At Home With Patricia Goijens

Gorgeous color on the walls in this spaceWe are so happy to welcome Patricia Goijens to the blog today to share her lovely home with us! Bright and sunny living roomLove the hutchLovely bar cartI live in the centre of Antwerp, Belgium in a big bright apartment from the 1930s together with my boyfriend. My flat is on the 9th floor, which you don't see a lot over here. It's mostly low-rise buildings. I absolutely love the view, the amazing light, my walk-in wardrobe, the hardwood floors and original details. I've mostly decorated the space with vintage pieces (a lot of them from my family) and travel souvenirs, which to me adds so much sentimental value to the space. Both my boyfriend and I work from home, so it’s very important our space is inspiring, because we spend a lot of time there! Those chairs!Love this idea- large prints sitting on the floorLovely fireplace stacked with booksI have a lot of pieces that I cherish, most of which I got from my grandmothers and parents. One thing I really love is the silver fish on our fireplace, It’s the first gift my mother gave to my father back in the seventies! It ended up in the attic, because it didn’t fit their decor anymore. And I was very happy to give it a second life!

The rocking chair in the living room is another piece that always draws attention when we have people over. Everyone loves it! I have a video of me falling out of it when I was a toddler (I was fine), and I love that I got to take it with me from when I was a little girl until now! Rainbow assortment of booksLove the rainbow books!Three years now, and we will be moving soon to a new apartment that we bought. All the big pieces have been here from the start. We went on a shopping spree at flea markets, antique stores and thrift shops before we moved in. Our elevator is too small for big items, so we had to make sure we had most things before we moved in. That’s when we bought our Chesterfield sofa and the sideboard in our living room. But it’s definitely gotten more like home over the years! We’ve added more plants and painted some of our furniture pieces like the rocking chair to tidy the place up a bit and make it feel more "grown up”, and somehow, we keep buying chairs. It’s kind of an addiction! Gorgeous vanityAt Home With Patricia GoijensPretty details on a vanityWe have a big living room that’s great for dinner parties and having friends over! I can’t count the hours we’ve spent chatting the night away with a bottle of wine. We’ve even had dinner with over 20 people here! The space also serves as a great blank canvas for the photo shoots we do each season for the webshop and various other projects. We’ve even climbed on our roof a couple of times with great results. I’ll definitely miss this place when we move! Beautiful dark walls in a neat and tidy closetThis shoe collection makes me happy!Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Patricia! You can find more of Patricia over on her blog No Glitter No Glory or her web shop. xo.

  • Hi!

    I know this is an old photo but do you happen to remember the name of the paint for the teal wall? Its absolutely gorgeous!

  • Not exactly relevant to the decor but her SHOE COLLECTION is AMAZING. Major shoe envy happening here! 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing! I’ll have to see if they’ll color match all the way over here in Canada!

  • That couch is to die for!! It’s my dream couch i loove it! And i adore your colorful library 😉 Very pretty!
    Cute home girl!

  • When I looked at the first pictures, I thought, “hey, this is something that you could find over here in Belgium”… And I was surprised with the answer! These 1930s Belgian flats are really something unique, I love the floor and the chimneypiece.

  • That blue and yellow in the first photo are so electric in such a nice way!


  • I like the style in this apartment. Espcially the print with the birds, in the first picture, caught my eye.

  • What a beautiful home! I would love to show my home here, but I don´t know where to apply!

    Katharina from

  • I JUST moved to Antwerp! My apartment is pretty barren right now, but she’s given me so many good ideas! I’m going to have to find her so she makes my apartment look just as good. 🙂

  • I just adore the first picture, that pop of brilliant blue with that stunning chair! Envy strikes with that closet!

  • that blue color is amazing!! and what a lovely closet!

  • Lovely apartment! Just thought I’s say that Patricia looks rather like clara from doctor who. Link to picture
    Very beautiful 🙂

  • It’s also something that belonged to my mother when she was young. It used to be natural wood and I gave it a fresh layer of paint and new knobs. Glad you like it! x

  • Hi Nicole! It’s Lush Aqua from Levis! No idea if they sell it outside Belgium but I hope this helps:

  • Love her closet and what a beautiful wooden floor! xx

  • Oh wow, what a beautiful home. I love the rocking chair and the mix of modern and classic. Gorgeous!

  • Wow,wonderful!!!
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  • I was going to say something about something in her apartment.. and then I saw the closet/shoes…. GASP! WANT.

    xo Ashley

  • LOVE IT! So pretty.

    Also a very (very very very) beautiful home in Antwerp: (it’s a Bed and Breakfast, completely decorated in 40’s and 50’s style)
    Maybe suitable for At Home With?

  • I love this series. im so nosy and love seeing how others decorate. I feel like home décor is such a personal thing. Love this!

  • I love the baazar poster!

  • Such a beautiful home! So many great details and hints of color! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  • That blue wall is breathtaking, the whole space is lust worthy!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • so many interesting details!

  • What a beautiful home! I love love love the dining table chairs and the built-in bookshelf 😀


  • Ok I never would have dreamed in a million years that a home so close to mine would be on your blog! I seriously had to read the first phrase twice like ‘what?! In Antwerp? I must have misread.’
    Yay! And I quite love the interior. It’s not the style I am going for in my own home but it suits the city centre and the structure of the apartment as far as I can see.
    Goe gedaan Patricia! (Translated to English: Good job Patricia!)

  • The light in that apartment is so STUNNING. And I adore all of the framed prints.

  • I love the chesterfields! There’s so much of an old-manly feel to them which is so appealing to me! & the suitcases! A beautiful home! Ailish (

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  • so in love with your walk-in-wardrobe patricia! it’s also really special that almost each and every piece has a story (yay for vintage)! i’m sure your new home will be just as beautiful 🙂

  • Love her style- and that closet. So pretty and such great taste!

  • I love everything about this! I’m especially enamoured with the blue wall, would you be so generous as to share the paint color? It’s the perfect thing for my half bathroom 🙂

  • Ahh that blue wall. GREAT color! And the leather sofa? Jealous. I’m in love with this apartment. I wish I lived there.

    xo Denise

  • I looooove that blue wall, that’s the perfect shade for me to use in my bedroom…

  • what a gorgeous home! I absolutely LOVE those wood floors! Oh, and that closet is absolutely stunning!


  • This apartment definitely looks like it was live in with lots of love! I adore the navy blue wall and those sparkly boots! We’re still renting, and I can’t wait to one day (hopefully soon) have a space to completely make my own much like this! Thanks for sharing!! For now, we keep our space homey with a lot of house plants and family heirlooms.

  • May I submit a DIY request for you ladies *blushing* That Bazaar print is so cool, would be even better if it could be of an actual photo of yourself.

    Patricia your home is beautiful!

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