At Home with Amber Freidel in Geneva, Illinois

Pendant Light and Fiddle Leaf/Target, Sofa, Pillow, and Frames/IKEA, Rug/HomeGoods, Plant Stand/DIY.

Today we are sharing Amber Freidel’s cute home tour with you guys! We are totally on board with her peach and blue color palette and cozy vibes. “My husband, Jesse, and I along with our three children, live in a quintessential little place called Geneva, in Illinois, right at the end of the Chicago train line. We moved into our home four years ago this month! We had been living in the sweetest little apartment, but with our second child on the way, we knew it was time to find a house… and so the hunt began. We knew how amazing it would be to live in Geneva, but never thought we’d find something in our price range! But one day we found THE house, in the perfect spot and the perfect neighborhood. It was a short sale (which is the most misleading name because it’s the longest ordeal), and three months later we found ourselves the happy owners of our very own fixer upper!! It had renters for months before, so practically everything needed love!!

Bowls/Anthropologie, Copper Mugs/Amazon.

“One thing that has helped me the most with being cohesive in my decorating was Elsie’s post on a whole house plan/color scheme. That gave me such a vision to plan the colors we love and work within that palette. It’s amazing how much freedom that gives you! My and Jesse’s favorite color is… you guessed it! Blue! Keaton’s (the eldest) favorite color is mint, and Shaun’s (our middle child) is peach. Rosie, our youngest, is still deciding. So that fairly quickly became our whole house color scheme with a dose of yellow and lots of copper & gold!

“I’d say our house style is a colorful take on classic modern. I love me some good thrifting and pieces with history, but also love mixing in the new to create a homey-peaceful vibe.

One of my favorite DIYs (that inspired the name of my style account) was taking a World Market couch that was stained and dyeing it a deep blue! It went so well I took the matching couch and dyed it a blush for our bedroom!
Clothing Racks/DIY.
“After we moved our bedroom to the first floor which had no closets (hello, old house), I created some copper racks to hold our clothes and just started an Etsy shop to sell them.ChairDesk (painted), and Lamp/Target.
“My happy space is my studio. I love to create, and it’s such a haven for me! Currently I’m finishing a second dollhouse, always have a weaving on the loom and sewing, painting or dyeing project I’m working on. It’s an ever-changing happy place, and I love showing my children that life is too short not to create beauty with the gifts you’ve been given. I learned to hand sew when I was eight, and my mother gave me my great-grandmother’s thimble and tape measure, which I use to this day! When I turned 16, she taught me to sew on her 1957 Singer and gave me a 1955 Singer when I graduated high school. I went to fashion school after that and used it to make all of my assignments!
“My best thrifted find has to be my Bernard Duggan painting! I saw it at a garage sale for $10 and loved the colors but wasn’t sure what my husband would think, so I bargained the lady down to $10 for the painting, a copper pot, and a few vintage collars. Then I got the painting home and realized it was an original oil on canvas, in the original frame, was signed by the artist and probably worth several thousand! Needless to say, my husband loved it and it stayed. 😉
Chair/Vintage, Bunk Bed/IKEA, Rug/RugsUSA.
“I saw Rachel Denbow had a book coming out on weaving, so I preordered it and bought a loom while I not so patiently waited for it to come out! I absolutely loved it and am so excited to be hosting a weaving class taught by her at my house in May!!
Tent/DIY, Rug/Land of Nod.
“A few fun facts: My husband isn’t a fan of wallpaper (insert sad face), but has totally supported me drawing on and painting our walls in place of it… which has caused me to get super creative with what I want on the walls! I freehanded the birds in my daughter’s room and the florals in our dining room and my studio in lieu of wallpaper. It’s definitely made me stretch and do something I wouldn’t have otherwise!

“Thanks so much for letting me share!”

You can find more of Amber via her Etsy shop and on Instagram. xo!
Credits://Author: Amber Freidel. Photography: Renee Higgins.

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