Apple Ginger Cocktail

Apple Ginger Cocktail via abeautifulmess.comI first discovered this combination last spring when Katie and I were testing cocktail recipes for Emma's bachelorette party! We were making lots of crazy flavored combinations and after a few hours I busted out my juicer (because, you know, it wouldn't be right if we didn't make a HUGE mess!) We tried a few combinations that included fresh apple juice including this rosewater one and eventually figured out that fresh green apple juice is amazing when mixed with Crème de Gingembre. 

The thing I love most about this drink is that it's perfect for brunch… or anytime really! It's light and refreshing and doesn't taste boozy at all. I like mimosas, but I LOVE this drink. This drink is also great for those who don't drink alcohol because it's every bit as enjoyable without the Crème de Gingembre. I'm sorry this last paragraph is kinda one big sales pitch for my awesome cocktail, but I swear to you- it's worth it! 

Apple Ginger Cocktail via Apple Ginger Cocktail, serves one 

Fresh Apple Juice (approximately three small granny smith apples per glass!) 
Ginger Juice (just throw a little 2 inch piece of ginger in for each serving)
Crème de Gingembre

In a juice glass mix 2 ounces Creme De Ginger with fresh juice and serve with ice. For parties I make a large pitcher and let guests serve themselves! 

Apple Ginger Cocktail via  Apple Ginger Cocktail via   Hope you enjoy it! xo. Elsie

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