Area Rugs For Under $500!

Rugs, rugs, glorious rugs! Switching out a rug (or just adding one to a space) can make a world of difference, but area rugs can get pretty pricey, so we rounded up a few of our current favorites that are under $500! That one in my living room is super soft and it adds a lot of light to the space as well—love it.

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So many good ones to choose from! If you need a washable option for a kid’s room or space that can get messy (it’s a good choice for pet owners too), then this is my favorite washable rug brand and they have lots of cute options. Don’t forget to add a nonslip mat underneath rugs as well to keep them in place and add a little cushioning. As a little tip, I love choosing rugs that fit the overall theme of my house so I can easily move them from one room to another when I want to reorient things and have a free mini room refresh. Happy rug shopping! xo. Laura

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