April Fools’ (Outtakes!)

ABM documentary outtakesWe had so much fun making the April Fools’ trailer for you guys! It was seriously a blast to do something that totally pokes fun at ourselves! We collaborated with our longtime friend Brandon Goodwin on the concept, and he shot all the footage in one day! It was the best and weirdest day at work we’ve had in a long time. We were basically crying from laughter all day. 

Some of our favorite comments were from those of you who didn’t know it was a joke until the very end of (or even halfway through!) the video. We don’t know how to take that. haha! #shame

Either way, we are happy we got some of you!! 

Brandon put together an outtakes version which is mostly just us cracking up and messing up! But there’s a pretty s-weet Emma joke in there too. ENJOY! 

And if you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can find it here. 

We love you guys!!! xx. Elsie

  • Totally cracked up at this….which was much needed today. Loved the prank and the out takes. Although, I was a little bummed that there wouldn’t be an actually documentary! Lol

  • Hahaha I just love how difficult it is for Elsie to curse.


  • Oh. My. Gosh. My favorite part? Trey’s second “it’s a mess”, breathes in, and looks at the camera? Killed me. It’s like you’ve been on The Office and know how to make people laugh. I also loved Elsie’s “Emma what the f*%#?” Haha, I wish that stayed in. And Emma’s a natural comedic actor who can save face and wait to break.
    This was perfect!

  • Haha, Kasia, me too! Never commented before. I laughed so hard! And I loved how Elsie has such a difficult time swearing. You are too sweet!!

  • I actually saw it and thought it was a great idea! After watching you guys go from a tiny little art studio to creating your own dress line and opening a thrift store, to buying a house to completely renovate and then give-away, PLUS two books? I would actually watch that documentary. You guys have been awesome to follow over the years so I can’t believe it was an April Fool’s Joke!! 🙂 Got this one, for sure!

  • HAHAHAHA. ELSIE. You kill me. I would have reacted the same way about the toy gun and the cursing segment?! SO funny. I love it all ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEST.

  • Elsie, you’re really, really adorable! Emma, you’re so funny and so natural in front of a camera! You both are so charming I literally smile whenever I see bits of your livestreaming. Congratulations on your success! 🙂

  • These outtakes just made my morning coffee time way better (and more hilarious!) 😛 Love you gals!


  • She was scribbling nothing hahaha. I was chuckling at this so much. Thanks for sharing. I love you sisters!

  • Omg… I was at work at the time so I couldn’t watch the video, but I thought oh wow a documentary… That’s a big thing! I completely forgot to watch it & now I find out its a April fools joke? Guuuuyyyyssss!!!


  • Actually spent the second half of the video wondering how you had spent that much… you guys should definitely make a documentary though!

  • Outtakes are the best!! I’m still in love with that other trailer. And I’m glad that I’m not the only one nervous around guns, even if I’ve gone to the range before. <3

  • That video is super cool and hilarious. Awesome.


  • We all just really like the idea of an ABM documentary… Why not? A small business rising up and taking the Internet for its own? That’s great!

    I didn’t realise it was fake (it was April 2nd here in Aus when I watched) until it showed you guys speaking a lot, and being far less eloquent than usual. I started giggling straight away when I realised.

  • If it makes you feel any better, I knew it was a joke right after Emma said,”We’ve always made such cute creative things!” Great video. You all are amazing.

  • This was the funniest April fools I’d seen, although I guessed it was a spoof I feel like this actually needs to be a real thing though! It made me laugh at the end of a tough day!

  • Emma you are my idol and inspiration!
    Lots of love all the way from California

  • I died in the Trailer one when Elsie says Son of a b****! hahaha and now I just doubled over when I heard Her struggle with it!!!


    The Chronic Dreamer

  • Loved both videos! Although now I’m more curious… how do yall keep having such great ideas for blog posts and not run out??

  • Seriously the best april fools I saw this year! Have to admit I actually believed it the first minute and thought it was a brilliant idea.

  • “Something with emojis we definitely need.”
    “Yeah, we haven’t done that in like two days.”
    hahaha that was my favourite part! It’s so true 😉


  • So cute!! And I don’t know why… but I always read and thought that your name Elsie was pronounced as Elese. Not sure why. ha!!

  • I’m hooked on you. I totally like you all. Never commented on anything before but this one, yep, I simply need to. It is seriously great. Thanks for putting a smile on my face! Good luck and all the best!

  • Loved this! The actual one made me smile so much the other day! Thank you!

  • I though it was real until the end, but I never thought the “information” in it was real. Like I thought you had actually made a little film poking fun at yourselves in a documentary style, like Spinal Tap or something. But I didn’t think you’d actually spent $23K on succulents! Hahaha.

    Best April Fool’s prank ever! #noshamebro

  • You are both my idols!! Love everything you create!! every single thing!

  • the outtakes are even better than the actual video!!! you all are so funny!!! xo

  • LOL these are just as good as the trailer. Haven’t done an emoji project in two days… hahahaha!

  • These are hilarious and so is the trailer. Oh and I love love love your 404 page! I ran across that yesterday and I bookmarked it because it just makes me smile!

  • These videos are brilliant! Love that you’re willing to poke fun at yourselves. Your April Fools video genuinely made my day. {insert heart eyes emoji here}


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