At Home With Amanda Cowley

Lovely officeWe are happy to welcome Amanda Cowley to the blog today to share little bits of her home with us! Love the classic feel to this room
"My husband Paul and I moved into our 2.5 story brick Victorian home in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario almost seven years ago, and from the very first time I walked through the front door, I knew it was going to be the place we would start building our lives together in. Built in 1920, the house features all the charm and character I have always imagined my first home to have — creaky hardwood floors, interesting stained glass windows, high ceilings and endless wood trim details, my favourites being the paneled staircase and our two-tiered fireplace mantle.
Since day one, the house has had a natural way of feeling homey and inviting, but it's the addition of all our treasures and cherished items that breathe real life and love into the space. Nothing makes me feel like we have really made the house into our home, than when someone steps inside for the first time, and shares just how warm and cozy it makes them feel." Lovely victorian dining roomLovely tulips to brighten any spaceBeautiful place settings"The large marquee letter 'C' we display on our mantle is probably the most unique decor item we have in our home, and was purchased at a beautiful restoration & salvage shop while on an antiquing road trip with girlfriends last year. Our hutch was a gift from my Mom's friend when we first moved in. It was her grandmother's for the longest time, and when she passed away it needed a new home. I proudly display the china my parents purchased for us as a housewarming gift, as well as a rotation of my ruby red vintage Avon glassware, and milk glass vase collection. I'm a sucker for a pretty vase, especially anything with a hobnail detail, and simply adore the fluted turquoise bud vase I just had to have the minute I laid eyes on it.
If I had to define my style or taste, I would have to say it's 'classic eclectic'. I am typically drawn to Victorian period furnishings, with interesting patterns or a carved design, and love anything with a scrolled detail or unique upholstery finish. I embrace colour and value the way it affects my mood from day to night and season to season. Our moss green living room, although fresh and light during the day, can easily feel moody and romantic with lots of candlelight during dinner parties in the evenings. However my favourite time of day is late afternoon during the summer months, when the sun has made its way over the house and shines through the back door, filling the kitchen with bright, warm sunlight as we cook away — those are the moments I wait all year for."  Large prints of wedding photos-- love this!Pretty office detailsAt Home With Amanda Cowley via A Beautiful MessNail Polish Rack in Office"The project I am most proud of is the portrait of my Oma I painted and have on display in our dining room. After stumbling across the photograph I used as inspiration for the painting, taken by my Opa sometime during the 1950's, I fell in love with every last detail of the image, and decided it would serve as the perfect opportunity to try my hand at painting—an arts & crafts medium that was totally foreign to me, yet something I had always been interested in. From the moment I picked up the paintbrush and started blending colours, right to the very last stroke of my signature, I loved everything about working on the painting." Lovely detailsLove a good bar cart"Over the last 7 years we have made mainly aesthetic changes to the home. A fresh coat of paint has made its way onto every inch of wall space, trim, doors and ceilings, except for our master bedroom which is the next project on the list! For a century home with 100-year-old bones, we have been beyond lucky that no serious renovations have been required, and have truly been able to spend our time in the house really making it our own. The gardens all received a lot of love, and now serve as my personal flower shop where I gather clippings of lilacs in the spring, and perennial greens throughout the summer, to bring inside and add a freshness to the space. It's amazing how adding a houseplant or two to a room, or even just a few hosta leaves in a pretty vase, can bring your home to life."StrawberriesPretty built-in shelvesLove the vintage dishesThanks for sharing your home with us, Amanda! You can find more of Amanda on her website or over on Instagram.
Credits // Author and photography: Nataschia Wielink
  • Love it all – especially your Oma portrait. We have an Oma in our family too! They are special

  • Oh my god this home is so lovely! I need to add this to my scrap book of interior design 🙂 xx

  • This is a beautiful home! There are so many gorgeous paint colors in here – I especially loved the green dining room.

  • Thanks so much, Amanda! It really looks wonderful. Now I’m just trying to find a good wall in my house!

  • WOW! I was completely shocked to see that Amanda and I reside in the same small town in Niagara! What a small world, and beautiful home.

  • I love the white! I live in an older home and everything is dark! Think I will try, WHITE!

  • This is so gorgeous! It looks and sounds like an idyllic home and life. Nice to meet you Amanda from a fellow Canadian blogger 🙂

  • This must one of my favorites! It’s just soooo adorable, has a good vibe! Plus I got some good ideas for my upcoming home makeover! 😉

    xx Kaisa

  • I adore that chandelier in the office and all the beautiful tulips, pops of gold and brass, plus that lovely portrait. Job well done, Amanda!

  • Wow you have the best pictures on your blog!

  • I absolutely love this blog! It is such an inspiration for my blog

  • I have that exact same gold and glass serving cart! I use it as a night stand. I’m probably going to paint the gold white. You know Carrie had the same one in her apartment on SATC?

  • Such a beautiful home! I love how fresh and unique it looks! I am especially a fan of the gold accents!

  • You know, bright fresh colors on the walls always seems to do the trick! This house looks so happy!

  • I love the nail polish display! DId she make it herself? How did she do it? Would love a tutorial!!

  • Beautiful home! Thank you for featuring a house that isn’t styled in mid-century modern. I get tired of seeing the same aesthetic on this site over and over again. This was a refreshing change.

  • Hi Heather! I purchased the nail polish rack from Amazon ( and simply hung a spare picture frame I had lying around over it, that miraculously fits perfectly over the rack. A few push pins around the back of the frame keeps it resting on the rack, so it’s not a permanent situation, and I can remove the frame whenever needed. However that never happens as I love it so much! Thanks for your kind words! xo

  • I LOVE her style! Love it! Soooo pretty and simple! Can she pretty please make over my house!?!? 🙂

  • So pretty! I absolutely adore it!


  • This house is gorgeous! Absolutely love that staircase!!


  • Hi Anni! As a matter of fact, I do! My Dad’s side of the family immigrated from Holland to Canada during the 1940’s. Growing up, I never had any friends with an Oma & Opa, it made me feel special! Still does 😉

  • I absolutely LOVE the white desk in the first photo. Does anyone know where it’s from?

  • Beautiful home! I couldn’t help but notice your amazing nailpolish rack, where did you purchase it? Or maybe it’s DIY (in which case: I would LOVE a tutorial!).

    Thanks 🙂

  • I love all the pink. Usually I like sleek clean lines but the mix of bright modern colors, and eclectic accessories really gives your home such life! Great photos!

  • That desk looks like blogging paradise! Love it!

  • What an inviting space! So much attention to detail and charm here.

  • what a splendid home ! really it is a good image of Amanda’s ideas .Thank very muth

  • I love this house! It’s so unique and inspiring. I especially love her office and her wedding picture above the dresser.

  • What a beautiful home! I particularly love the little bar trolley. It’s great to be able to have a sneak peek into other people’s homes!

  • Beautiful home, so many pretty little nooks!


  • Love absolutely everything in this house… Have a serious case of home envy right now!

  • Gorgeous pictures as always! So much inspiration!!! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    Renate from
    A new post just went up on my blog, if you’re interested to check it out!

  • Wow, this is such a perfect home! Love the color combinations, so fresh and happy, yet it has something royal about it. Love it!

  • Wow, i LOVE this house! Everything looks stunning.
    Am loving the baroque nail polish ‘rack’! Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  • I love how bright it is! I’m a sucker for sunlight.
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  • What an amazing home! I love nailpolish storage, so cool:-)

  • WOW, what a stunning and cheery place! Love the dog too!

  • What a beautiful home! So colorful and bright. Do you have Dutch roots? I just was wondering since you use the words ‘opa’ and ‘oma’ 🙂

  • Wow! I wish I’m talented like her.
    Very beautiful and perfect home! !!!

  • Love it! So cozy. I officially need to invest in a bar cart.

  • I’d love to move in to that house…

  • Gorgeous home! I love how she assembled the colors and the flowers. I would love to live in that house!

  • UGGGHHHH!!!! it looks like her house was professionally designed and decorated my goodness. the most beautiful space you’ve ever had on here! (okay they all are, but hers is especially gorgeous!) <3 so inspiring 😀

  • That home is absolutely amazing! I love all the pink and gold accents, particularly the nail rack with the gold frame.

    I also love how much charm the house has– it’s quite refreshing in comparison to today’s contemporary home.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  • I love the idea of using fashion items as part of your decor.
    In fact I just wrote a post on this topic


  • Love how light + open everything is. This inspires me for when I get a home of my own. Oh, and I love the attention to detail!

  • Oh my god. This house is literally so gorgeous and inspiring. As I write this, I am sitting in my undecorated condo, and ALL I want to do is start painting! Soon!

  • wow. thank you for bringing inspiration and whimsy to my day. this is perfect. xx! brittany

  • What a beautiful home! The collection of hand mirrors on the wall really caught my eye.

  • I love the simple white desk decorated with streamers (is that what they’re called??)! Your house looks amazing!

  • Amanda’s home is so cute! I love the nail polish frame, and their wedding photo is just gorgeous.
    Carla @ Love Cartista

  • Are we seriously not going to get any info on that absolutely amazing nail polish rack? PLEASE get her to do a DIY tutorial on it! The lighting is making it tough for me to suss out details (it appears to be set into the wall, but is it?). It’s fantastic.

  • she definitely has a knack for choosing the perfect paint colors! gorgeous home.

  • i don’t believe I’ve ever commented before, but this house, oh goodness gracious, I’ve just been completly inspired. I adore this so so so so much!

  • Love! Love! Love!
    This style is so doable.
    It is effortlessly chic!

  • I love how bright it is! I’m a sucker for sunlight.

  • oh my gosh what a stunning home! that fireplace…sigh.
    i would love to see photos of the exterior 🙂

  • This is kinda like my dream house!! The decoration is simply gorgeous, Amanda has such great taste, i want to live there! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home with us guys! Love it!!

  • Her home is stunning! I hope my future house is as beautiful as hers.

  • I love the mix of fresh, crisp white lines and then pops of colour. Perfection!

    Georgina at

  • We love, love, love it… it has such a dreamy, Alice in Wonderland feel to it! Thank you so much for sharing this…we feel truly inspired!

    Love from Germany,

    Bambi and Birdy

  • I can feel LOVE oozing from every detail. Love this home. Going to take a ‘leaf’ from her book and get some more plants happening in our place ;).

  • Love all the feminine details. And I especially love the tassels in the first picture. So fun.

  • The home is absolutely beautiful! So many inspiring ideas. Thanks for sharing!
    Dana Kay

  • Wow!! What a beautiful house that you have made a home. I see you in every aspect…colourful, unique and beautiful. When can I move in? Jk. You should be very proud Amanda!!

  • What a beautiful home! I love the mix of new and old, the bright colors, and the fresh flowers everywhere 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


  • Such a beautiful house. I love the colours and tidy maximalism.

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