awesome!

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  • Oh my gosh, any reference to the Labyrinth is a total win! So good!

  • Ah .
    It was inevitable with the eclectic style sense you girls have. A hearty congratulations. I expect to see you on Modcloth soon !
    Hello Merch appear to have good enough ethics with regards to their artists and designers. I’ll be interested in hearing how you find them. By the way I found your site a year back but this is my first comment ! I am always scooting about too much to stop and chat. The very best of luck. Onwards and upwards

  • Love the setting for the photoshoot!
    Where are you two located here ?


    I’m really excited about this! I cannot wait to buy “The Babe With The Power” it’s perfection! I can’t wait to see the entire collection!!!! YAY!

  • Congratulations ABM!!!!! I cannot wait to shop Oui Fresh.

    Happy Saturday

  • Wow, this sounds exciting, and the shirts look so cool!

  • Hooray! That’s so exciting for you and Emma! Congrats!!
    I love your pink bag and the “Brunch club” tee!! Super cute!

  • OMG!!!!!! I’m dying right now! I can’t wait to order! did I miss anything about the sizes? True to size? Jrs/ladies….shrinkage? lol
    I cannot wait to buy these fro me and my girls!!! <3

  • Congratulations! All the best with your new endeavour.


  • Yes, that information is not listed because the shirts can be from many different places depending what the artists chooses. Hello Merch works with lots of bands and other artists, we are just one group they work with. We like their ethics in that the way they treat bands and artists is extremely fair and straight-forward. As ‘creatives’ (I don’t love that word but I’m not sure what else to call us) Elsie and I have dealt with lots of companies over the years, some that treat artists fairly and many that don’t. So we appreciate the ones that do and we want to point it out as we know many in our audience are also fellow artists and creatives and they may want to work with them too someday.

    As for the shirts, ours are all printed in the US (at the Hello headquarters in PHX) on American Apparel shirts. We’re looking into other shirts as well (same printer, different source for where the shirts come from) and if you have suggestions of ones you like I’d LOVE to hear it as there are about one million options and it feels overwhelming to try and research each and every one based on ethics, quality, price, and fit which are all going to be important to our customers.


  • I have a few more questions about the ethics of the company. I tried to find the information from their website but with no luck. Where are the original shirts made? Or the fabric? Is it organic?
    They sure look cute but that´s not enough information.

  • You ladies are killing it! Congratulations on another exciting endeavor! Such a pleasure watching your business grow and evolve. Cheers!

  • You have no idea how happy that Labyrinth t-shirt makes me.. (what can I say, I am a child of the 80s!)

  • Yes, many/most of our shirts will be available in XL and 2XL. A few of the specific shirts/colors didn’t have the 2XL available at the time we ordered to get them printed but we will always be watching what sells and restocking accordingly. Plus you can always request something and we’re listening/taking it into consideration. 🙂


  • Awe. We don’t have any baby shirts or onesies planned as of now but we’ve always got our ears open to see wha people want. So I’m marking one tally down for you. 🙂


  • Ahhhh congrats I’m so excited! Might as well say goodbye to all my money now haha

  • OMG I have to have the babe with the power t shirt. I’m crossing everything you do my size!

  • So excited for this! Please tell me the “Babe with the Power” will also come in a baby size! Even if it doesn’t, I’m getting one!

  • I feel the same Ashley! I still have and wear a bunch of clothing from the modcloth collab so it will be well worth it!

  • I want everything especially “The Babe with the Power” tee. Super excited and congrats on the new project 🙂

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