Anxious for Autumn

Sister StyleTry as I may to stay focused on summertime, I am anxious for autumn. It happens every year. I'm sorry. Don't hate me. I… just… can't… help it. 

Today I saw my first fallen orange leaves in Sarah's yard, and it was my moment of zen. 

Here's a checklist of all the autumn traditions I have planned (from my journal): Host a Halloween party (this will be our first one!), make apple cider at home, visit the pumpkin patch with Penelope, celebrate PSL day with Jeremy, create an autumn cocktail, run the Turkey Trot 5k with Emma, hang our ghost decorations, make autumn floral arrangements and drink wine (don't ask! This is a long-running tradition), make homemade trail mix, and celebrate Friendsgiving. 

Who's with me?  

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Emma's wearing: Dress, Necklace, Shoes
Elsie's wearing: Top, Shorts, Shoes, Clutch, Jacket

Oh, and one more thing on autumn. Let's not forget the cheesy (ahem—"classic") Halloween movie marathon that needs to happen. Hocus Pocus, anyone? xo. Elsie 

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Roz, Charlotte, and Ava B&W from the Lightroom Mini Collection. 


  • Hey, I love the new blog design but you should leave all the posts from that day expanded – not just the most recent. So when I read all the posts from that day, I don’t have to open each article and then go back to the main page. I imagine most people visit the blog once a day rather than every time you post that day. Thanks!

  • Elsie, I have your same feelings about Autumn. It’s my favourite season!
    Hocus Pocus is a family tradition since I was a child! 😀

  • YES! to hocus pocus. the greatest and longest standing halloween tradition.

  • I love the new blog design too but I have to agree (it would be easier for us and lead to more post views for you).
    P.S. You guys are the best and my coffee break would not be the same without my daily dose of ABM!

  • I share the same feelings..anxiety, a little panic(because september is for me the real beginning of the year!), but also the great comfort of a blanket, being out of guilt to stay home and run cheesy films marathon(Hocus pocus and Scrooged with Bill Murray are on my list!)and start something new, something that makes you grow, it’s maybe the memories of going back to school in september…^^ Thanks for sharing everyday inspiring things and thoughts, you 2 Elsie and Emma made me want to begin a new adventure with a blog and made me want to do things instead of overthinking everything..thank you!
    Eugénie from France

  • Oh and I forgot if you want to give it a look…!have a good evening!
    Still Eugénie from France

  • I agree. I feel like just when I’ve had enough of summer, fall arrives and so on. I’m so happy to live where I get to enjoy the fantastic 4!

  • I’m from Texas but living in St. Louis right now and looove autumn! STL actually has seasons – I get to see leaves turn color for more than just a week! Fall in the midwest is gorgeous and I can see why you’re so excited.

  • Yaay like video’s ! 😀

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  • Me too! Hoodies, flannel, beanies…..and best of all autumn in Michigan! If you ever are so inclined to come out to Michigan in the fall, do allow me to take you to one of our cider mills! We shall laugh while looking awesome eating a caramel apple pie from heaven!!!

  • I love Elsie’s outfit, Emma’s is pretty but Elsie’s is my kind of style. I love the plaid paired with the shorts!

  • Yes! Hocus Pocus! They filmed the trick or treating scenes in my Salem neighborhood! My mom would take us to watch after school!


    That is going to be a thing; I’m calling it.

    I love Fall too, ladies! Thanks for exploring all of the beautiful 🙂


  • Yes I am soo ready for fall! I love absolutely everything about it- the crisp air, cozy sweater and tights, and basically anything pumpkin flavored 😀 ahhh. I’m so ready for it!
    And yed, OMG Hocus Pocus is the bomb. Also, The Addams Family & Casper on definitely on my cheesy/classic Halloween movie list :))

  • I am just super excited for some fall weather! These 100 degree days in Kansas can just stop.

    I am also super excited to be able to host a friends giving and other parties in my home for the first time!

    I love your outfit Elsie and I love both of your shoes!!!!

    the clover field

  • Oh my gosh Elsie! I’m right there with you! This is my absolute favourite time of year! Love all these to do items, and the movie marathon!!! So excited to see what you guys have up your sleeves for pumpkins and all things autumn! Love it!!!

  • I love autumn! This will be my first autumnn in Finland and I am very much looking forward to it 🙂 Coming from Australia, everything is topsy-turvy when it comes to seasons.

  • Oh my gosh!! I love Hocus Pocus!! Halloween is my second favorite holiday (right after Christmas of course). You sure have a busy fall ahead of you, Elsie ;). It sounds like so much fun though. I love that dress and those shorts! Very cute.


  • I’m about in the mood too which is just as well as August in London has been a wash out! I’m about to plant up my garden…we spent most of the summer overhauling it and as yet there’s not a plant, other than a veg patch (with a pumpkin ripening!), in it so I’m looking forward to that and apparently it’s a good time, better than in the heat of summer. So any tips on quick growing climbers, pref evergreen, or other beautiful plants much appreciated. Shopping trip planned next week…..!

  • My friends are always yelling at me about my love for fall. I love the smells, the colors, the lattes, boot socks……In Michigan the season is short so you learn to savor it!

  • Oh yes as soon as there is the chill and smell of autumn in the air, the children are heading back to school it is time for all things orange brown and golden yellow.

  • Ooooh and autumn is my favorite season. I love the sweaters and coffee and sweet, comfortin nip in the air. I keep looking for those single, subtle branches of faint yellow or orange and each one makes me a little happier.

    Oh and cider? Yus.

  • I am looking forward to autumn each year, it´s the best season – to me. I love the crispy air and the leaves on the ground and I get to wear all my pretty and beloved scarves again. I even like the rain and that it´s getting colder, which means it becomes cozy again indoors.

  • This is the first year that David & I are living together during the autumn season and I am SO READY to make some awesome traditions with him! I love your list as well. And as much as I adore summer, I’m pretty ready for fall (the donuts! the cider! the cozy dinners!…oh wait, those are all food-related.)


  • I agree one hundred percent. I read this blog religiously (literally every single day), but the new layout is a little tedious to scroll through. I would LOVE it if the posts were expanded like the used to be!! Still, I absolutely adore you guys & will always be a loyal reader no matter what. Can never get enough ABM!!

  • You do know the “anxious” is a negative based feeling, and not exchangeable with excited?

  • Yessss omg Hocus Pocus and the Nightmare Before Christmas (which I can never decide if I should watch during Halloween or Christmas…). Autumn is my absolute favorite season – hayrides, Halloween parties, leaves, apple picking, cider donuts, butternut squash… Sigh!

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