At Home With Antonia Osswald

At Home With Antonia Oßwald via A Beautiful MessWe are delighted to have our very first reader submission today! Antonia Osswald is here to share her lovely home with us! Beautiful bedroom with terrace Gorgeous vintage details"Together with my boyfriend Gabriel, I live in a 67-square-meter flat in a 100-year-old house in Cologne, Germany. Although our space is limited, I think we made the best of it. I really love the big windows and the huge door between my bedroom and living room. The herring bone floor in the bedroom is as old as the house itself, I am really proud of that. Our interior is a mix between mid-century furniture—the most is from my grandparents—and a lot of gray. Now and then you can find a touch of color. Many things in our flat are self-made or upcycled, so it has a vey personal note." Lovely studio space"The bedroom is the home office at the same time. I think you can see which desk is mine and which one is from my boyfriend, haha. From there you can go out on our really small balcony, but it has enough room for two people. So when the weather is nice, we have breakfast or even bbq there. In our living room we spend most of our evenings together. Often I use the kitchen as a working space, because it is not so far away from the coffee machine." Bright kitchenSmall kitchen table"My favorite finds in my place are definitely my three-string shelves. I found them at my grandfather's home between some old stuff. I am so thankful he does not throw away anything. So everytime I'm with him, I can find something new (old) for my place." Love the contrast in these roomsBeautiful living areaAntonia OßwaldLovely details"We have lived here for four years. At the beginning it was not so nice in our flat. My boyfriend brought his stuff, and I brought mine, so there was no living concept at all. From time to time, the old stuff was replaced. Last year we renovated the whole place. The biggest project was the walk-in closet in the bedroom. Now I really love our home. It is so me."At Home With Antonia OßwaldThank you so much for sharing your space with us, Antonia! You can find more of Antonia over at her blog Craftifair!  xo.

  • How cool is that? 😀 Finding an “at home with…” post with an apartment from my own hometown on your blog! It’s great to see there are people with a great taste and sense of matching the right things with the right colors not so far away 🙂

  • I love the calendar with the triangles! Where did that come from?

  • I love the shelves in the kitchen.


  • GORGEOUS! I love the colors/ lack of colors! I adore old places that have charming little bits like that window nook.

    And I want to know all about the dip-dyed curtains!

  • What a lovely home. I think I’ve just decided that my bedroom will get one dark grey wall when I (eventually) re-do it.

  • What a beautiful space!! Thanks so much for sharing. it’s absolutely lovely. The floor is fantastic.

    Alex from

  • Antonia, you have a beautiful home! I love the dark wall and the clear style. its so nice to see that they had picked a home in Germany! Grüße aus Gütersloh 🙂 annie

  • Beautiful home!!!!!
    Do you know wher the wall shelves are from?

  • AWESOME place! I’m loving it so much! Great colours, and especially love the furniture!

  • What a great place! I love how curated it is! As someone who’s always trying to get rid of more stuff, I find her pared down aesthetic really inspiring!

  • Beautiful and great for a couple!

  • I love seeing how people handle living in such small spaces – great inspiration for us apartment-dwellers!

  • Wow! Just wow! What a beautiful home and I adore the space plus the kitty’s!

    Its such a great idea that your choosing readers home to be featured. I’m working on getting some good pictures for you to send in 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • Black can be such an overwhelming color, but somehow it’s calming here. The home has wonderful contrast!

    Vintage Amore

  • Such a beautiful, personalized space! I’m especially obsessed with the kitchen & living room.

  • I adore the dark walls, they give that something super extra special. Lovely home! Thank you for sharing. xx

  • This apartment looks so cozy! loving the layout and everything.

    check out my travel/fashion blog here :

  • I looked at the first picture and thought “Well…that looks like a European home” and there we go: Cologne! 🙂 Very lovely home 🙂
    Liebe Grüße einer NRWlerin aus München 🙂

  • I’m so in love with this home! Everything about it makes me swoon 🙂 so inspiring!

  • I never thought dark grey/black walls could look good but I’m loving it here! The shelving is quite lovely too

  • This place looks beautiful! full of retro, vintage furniture this is what I’m hoping to get my flat looking like at some point in the future.

  • It’s beautiful!! I love all the lines from the shelving units and artwork. And I NEED those dip-dye curtains.


  • Gorgeous apartment! Love the windows, flooring, and personal touches.

  • Wow, this apartment is beautiful! I love both the modern and vintage accents.

  • such a beauty full space! she knows how to display and organize like it’s an art form!

  • I’ve always liked a black and white interior. Those drawn details on the bedroom wall look gorgeous! They’re simple yet they add so much to the room.

  • I love the drapes in the second picture as well as all of the tall windows 🙂 Beautiful home!

  • Thank you, Antonia! What a wonderful, inspiring, cozy space! Stunning!

  • Beautiful! Old spaces have so much character that newer buildings just can’t touch.

  • Gorgeous work! They’ve done some fabulous things with their space — and those floors in the bedroom are to die for!

  • I love the shelves and the use of dark colors. it’s beautiful thanks for sharing 🙂

  • beautiful home! i love the simplicity and the monochromatic colours.

  • Can we please find out where that simple shelving throughout the space is from? It’s perfect 🙂

  • The old furniture really gives your place a special feeling to it and it matches the feeling of Cologne as my favorite city quite well. I was very excited to finally see a german, even “kölsches” home because I am from Cologne so I’m a real “Kölsches Mädel”.
    Eine wirklich sehr schöne Inspiration.

  • Great flat! I love old Cologne buildings, they have huge windows and with so much light you can have dark walls and not close your walls yet. I live in Bonn in such a neighbourhood, but my building is post war.

  • Wow! This must be my favorite apartment; I love all the 60’ies furniture, and how well they are combined with the modern ones. And it’s so cool that you chose a European reader 🙂 Yay!

  • We love it! It’s so dark and elegant and at the same time feminine and warm. We are in awe!

    Greetings from Europe,

    Birdy and Bambi

  • Haha, I looked at the pictures and thought “Looks like an old German flat somewhere around here” … and indeed, it is! Wunderschöne Wohnung, absoluter Wahnsinn! I’m obsessed with the dark colours and the white. In LOVE!


  • What a beautiful home! Stylish yet personal. I love all the old furniture, and those dark walls look amazing!

  • Beautiful!!I love Antonia’s home decor!Those “at home with” post are so cool!!
    I love your blog girls!

    Ester Sparkles

  • I am so happy you do this series, I love to look inside other peoples homes. So inspiring! Also, it has shown me some awesome blogs and shops, like the one from the post above. So happy to find a German blog with so much style!

  • Oh yes, you did the best in this apartment!
    Every detail is great
    Love !

  • So gorgeous! I love how everything is so bright – yet there’s colour!

  • I love the black and white theme in the living room and the simplicity of the entire space.

  • I love the grey and white walls. Some years ago, even we got out walls light grey and dark grey! And I love huge windows. You can only afford to have dark walls if u have such good good source of natural light!

  • What a lovely space! I love how it has so much personality. There is so much to look at! 🙂

  • I love this! I have that same pillow from Ikea and was stuck at where I should go next with the design of the room. Love this inspiration!

  • Love the wood floors. the décor is simple and elegant. hopefully when I grow up I can have a space as wonderful as this….one can dream

  • This is probably one of my favorite homes yet! My family is from Germany, so that was also touching. I just love this space, though.

  • Beautiful! I love all the grey and earth tones. Also love the awesome “Windows” above the bed…very clever and cool
    Attic lace

  • This home is SO my style! I absolutely love it!

    Dana Ivy – Check out my blog!!

  • Oh goodness! This home is perfection! Looks so liveable but SO perfect. Love it all. The geometric feel is so great.

    Juliette Laura

  • The furniture is to to die for! Such an awesome flat!

    Sarah Xx

  • i love every inch of this space! especially those curtains and the dark accents walls.

  • How funny.. I come here, think “what a beautiful living room” and then I read that it’s actually an apartment in Cologne, where I live as well! 🙂
    Nice pick! I love it!!

  • Oh my God, I am absolutely in love with everything in this space. So inspirational!


  • I love this kitchen. So beautiful! I haven’t really been into this whole 70’s, flea market finds decorating trend but she does it so well! It still looks cozy. I love it.

  • I adore the herringbone floors!! I myself live in a 100 year old house and I love everything about it. There is just so much character and history 🙂

  • This is my favorite “at home” to date! Loved it so much, thank you for sharing!!

  • Yeah a German flat! I love old German houses, I lived in one myself for quite some time. Mine was a flatshare though so it was far away from being as beautiful as Antonias!

    I love all about this, the color scheme, the shelves and basically all of the furniture. Blown away.

  • Wow, I love your place! So beautifully curated. Where did you get that triangles calendar?

  • Oh my god that little mid-century vanity piece is AMAZING. I’d kill for it. And she SHOULD be proud of those floors. Wow. I love that everything looks so rich, even though it’s neutral. Their place is perfectly lived in.

    xo Ashley

  • Beautiful home! I love how many personal touches she has throughout the space, it seems like a perfect place to be inspired!


  • Such a lovely home! I love light and dark contrast!

    Aysha x

  • I love this space. wow. it’s minimal and well edited without being too cold. can i please live here?

  • old houses are the best!

  • A beautiful home! The pillows are lovely.

  • Oh I love her apartment. Great to see ye picked a reader here in Europe 🙂 Looking forward to the rest! definitely my fave series so far!

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • I love the shelving everywhere in this space! Beautiful and simple, can’t beat it.


  • Wow! I love your home Antonia! I love the small mid-century credenza you have and your shelves. Everything looks great. 🙂

  • The dark statement walls are awesome. A beautiful space. I can’t wait some time looking through her blog.

  • Elsie & Emma! These homes you share are a great inspiration for a new home owner like myself taking on new design projects. always hunting for inspiring ideas!

  • Such a lovely home! I love the dark colours 🙂

    Carina xx

  • I really love interior posts! i love the dark grey walls and parquet flooring..simple but striking.
    Becca x

  • Beautiful home! I love the pictures with the kitty in it – it’s definitely a space to live in. And THANK YOU for choosing a European (and even a German!) reader; I love all the home tours you’ve posted so far but it’s great to see other people making the most of their small apartments 🙂

  • ooh i love that low rocking chair in the living room. and i got sucked in with that ginger kitty too – we ginger kitty owners stick together. love the place!

  • I’m not found of dark colors for walls, but it looks so great in this place ! I found in love with the hole place !

  • The rocking chair is from IKEA, I have painted it in the same color as the wall.
    Thanks for your lovely comments 🙂



  • Very stylish home! I love the dark grey shade on the walls, it lets the white furniture stand out so well.


  • I’m in love with that dress form! What a beautiful home 🙂

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  • Can you please find out what the navy-ish color is called (used for the accent wall)? I love it!

  • So cute – love the furniture! Any chance to find out where that rocking chair might have come from? Love!

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