are these mini prints C U T E or what?


yays! i am really happy with these new ACEO sized mini prints! we have two little collections this month… space girls and elsiecake girls (ok.. i didn't know what to name them.. but they are a collection of girl paintings i did last winter!). more pics… 


we produced limited editions (40 of each of these sets), they are numbered on the back. 



awwwe. :D 

and check out this rad dress i scored on Etsy last night! 


Mr. Larson and i went to my grandmas cabin tonight… it was wonderful to see her and to finally share with him a place that is so dear to me. 

It's been suchhhh a busy week. Just silly. Tonight I am finally putting the finishing touches and glossy coat on my last handful of commissions (will try to share tomorrow.. this batch is just as cute as the last one!) and giving my studio a much needed clean up. It's hard for me to make time to clean, but it really is one of the most inspiring things!! I am always in the mood to work after a nice big tidy session. It's just more fun to make a mess creating in a clean room than an already messy one, right? :) 

Also, I have a secret project going on that is taking over my heart! <3 really excited. and maybe, just maybe I might be adopting a sweet little pup this week. i hope. i hope. i hope. 

ok.. back to work for me. more shares soon. hope your week is LOVELyyyy. 


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